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UPDATED, corrected-- Anonymous Outs Officer In Michael Brown Shooting


Image: Crooks and Liars


UPDATE/CORRECTION: The information in this post has since been amended. Please read here and here:

The St. Louis County Police Department said the hacking group Anonymous has identified the wrong shooter of unarmed teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.

Original post:

Anonymous Outs Officer In Michael Brown Shooting


AUDIO: "Stupak, you baby-killing mother f***er... I hope you bleed out your a**, got cancer and die"


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As much as we have disagreed with Bart Stupak, he did not deserve this:

In the wake of his vote in favor of health care reform legislation, Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), a strong opponent of abortion rights, has been on the receiving end of a string of extremely hostile and threatening messages, including death threats.

Stupak's office released some of those messages to CBS News [...]

"Congressman Stupak, you baby-killing mother f***er... I hope you bleed out your a**, got cancer and die, you mother f***er," one man says in a message to Stupak.

How "pro-life" of them.

Here's the audio:

Sounds like these callers took their cues from good ol' boy, remorseless Texas Congressman Randy Neugebauer of "Baby Killer!" infamy.

One more horrific example of a scary, violent trend that could easily end in tragedy.

We must put a stop to this reprehensible, irresponsible behavior. Now.


VIDEO: Neugebauer Tries to Cash In on ‘Baby Killer’ Outburst


By GottaLaff

Yes, "Baby Killer" Guy is making money off his despicable disruption:

Even as he was apologizing Monday for screaming “baby killer” during Sunday night’s health care debate, Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas) was turning the moment into a campaign fundraiser.

So, class, the lesson we've learned from this is how to:

--Ignore decorum.

--Act like a putz.

--Disrupt a fellow Congress member.

--Shout obscene comments to garner attention.

--Make a non-apology apology.

--Try to wiggle your way out of what you said by changing the wording of what you said.

--Lower the bar for future standards of conduct.

--Join the "You Lie!" Club.

--Get yourself a lot of face time on the Tee Vee Machine.

--Attempt to become a hero to your fellow loons.

--Use the moment of infamy to rake in the donations.

"I'm never going to quit speaking on behalf of the unborn," Neugebauer says in a Web video posted on his campaign Web site.

Referring to his outburst, the Republican also says, "And I will continue to speak with the same passion that I did last night, maybe with a little bit different form, but still with the same intensity."

The video is embedded on the Web page, just above large red button that says "Donate Today."

The above video is an example of what an ass looks like.

Class dismissed.


BREAKING: Texas Congressman Randy Neugebauer confirms he yelled "Baby killer"


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MSNBC: Texas Congressman Randy Neugebauer confirms he yelled out "Baby killer" at Bart Stupak last night.

UPDATE, via an e-mail alert from WaPo:

Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-Tex.) admits shouting 'baby killer' during House debate over health care.

In a statement, Neugebauer says he was not referring to Rep. Bart Stupak, but instead, "I exclaimed the phrase ‘it’s a baby killer’ in reference to the agreement reached by the Democratic leadership."

For more information, visit

Nice try, but that was one weak attempt at a save. You blew it. We have a loser.


“While I remain heartbroken over the passage of this bill and the tragic consequences it will have for the unborn, I deeply regret that my actions were mistakenly interpreted as a direct reference to Congressman Stupak himself.”

Neugebauer said he apologized to Stupak for the outburst.

“I have apologized to Mr. Stupak and also apologize to my colleagues for the manner in which I expressed my disappointment about the bill. The House Chamber is a place of decorum and respect. The timing and tone of my comment last night was inappropriate,” he said.

Another non-apology. Everyone got it wrong. Poor Neugebauer is misunderstood. We should be apologizing to him for the Big Misunderstanding in which we interpreted his appalling outburst as "You are Bart the Baby Killer!"

You lie!

Oh my. I deeply regret that my outburst might be mistakenly misinterpreted by you.