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VIDEO ADDED: Another day, another shooting. Mulitple people shot at TX college, one individual in custody.


TX shooting via @MyFoxHouston

Via @MyFoxHouston


This is exactly why I produced this VIDEO– BLUNT: Under the Gun:

There's been another shooting, this time at Lone Star College in Texas. The college in in lockdown.

A witness is describing what she heard and saw, a female student on Houston TV station KPRC, via MSNBC. She saw a black male, 5-6 shots heard. A second suspect is being sought by police.

Apparently, the person in custody may not be the gunman. Police are searching for the black male that the student saw.

 No fatalities reported, some one in critical condition.

This is the fourth shooting at a college campus since January 1st, per MSNBC.

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Update: Texas has a concealed handgun law. Four people are potential victims. Person in custody appears to be a student at the school, and this "could be gang-related." But this information is "very preliminary."

No details on what type of weapon was used.

There may have been was an "altercation" between the shooter and another individual.

UPDATE: One of the shooters was shot:

One of the shooters was in police custody and the other fled the campus, according to college spokesman Jed Young. He said it was not clear if they were students.

One shooting victim is "critical" and two are "urgent" per MSNBC.