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VIDEO: Jill Biden inadvertently makes the penis joke that never ends. Talk about stamina...


Poor Jill! This was purely unintentional, and she was positively adorable, but the more she talked... well, it just got funnier and funnier. I literally laughed out loud.

Warning: Seek immediate medical help if you experience a double entendre lasting more than 4 hours.

H/t: BuzzFeed


VIDEO- Scott Brown: "First time [Rick Santorum] has used protection."


Scott Brown at the annual St. Patrick's Day breakfast in Boston, via our pal, who else but Andrew Kaczynski...

As for Scott's attempt at condom-slash-sex humor, her should have quit while he was ahead. He blew it.

What is it with Republicans and their stiff delivery? What's so hard about that? Most of their jokes pretty much suck.

They're all so... wooden. Maybe one day they'll learn how to rise to the occasion.

They really need to bone up on their comedy before going off half-cocked. Or maybe they're too busy, have too many balls in the air.

I'm done now.



AZ birther bill's "penile code": Document your circumcision & you're qualified to run for president


Is this for real?

Just when you think you've heard everything, just when you think the RWNJ can't get any RWNJobbier, just when you think Arizona laws can't get any more extreme, we get this story from the Phoenix New Times.

It's ridiculous enough to insist that a presidential candidate must present a birth certificate as a prerequisite for a run. It's quite another to require proof of what one's penis looks like.

A circumcision certificate (which is not a legal document, just by the way), per an Arizona Senate-approved birther bill, is apparently considered valid proof of citizenship, in a last resort kind of way. The House now has to approve it, which seems likely.

Seriously, folks.

Enforcing this "penile code" should be, um, interesting.

Read the amended version of the bill here.

H/t: @rfrancisr2010


PhotOh! Italy's "X-Rated" Wall


By GottaLaff

This came to me via an e-mail from a friend. I have no link, and hope you haven't seen it yet.

Heads up (pun intended):

Apparently they didn't consider the sun when designing this wall...

Anyone want to take a guess where this wall is located?

(Answer below)

St. Peter's Basilica (per the e-mail).

Maybe they needed to read "Bad Baby Names"?

And that's the long and short of it (pun intended, even though it's rather... limp).