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VIDEO: Wisconsin Gov. Walker raises two-thirds of campaign money from out-of-state


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Many thanks to Ed Schultz and Robert Greenwald for staying all over this.

Wisconsin Public Radio confirms:

Governor Scott Walker raised two-thirds of his campaign money from outside Wisconsin in his most recent report filed with the state's election agency.  

According to an analysis from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, more than $8 million of the roughly $13 million the governor raised this year came from individual donors living in other states. That's 66 percent of all the governor's individual contributions. It follows a reporting period covering late last year where the governor raised 61-percent of his money from out-of-state donors.

Meanwhile, commie pinko Marxist socialist Scotty Walker is shelling out the big bucks for a legal defense fund in order to pay his criminal defense lawyers (previous post here) to help him with that pesky John Doe investigation.

He's your candidate, GOP. Be proud.


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker transferred $60,000 to legal defense fund


Did you know there is a "Scott Walker Trust"? As of this year, there is, and it's the legal defense fund commie pinko Marxist socialist Wisconsin Gov. Walker needs in order to pay his criminal defense lawyers.

A few weeks ago I posted this, via

Gov. Scott Walker owed at least $55,000 at the end of 2011 to the law firms of the two defense attorneys he hired to represent him in the ongoing John Doe investigation, according to his financial disclosure statement.

Today they updated:

Gov. Scott Walker transferred $60,000 to his legal defense fund during the pre-primary period, according to his latest campaign finance report. [...]

The money transferred to the defense fund was part of the $231,439 that Walker spent on legal fees over the period, which ended April 23. The amount also is in line with the at least $55,000 Walker owed his criminal defense attorneys at the end of 2011, according to the state financial disclosure statement he filed last month.

Gee, why would such a fine, upstanding candidate need to pour all that money into defending himself? What exactly is he defending himself from? Democratic candidate for governor Kathleen Falk, who would like to be primary voters' choice to run against Scotty in the recall election, wants him "to disclose whether he is being investigated or charged with a violation of prohibited campaign acts or whether he's being investigated or charged for a violation of campaign finance laws or both."

You'd think a slime ball like Walker wouldn't have a chance in hell to win a recall election, and that would be accurate... without all that outside money rolling in, including from the Koch brothers, and with the help of that paragon of good taste and compassion, Chris Christie.

What a guy.


Donate to Sarah Palin! "YOU can help restore her good name!"


UPDATE: Please to go to Palingates for more... a lot more...

A Twitter pal, KraftyTess, forwarded this moment of e-mail blast that is declaring undying support of Former Half-Gov Ethicless McNeverWrong after she herself got blasted for her illegal legal defense fundraising.

Bolding is theirs:

Sarah Palin’s enemies have scored another victory in their vicious campaign to smear, bankrupt, and force this dedicated public servant and conservative leader out of politics!

They have successfully questioned her prior legal defense fund--a fund that mirrored John Kerry's fund and Bill Clinton's fund.  So a new fund was necessary to make sure Sarah Palin can continue to speak the truth to Americans.

As you know, Governor Palin made the painful decision to resign last summer rather than waste the good people of Alaska’s time responding to the more than 27 frivolous lawsuits filed against her and her family by left-wing extremists.

Now her enemies say she’s not even allowed to defend herself.

[W]ill you stand with me and The Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund today as we fight to defend Governor Palin from this latest attack?

Alaska is perhaps the only state in the U.S. where the Attorney General does not routinely represent the governor when accusations and complaints are filed against the governor under the operative ethics statutes.  This means that the governor has to personally pay for her or his own defense.

That means not only was Sarah Palin required by law to respond to each and every frivolous lawsuit filed against her by left-wing activists, but she also had to personally foot millions of dollars in legal bills to defend herself from this massive witch hunt.

My friend, that’s money Governor Palin simply didn’t have on a state salary.

So some of Sarah’s closest friends decided to put together a trust fund to help her pay the legal fees to rebut these relentless, frivolous lawsuits.

They called it the Alaska Fund Trust, the “official legal fund” for Governor Palin.

In fact, they added the words "official legal fund" so that supporters would know it was not just approved by the family, but that it complied with disclosure requirements, had professional management, created limits on who could donate and how much could be donated, and a variety of other restrictions that made it a very conservative and limited trust.
The word "official" was used to distinguish the Alaska Fund Trust from other legal defense funds that were starting to pop up and no one knew if these would comply with disclosure laws, lobbyist restrictions, etc.
But now - because she used the word "official" - an independent counsel decided that the Trust "violated" the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act and now requires the Trust to send back every single donation raised by the defense fund while she was governor.

The left-wing media wants you to think Governor Palin is an "ethics violator."  But they ignore the actual findings that Governor Palin acted in good faith and relied on a team of expert trust lawyers to set it up.
They ignore that Governor Palin stated one overriding principle:  if the trust fund could be lawfully set up, she would support it.  That is hardly the action of a person bent on skirting the law, contrary to the hysterical commentaries.  But they ignore the truth and prefer to propagate lies about Sarah Palin.

[T]his ruling is nothing but a political hatchet job designed to embarrass Governor Palin, destroy her financially, and smear her good name. But YOU can help restore her good name!

What they DON’T want you to know is that:

  • The National Democratic Committee used its Alaska chapter, the Alaska Democratic Party (ADP), to create a web site with one stated goal: “Keep Sarah Palin Out of Public Office.” To this day, the Democrats are using this web site to publicly seek donations for funding bogus “legal challenges involving issues related to Sarah Palin.”
  • The ADP’s “Keep Sarah Palin Out of Public Office” campaign has used our own legal system to sponsor over two dozen ethics complaints against Governor Palin.  Yet out of 27 complaints, 26 have already been dismissed!
  • Last but not least, the so-called “independent counsel” who started this investigation was an attorney from none other than President Barack Obama’s  law firm.

My friend, this is a witch hunt, pure and simple.

So today we are starting over.  Her legal bills are still there and growing.  Will you please help her and give your very best gift to The Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund today? It is urgent that we help relieve this crushing legal burden.

Yours truly,

The Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund

P.S.  When Governor Palin complained about Barack Obama’s law firm having a conflict of interest during the investigation, they were replaced by attorney Timothy Petumenos, whose public records show repeated financial contributions to Democrats running for Alaskan office.  You tell me what’s going on here! We need your help!

...Because McNeverWrong's millions just aren't enough to pay her own legal bills.


Ethics probe finds Palin legal defense fund illegal


Ohhh say it ain't so, Former Half-Gov WhoMe McGoodFaith!

Why, I thought her Facebook ghost-lawyer claimed she was Miss Innocence and that we all done her wrong. Maybe he meant Miss Understood.  More like Miss Information:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A legal defence fund set up for former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin when she was Alaska governor was illegal, an investigator for the state Personnel Board said Thursday.

Investigator Timothy Petumenos said the Alaska Fund Trust inappropriately used the word "official" on its website to describe it, wrongly implying Palin's endorsement as governor.

Palin's attorney, Thomas Van Flein, said she will return the money from the fund, which brought in almost $390,000.

Petumenos, however, found that Palin acted in good faith and relied on a team of attorneys to make sure the fund was lawful.

Today Meghan Stapleton ghost wrote a response. Here are the first couple of paragraphs:

First off, let’s keep in mind that this is about a legal defense fund. According to the Summary of Findings in the decision released today by the Alaska Personnel Board, nothing illegal and nothing unethical occurred because not a penny has been distributed. Governor Palin did nothing wrong. And in fact, everyone is in agreement that Governor Palin acted in good faith. Now, let me explain how we got here.

It is no secret that Governor Palin has been subject to political and legal attacks on an unprecedented scale. Since these attacks originate from her opposition, sometimes it can be a badge of honor to be the focus of such irrational hatred. But there is a cost to all of this. [...]

- Meghan Stapleton, Mom, Wife, and Now More Knowledgeable Than Ever About Legal Defense Funds

There now, isn't that cute? Poor Former Half-Gov WhoMe McGoodFaith is in the clear.

By half.

'Cause that's what Half-Govs do.