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VIDEO: Linda McMahon campaign worker received check and "you're screwed" condom; then his check bounced.


Campaign worker receives check and condom, check bounces

Linda McMahon campaign worker:

"Basically he handed me a check with a condom in it, told me I was screwed. That's the rudest gesture you can ever do to a person, it's like spitting in a person's face."

Linda must be broke after spending all those millions on her failed campaigns. Yeah, that must be it. That or she's a lower-life than many of us thought she was:

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) -- Two days after the election campaign workers came to News 8 claiming, they had not been paid by Linda McMahon's campaign. [...]

Twaine Don Gomes was one of the people who first complained to News 8. He was handed a check, but he says, the campaign told him they were mad that he came to News 8, so he got a little something extra in his envelope.

His little bonus was a "you're screwed" condom. How's that for parting gifts? And to add insult to injury, his check bounced.

At least the condom will help augment the biggest one-year drop in abortions in a decade.

File under "unintended consequences."


VIDEO: Former GOP Rep. Chris Shays blasts Linda McMahon's "bulls***... She's trying to buy the election."


Oof! Former Connecticut GOP Rep. Christopher Shays smacked down World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon, a candidate in the Republican Senate primary.

I have never run against an opponent that I have respected less. Ever. And there are a lot of candidates I have run against."

"So you have a candidate who's basically given the finger to all the folks who run editorial boards. She's not willing to come before you and respond to all your questions."

"She is basically saying-- and it's a lie-- I don't use that word... I don't want use the word lie. It is a huge distortion to say she's out there meeting the public and that is the better way to do it — bullshit.”

"She has spent $10 million so far, one, trying to buy the election, er convention... She's a story teller, that's how she made her money."

"She's trying to buy an election."

And that concludes another episode of "Republicans Eating Their Own."

And now, because it's election season and we'll be extra busy, we GottaAsk:

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Minnesota Poll: Obama support warms in state and other good news you won't hear on Morning Joe


Honestly, I never thought it was possible for MIka to be more embarrassing than usual. It also looks like Ted Strickland might be tightening up the race for Gov in Ohio, and god know we're going to need him there for '12.

President Obama appears to have shored up his support in the state, a new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll has found. Obama's statewide job approval rating climbed to 51 percent in the mid-October poll. That's slightly better than he has done in recent national polls, and a 7-point jump from the 44 percent who approved of his job performance in a July Minnesota Poll.

Blumenthal Holds Solid Lead in Connecticut

A new Quinnipiac poll in Connecticut finds Richard Blumenthal (D) leading Linda McMahon (R) by 12 points in the U.S. Senate race, 54% to 42%, among likely voters. This is virtually unchanged from a similar survey two weeks ago.

Malloy Keeps Edge in Connecticut

A new Quinnipiac poll in Connecticut shows Dan Malloy (D) leads Tom Foley (R) in the race for governor by just five points, 48% to 43%, among likely voters.


Poll-itics: Blumenthal widens lead in Connecticut race for U.S. Senate


Via CNN:

The Suffolk University Poll released Thursday shows Blumenthal, the state attorney general leading McMahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment by 18 points, 57 percent to 39 percent.

Other polls also have him leading by double digits.

And Sestak and Toomey are in a virtual dead heat.


VIDEO: Controversial Linda McMahon Campaign Ad Exploits JFK


Connecticut GOP Senate hopeful Linda McMahon is infuriating the Twitterverse, among others. She will not take the above ad down, and now is thinking of airing it on TV.  As you can see, she is exploiting the memory of John F. Kennedy to make their fallacious "Bush tax cuts rule!" points.

Via YouTube:

Edward Kennedy Jr., the late president's nephew, sent a letter to McMahon this week asking the GOP candidate to pull the ad, arguing that it "falsely implies" that JFK would have supported tax cuts for the same reason she does. "Using President Kennedy's image in your ad gives your tax position false legitimacy," writes Kennedy, who lives in Connecticut and is supporting McMahon's Democratic opponent, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.

Kennedy argues that the economic climate in '63 was "vastly different" from where the country stands today -- and that, in turn, means that JFK's push for tax cuts was "very different" from the GOP's. He accuses McMahon of trying to "capitalize" on his uncle's legacy.

But in a letter Thursday, McMahon refuses to stand down on the ad. In the letter, which the McMahon campaign distributed among political reporters, the GOP nominee argues that JFK would have, like her, supported an extension of tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. "No school of economic thought advocates raising taxes in the environment in which we currently find ourselves," McMahon writes. "Therefore, I respectfully disagree that your uncle would support raising taxes in this economy."

How remarkable that Republican Linda McMahon is more knowledgeable about what JFK would have supported than his own nephew is. Who knew she was so in touch with the deceased?

Stay classy, Linda.

H/t: Slfriend79, wiccaspirits


Republican: Blumenthal will beat McMahon in Connecticut Senate race


Wait... what happened to all that GOP lockstep-itude we hear so much about?

Former Rep. Rob Simmons (R-CT) -- who recently dropped his bid for the Republican Senate nomination in Connecticut -- tells National Review Online that he does not think that Linda McMahon (R) can win the race against Richard Blumenthal (D).

Said Simmons: "No, I don't think so at all."

And if McMahon asks Simmons for help on the trail, he says he'll say he is "preoccupied."