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VIDEO-- Happy 40th Roe v. Wade! Lizz Winstead: "It's our bodies, our choice, our lives. Hands off!" Marco Rubio disagrees.


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70% do NOT want Roe v. Wade overturned, but that doesn’t stop states from making access to care impossible.

And it doesn't stop Marco Rubio from saying he doesn't care a whit about what most Americans want, declaring that “Roe was blatant judicial activism.” Good luck with that women's vote in 2016, Marco.

Lizz Winstead, comedian and producer, co-creator of The Daily Show, political commentator, author, and personal friend, picks right up where all that leaves off to tell us what's really at stake here:

chart abortion restriction (Guttmacher Institute)

Women’s rights are under attack by anti-abortion extremists, and House Republicans have introduced bill after anti-abortion bill instead of coming up with ways to find jobs for their fellow Americans. Trampling on women's rights is clearly more important to them. Intruding into their privacy and that of their doctors is their priority. Making women powerless is right up their back alley.

Here's one more video from Draw the Line that takes a completely different approach. It features Mehcad Brooks of the USA Network's "Necessary Roughness" and HBO's "True Blood":


VIDEO: Lizz Winstead launches Ladyparts Justice. "Small gov't means ONLY legislating small spaces... vaginas."


Co-creator of The Daily Show Lizz Winstead has a message or two for America. She is not only speaking for herself (from experience), and for me, she's speaking-- loudly and clearly-- for women everywhere. She's toured the country for nearly two years, raising money and awareness for Planned Parenthood and NARAL. She is fighting hard for freedoms that women won decades ago.

She's shouting at the top of her lungs-- laced with humor, but in all seriousness-- for justice, for women's reproductive rights, for women's rights period. She's fed up, as are so many of us, men and women alike, over the laws being passed and proposed that intrude on women's health, privacy, decisions about their own bodies and futures, and their civil rights.

Lizz is now launching, "a place where we create messaging that dares to speak the language of truth, without giving a rat’s ass about how it will be judged by the self-righteous."

Listen to her. Please. And pass it on:

Look, it’s time to stop being polite and start asking, “What the fuck do you think you are trying to pull here?”

It is time to ask, “Why the fuck are men and women who are inexcusably incompetent continually being elected into statehouses, governorships and THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS? And how the fuck is it that this asshole serves on THE SCIENCE COMMITTEE of The House of Representatives?!


Women are not faking rape and they don’t have magical powers to deactivate rape sperm. We are not pregnant before we are pregnant, we can’t have an abortion if we are not pregnant, and I think we can all agree, women shouldn’t be forced to carry stillborn babies.

Abortions don’t cause mental instability and the HPV vaccine doesn’t make girls mentally retarded. No woman’s boss should be able to demand information from her to decide if her reason for wanting birth control is moral enough to grant permission.

OH Yeah, and Planned Parenthood isn’t turning Girl Scouts into Commulezzies.

Please go here for the rest. And please share it everywhere you can.


VIDEO: "If Coupon Paul's Medicare plan so darned good for folks under 55, why is it not good enough for everyone now!"


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I caught this on MSNBC this morning, but our one of our favorite readers, HarborGuy, managed to jot it down and email it to us. Above are the two clips.

A couple of wonderful points about Coupon Paul's Medicare plan:

1. IF it's so darned good for folks under 55, why is it not good enough for everyone now! (E.J. Dionne)

2. That it is costing family members money now, to help out seniors on Medicare as it stands. As we move into the future and if Little Eddie's plan were to be put in place, not only would it cost seniors that up to 6 grand but it would probably fall
to family to supplement that, putting their OWN retirement/savings plans at risk! (Lizz Winstead)

I hope that Campaign Obama starts asking those questions.

Here's the entire segment. And it was great to see Ari Melber take the reins. He's one of MSNBC's best:

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LIVE VIDEO FEED: Lizz Winstead, Shannyn Moore, Cliff Schecter preview Netroots Nation Morning (News) Dump


Netroots Nation 2012 will be a blast! I was supposed to go, but sadly had to cancel. Here's a preview of what three of my pals have in store.



Lizz Free or Die


(Get it here)

I now feel like I know Lizz Winstead's parents. I only wish I had actually met them. I have, however, actually met Lizz, and what a hoot of a gab fest that was. Here's a treat for those who haven't had the pleasure of a face to face conversation with her: the chance to get to know her and her parents, her friends, her bosses, employees, dogs, and her most private moments (and even *gasp!* lady parts) in her book, Lizz Free or Die.

My recommendation: Read it.

I don't write reviews, so this post is a stream of consciousness series of impressions that I wanted to share with you, much like her book is a series of essays in which she shares various turning points in her life.

Reading this book was like sitting across the table at the Aroma Cafe and talking to Lizz in person. I could hear her voice, her intonations, see her eye rolls and her tears. It's a cozy, quirky, poignant, funny, personal, frank, heartbreaking, raw, intelligent, outspoken, sometimes even jaw-dropping account of the highs and lows of Lizz's life, moments that mattered, that really meant something to her, that were ludicrous, frustrating, heartwarming, excruciating, and often life-changing.

Her chair was an actual character in the book. Seriously.

So were her dogs, in alternately endearing and cringe-worthy detail.

So were religion, gender, her computers, her parents' apartment, and comedy as a way to communicate (my mantra!). If there's one thing Lizz excels at, it's communication.

And as she tells her tales, she abruptly encourages us to stop reading and Google references she makes, just like someone would in a one-on-one conversation.

She also  interrupts herself to offer up definitions, mid-paragraph, of compound words she's coined, like:

Foxogenarian: improper n. Elderly person with hearing loss who gets all of her information from Fox news, consequently forming opinions based on getting half of half of the truth.

And just as we're giggling at her snarkitude, she takes a hard turn and holds our hand through the deaths of her beloved-but-judgmental parents... when we feel like we should be holding hers.

Or she introduces us to her prom date. He was 17, she was 36.

She reveals all kinds of experiences, like her introduction to show biz via her adventures and misadventures, from co-creating The Daily Show to co-founding Air America Radio to one stint in TV land that she painfully recounts and passionately regrets.

Lizz is a fallible pioneer, someone you admire and respect, a big deal, yet a woman you can relate to, someone who is truly decent, who can intimidate with her boldness and inspire with her courage and talent, someone with whom you feel perfectly comfortable snuggling up with in The Chair and chatting with all night long while downing an array of alcoholic beverages chased by guilt-inducing heart attack-inducing snacks.

Oh, and then there's that yummy Moment of Foolish Grin during which you discover who "discovered" Rachel Maddow.

So if you're not that familiar with her, with Lizz Free or Die you get to discover Lizz Winstead and be Lizzilluminated.


VIDEO: Lizz Winstead on the Rachel Maddow Show


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I am about half way through "Lizz Free or Die" and I love it nearly as much as I adore Lizz.


VIDEO: The war on women, including Girl Scouts


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 I always love watching Lizz; the entire panel nailed it.

Below is the letter explaining why Indiana State Rep. Bob Morris (R-Fort Wayne) is against honoring the Girl Scouts on their 100th anniversary:

Nonetheless, abundant evidence proves that the agenda of Planned Parenthood includes sexualizing young girls through the Girl Scouts, which is quickly becoming a tactical arm of Planned Parenthood... “membership in the Girl Scouts could carry the danger of making their daughters more receptive to the pro-abortion agenda.” 

A Girl Scouts of America training program last year used the Planned Parenthood sex education pamphlet “Happy, Healthy, and Hot.” The pamphlet instructs young girls not to think of sex as “just about vaginal or anal intercourse.” “There is no right or wrong way to have sex. Just have fun, explore and be yourself!” it states. Although individual Girl Scout troops are not forced to follow this curriculum, many do. Liberal progressive troop-leaders will indoctrinate the girls in their troop according to the principles of Planned Parenthood, making Bishop Conley’s warning true.

Many parents are abandoning the Girl Scouts because they promote homosexual lifestyles... Of the fifty role models listed, only three have a briefly-mentioned religious background—all the rest are feminists, lesbians, or Communists. World Net Daily, in a May 2009 article, states that Girl Scout Troops are no longer allowed to pray or sing traditional Christmas Carols. Boys who decide to claim a “transgender” or cross-dressing life-style are permitted to become a member of a Girl Scout troop, performing crafts with the girls and participate in overnight and camping activities — just like any real girl. The fact that the Honorary President of Girl Scouts of America is Michelle Obama, and the Obama’s are radically pro-abortion and vigorously support the agenda of Planned Parenthood, should give each of us reason to pause before our individual or collective endorsement of the organization.

Here is the entire letter:

What a radical group of unAmerican heathens. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to buy a few hundred boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

H/t: Pam