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Executive producer Bill Wolff leaving Maddow: Worst New Thing in the World


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Back in 2012, I was beyond thrilled to meet Rachel Maddow. But I was equally thrilled to meet her executive producer, Bill Wolff. You can read about my encounter with them here: Best New Thing in the World: I met Rachel Maddow last night.

I wrote a sequel to that post about Bill's generosity when he surprised me with a shout out: VIDEO: The SECOND "Best New Thing in the World": A shout out from The Rachel Maddow Show!

maddow shout out bill wolff

And so, last night, when Rachel did a surprising Opposite World segment, the subject matter really hit home. She pulled a switcheroo from her usual Best New Thing in the World and presented The Worst New Thing in the World: Bill Wolff is leaving The Rachel Maddow Show. He "is moving on to an easier show with better hours, not that we’re bitter..."

The Hollywood Reporter- ABC is filling another key role in its quest to reinvigorate The View. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that longtime Rachel Maddow Show executive producer Bill Wolff is set to replace Bill Geddie as showrunner for the upcoming season.

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Bill Wolff often appeared on camera, but even behind the scenes, he was very visible to us. His humor, intelligence, passion, enthusiasm, and inimitable style pervaded every aspect of TRMS. As Rachel put it, he is a mensch, and he will be sorely missed. Here's to his next big success at his new digs.

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CNNotSoMuch: Soledad O'Brien leaving morning show, free to produce content for other networks


the dame's got moxie lady

Soledad O’Brien will leave CNN’s morning show soon, but she will still have a limited role there producing documentaries. She will no longer be exclusive to CNN and will no longer have a morning show on the network. That means she is free to produce content, take hosting jobs, and do reporting work at other networks.

New York Times:

Ms. O’Brien will go from being an anchor to an outside producer. She may have had little choice in the matter: the new head of CNN Worldwide, Jeff Zucker, decided even before he started the job in January that he wanted to replace Ms. O’Brien’s morning show...

soledad o'brien

O'Brien has been doing some great stuff lately, including some hardcore interviews, one of the few out there who is unafraid to confront or challenge her guests. For example:

Video- Soledad O’Brien To Former RNC Chair: Do Minorities Not Know You, Or Do They Just Not Like You?

Video- Soledad O’Brien Thumps GOP Congressman Over His Opposition To Hurricane Sandy Relief

VIDEO: Fla Gov. Rick Scott ducks gun safety questions from CNN’s Soledad O’Brien

VIDEO- Soledad O’Brien to GOP Senator: “Why are you trying to balance budget on people making under $23,000 a year?”

VIDEO: Soledad O’Brien grills GOP Rep. Joe Heck on his bizarre quasi-defense of Susan Rice

VIDEO: Rudy Giuliani refuses to answer question in heated exchange with Soledad O’Brien over Benghazi

Video- Soledad O’Brien Spars With Coot Sununu Over “Act of Terror” On Libya

VIDEO- GOP Rep. Peter King: Pres. Obama apologized for America. ” I don’t care what fact check says!”

VIDEO: Soledad O’Brien to Romney surrogate John Sununu: No GOP talking points or name-calling.

You get the idea.

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VIDEO: Robert Gibbs holds his last White House briefing



"Obviously, Gibbs' departure is not the biggest one today."

-- President Obama at his press secretary's final press conference, referring to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stepping down.


Larry King will leave "Larry King Live" in the fall


Via an e-mail alert from CNN:

Larry King, the iconic TV interviewer, will step aside from hosting his prime time CNN show later this year, he says.

Was I the only one who suspected this was coming?

King is 76.

Here is part of Larry King's statement:

Now, decades later, I talked to the guys here at CNN and I told them I would like to end Larry King Live, the nightly show, this fall and CNN has graciously accepted, giving me more time for my wife and I to get to the kids’ little league games.

I’ll still be a part of the CNN family, hosting several Larry King specials on major national and international subjects [...]

With this chapter closing I’m looking forward to the future and what my next chapter will bring, but for now it’s time to hang up my nightly suspenders.

More here.

UPDATE: Interesting tidbit...