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Cartoons of the Day- More GOP Hispanic Outreach







Richard Blanco: First Latino, Gay Man Selected as Inaugural Poet



This president sure is full of firsts.

There has not been another inaugural poet like Richard Blanco.

Out of the five people selected to read an original poem at a presidential inauguration, the 44-year-old Blanco will be the first Latino, first gay man, and youngest person to serve the role. The presidential inaugural committee officially announced the choice of Blanco, the son of Cuban exiles, on Wednesday.

"Even though it's been a few weeks since I found out, just thinking about my parents and my grandparents and all the struggles they've been through, and how, you know, here I am, first-generation Cuban-American, and this great honor that has just come to me, and just feeling that sense of just incredible gratitude and love," he said in an interview with NPR.

Renowned poets such as Robert Frost and Maya Angelou has previously served the role. In the next 11 days, Blanco will write an original poem and recite it at the public inauguration ceremony on Monday, Jan. 21.

"It is an honor to have Richard Blanco in our second inauguration," Obama said in a statement. "His contributions to the fields of poetry and art have paved the way for future generations of writers. Richard's work is well-suited for an opening that will celebrate the strength and diversity of our great country."


Video- Julián Castro to be first Latino keynote speaker at Democratic National Convention


Smart, good move. Sure did give wingrers alot to hate: La Raza, single mother and the last name Castro? I can hear it now. Video above is Castro announcing it.

San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro will be the first Latino to give a keynote speech at a Democratic National Convention. Castro will speak at the opening night of the 2012 convention on Tuesday, September 4th, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Castro, who is 37, is the youngest mayor of a Top 50 American city. Castro and his twin brother Joaquín were raised by a single mother, Rosie Castro, a longtime community activist. Julián Castro has been active in the Obama campaign, and was named national co-chairman for the re-election campaign a few months ago.


Video- President Obama Speaks at NALEO Conference 6/22/12


I thought he rocked this one. Via our lovely friend @ReasonVFear.