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Raw Video: Smoking Marijuana on Colorado Capitol Steps & Bonus Cartoon


"It smells like FREEDOM!!!" Snort. Sorry, it made me laugh. Enjoy the bonus cartoon Via.


“I hope that the voters understand that Republican legislative leaders can’t be trusted.”


Gov. Charlie Crist has done something very right (or maybe "left"?). He vetoed a bill that would have required an ultrasound-- at their own expense-- for women seeking an abortion during their first trimester.

Chipping away at abortion rights, which are legal, has been a favorite pastime of conservatives.  Here's how they tried to do it this time:

The Republican-led Legislature tacked amendments onto a non-controversial health care bill (HB 1143) that also would have required women to view the live image or have it described by a doctor unless they could prove they were victims of rape, incest or domestic violence. Ultrasound exams can cost between a few hundred dollars and $1,500 and the women would have also been required to pay for the procedure.

Marco Rubio didn't like Crist's veto. Neither did John Stemberger, head of the Florida Family Policy Council:

[He] called the veto “profoundly disappointing” and said it’s now “crystal clear that he’s pro-abortion.”

Oh really, John? Well suck on this: It is profoundly disappointing and crystal clear that you're pro-forced pregnancy.

However, Florida House Democratic Leader Franklin Sands supported the decision, and he didn't mince words:

“The veto of House Bill 1143 is a victory for those who hold important the causes of personal freedom and less government intrusion in people’s lives. It’s a shame that Republican legislative leaders attempted to place an inappropriate burden on women seeking to terminate a pregnancy and attempted to so wrongly and unwisely expand the role of government.

“I hope that the voters understand that Republican legislative leaders can’t be trusted.”

Do the pro-forced preganciers realize how hypocritical they are, or are they so lacking in self-awareness that they can't see how they contradict themselves when it comes to "big government" butting into the personal lives of voters? Seriously, how can they say they believe in both anti-choice and anti-intrusion?

Banging head on nearest wall...

H/t: CindyScott54