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How does GOP lure supporters? By giving away lethal weapons.


free gun chick not included lethal weapons

because FREEDOM


Gun owners are passionate, and the GOP knows it, which is exactly why they use lethal weapons to bribe entice them. Nothing says "right to life" like an AR-15... unless, of course, you get Second Amendmented by one. That "culture of life" "freedom loving" conservatives love to trumpet is nothing more than a culture of violence and intimidation.

And gun violence abruptly ends the freedom to breathe.

The New York Times:

Online gun sweepstakes have become one of the most useful tools for campaign outreach in the 2014 Republican primaries. Across the country, from a race for sheriff in California to the United States Senate primary in South Carolina, candidates are using high-powered pistols and rifles as a lure to build up their donor lists and expand their base of support.

The method may be new, but the concept is actually a durable campaign device. Take a group of possible supporters who are highly motivated around an issue, in this case gun ownership and Second Amendment rights, and pique their interest with good marketing. Then, once you have their attention, solicit their personal information and follow up to ask for support and money. [...]

[The NRA] employs a range of online campaigns, including Facebook-based contests that provide the organization not just with people’s names, but also with their information-rich public profiles and lists of their friends. Millions of people have entered these contests, the group said.

Zac Moffatt, who oversaw Mitt Romney’s digital strategy in 2012 and founded a firm that develops online campaigns, notes that dangling lethal weapons in front of gun fondling voters "could get you a couple extra thousand votes you didn’t otherwise know about.”

How "pro-life" can you get?

And speaking of hypocrisy, in order to qualify for a chance to win a killing machine, you have to pass a-- wait for it-- background check. But... but... gun zealots hate those pesky background checks! What gives?

Says Lee Bright, a state senator from South Carolina who is primarying GOP Senator Lindsey Graham, “You definitely don’t want [a weapon did not fall into the wrong hands]... Not in the middle of the campaign.”

Ahhh, the old "it's campaign time, so we better look over our shoulders up our hypocrisy game play it safe" plan.

Apparently ex-Congressman Tom Tancredo is throwing caution to the windbag. He's relying on Ted Nugent to get his message out. Nugent:

“We all better wake up and fight back together before it’s too late,” Mr. Nugent wrote in an email to Tancredo supporters. “Enter to win a semiautomatic AR-15 – when you’re done, consider making a donation of $25 or more to help Tom keep our freedoms protected.”

Give us all your money and you could win a chance to own a brand new deadly weapon with which you can kill another human being! But first and foremost, donate! Because... freedom!


Told ya so, frackers: Ohio geologists see link between fracking, sudden burst of earthquakes


frackers cartoon Clay Bennett

In a previous post, Frackers set sights on largest oil shale reservoir in US... near CA's San Andreas fault, I couldn't help but wonder how greedy Big Oil could ignore the terrorizing prospect of triggering the San Andreas Fault to erupt into The Big One. Apparently, the health of so many people and of our fragile environment means nothing to California frackers.

Did I just say "California frackers"? My bad. I meant Ohio frackers, too. Along with any other frackers, for that matter.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that in Ohio, geologists have found a connection between fracking and earthquakes. Clearly, they've been in contact with Captain Obvious. L.A. Times, previously:

"The process of reinjecting drilling fluids into the ground is thought by some to stimulate minor seismic activity around drilling pads, dubbed 'frackquakes.'"

Take it away, Captain Obvious:


Ohio geologists have found a probable connection between fracking and a sudden burst of mild earthquakes last month in a region that had never experienced a temblor until recently, according to a state report.

The quake report, which coincided with the state’s announcement of some of the nation’s strictest limits on fracking near faults, marked the strongest link to date between nerve-rattling shakes and hydraulic fracturing -- the process of firing water, sand and chemicals deep into the earth to eject oil and natural gas out of ancient rock.

Last month, Ohio indefinitely shut down Hilcorp Energy’s fracking operation near the Pennsylvania border after five earthquakes, including one magnitude-3 temblor that awoke many Ohioans from their sleep. [...]

They “believe the sand and water injected into the well during the hydraulic fracturing process may have increased pressure on an unknown microfault in the area,” the Ohio Department of Natural Resources said in a statement about the Poland, Ohio, operation.

You just know what frackers will do with the "unknown" word. How did former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld mangle it again? Oh yes:

And how did Hilcorp Energy mangle the truth again? Oh yes. They said they are “fully committed to public safety and acting in a manner consistent with being a good corporate citizen.” Because, hey, corporations are people, too, and they're the best corporate citizens EVER.

Sorry, Hilcorp, but you're no "citizen," but you are a disgrace. Hate to say we environmentally-aware types told you so about that whole "frackquake" thing, but well, we told you so. And don't get us started on climate change, the fracking chemicals that contaminate groundwater, and drought.

Speaking of which, if you've never seen Josh Fox's "Gasland," now's your chance. Our own lwdgrfx posted the entire video here.


Frackers set sights on largest oil shale reservoir in US... near CA's San Andreas fault


oil shale Monterey CA fracking Big Oil

California is trying to solve a riddle: how to tap into the largest oil shale reservoir in the United States, one that covers 1,750 square miles, roughly from Bakersfield to Fresno. I'm trying to solve a different riddle: How greedy Big Oil can ignore the terrorizing prospect of triggering The Big One, the health of so many people and of our fragile environment.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting on a gigantic oil trove that's trapped in San Joaquin Valley's Monterey Shale formation, 15 billion barrels, to be exact. While drilling and fracking could be a huge bonanza for oil companies and create a boom that could transform California's economy, the consequences could do just the opposite. "The process of reinjecting drilling fluids into the ground is thought by some to stimulate minor seismic activity around drilling pads, dubbed 'frackquakes.'" Yes, what California needs to kick start a thriving economy is a San Andreas "frackquake."

So far nobody has figured out an affordable way to extract the dirty, polluting fossil fuel. Good.

But that doesn't mean they haven't spent millions and millions of dollars trying. And, as the Times reports, "Oil companies are now paying farmers for their water rights, land and, in some cases, buying their homes outright to get at the reserves that might lie underneath."

Across the southern San Joaquin Valley, oil exploration sites have popped up in agricultural fields and on government land, driven by the hope that technological advances in oil extraction — primarily hydraulic fracturing and acidization — can help provide access to deep and lucrative oil reserves. [...]

The implications are profound, touching on public health, water use, water quality and the loss of agricultural land. The subsequent transformation also would alter the lives of families living in the resolutely rural communities dotting the valley.

For Tom Frantz, a retired teacher and third-generation farmer, the exploratory drilling is already too much.

"This is prime farmland and they have drilled between 200 and 300 wells in the last 10 years in the Monterey Shale," Frantz said. "Every one took out an acre or two of farmland. Every one has used hundreds of thousands of gallons of water. Each one has contributed to our air pollution. Each one has had spills on the ground of different chemicals and crude oil. Each one is emitting methane as we speak. If this thing happens and there are thousands and thousands of wells — that's scary because an accident is bound to happen," he said.

What may be great for California's economy could just as easily destroy it, along with the lives of its residents. Thankfully, the jury is still out on how this can be done profitably. Leave the damned oil shale reservoir alone. Money isn't everything. Life (as the hypocritical Drill Baby Drillers love to tell us) is.

More here.


"You can take away my gun when you pry it out of my child's cold, dead hands."


guns don't die children do

Today's Los Angeles Times letters to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "Student opens fire at Colo. school," Dec. 14

News of the latest school shooting ends up in The Times on Page 10. That is how numb we have become to these horrifying acts of violence.

This time, however, there is no uproar about gun control that will eventually die out. That's because we don't have politicians brave enough to stand up to the far right and the gun lobby. Instead, it's all about keeping those votes.

How about just starting the dialogue again? Let's tighten gun laws and, at least, get rid of assault weapons.

Someone once told me that if you ever tried to take the guns away from Americans, you would end up with a civil war. My response: What would the difference be? We are already killing one another.

Susan Straughn Harris



In light of the latest school shooting, maybe it is time for the National Rifle Assn. to rephrase one of its favorite slogans: You can take away my gun when you pry it out of my child's cold, dead hands.

Lauren Siadek



3 GOP-supported policies that do nothing to prevent-- & can contribute to--mass murders like Navy Yard massacre


guns enough smaller

mass gun killings since PBO took office animated GIF

This graphic shows the Mass Shooting/Killing incidents since President Barack Obama took office in January 2009. (H/t: Nicole Sandler)

In today's Los Angeles Times, there was an article that went into more detail about Navy Yard murderer Aaron Alexis's "calm, indiscriminate" gun massacre, and how he intended to kill as many people as possible.

As I read the piece, three passages stood out to me, three passages that were painful reminders of how wrongheaded Republican policies are and how the consequences of their laws can hurt Americans.

Let's take them one at a time.

One: Conservatives are obsessed with Small Government (except, of course, when their party's legislators shove trans-vaginal ultrasound probes into women's vaginas against their will). Ironically, it slips what's left of their minds that We the People are government, Elected officials represent We the People. We the People gave them their Big Government jobs. And they claim to value We the People over government, so by shrinking government, they're contradicting themselves by squeezing We the People out. We, too, become smaller. Oops.

Meantime, here's what happens when the GOP succeeds in downsizing the role of that Big Bad Evil Kenyan Marxist Government:

Anthony Meely, chairman of the Fraternal Order of Police's labor committee for the Navy Yard's officers, said in an interview that the force was woefully undermanned Monday because of government cutbacks, which may have led to additional deaths. There were only six patrolmen on duty instead of 11, all were posted at the gates, and only two patrol cars were available [...]

Meely summed up: "I believe the security guard might still be alive if we had had adequate staffing." Instead, he said, "we were undermanned."

So budget cuts eliminated the very protection the shooting victims' lives depended on. Budget cuts resulted in people dying.

Two: "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." Uh huh:

The chief could hear the shots ringing inside and saw the private security guard at one of the entrances, Meely said. The chief told the guard to unholster his weapon and be prepared to return fire, Meely said, and when the guard did, Alexis shot him.

The bad guy with the gun killed the good guy with a gun. Again, the end result was death.

Three: Gotta have those High Capacity Magazines, because the Second Amendment is the most important Constitutional Amendment evah! The problem with that is, those magazines allow high volume, uninterrupted bullet paths right smack into a large number of human targets. Mass murderers have often been tackled only when they needed to stop and reload. Had Alexis had an assault style firearm capable of shooting 30 to 100 rounds before having to reload, more people would have died:

[FBI Director James B. Comey] said the rampage ended only when Alexis ran out of ammunition. "He was isolated and pinned down by the first responders," he said.

Freedom to own certain weapons is one thing. Freedom to spray crowds with bullets is another. Most of us support the freedom to breathe without fear of being mowed down.

But gun makers donate to politicians and the NRA, and politicians and the NRA do their bidding. Because, you know, freedom.


Memo to GOP: Don't lament... Prevent. STFU and DO something.



I spend my days, every day, all day, watching the news, reading news stories, opinion pieces, Twitter threads, blogs, Facebook posts, listening to radio talk shows, you name it. And all day, every day, I hear Republicans' heartfelt condolences when their "fellow Americans" die in floods, fires, hurricanes, from lack of proper health care, and from mass murderers' bullet sprays.

I watch them on TV looking somber and caring, offering their sympathies, wiping away a tear, bowing their heads in prayer...

...and then blocking every effort to prevent the causes of these very same tragic events.

They're awfully good at feeling our pain on the outside, and voting against measures that would help stop our pain once they go inside, into the Big Buildings of Congress where they make their Very Important Decisions and cast votes that change our lives.

And I stare, dumbfounded, at the images on my TV screen, images of dead children, of suffering Americans, of the drowned, the widowed, the motherless/fatherless, the mourning, the maimed, the hungry, the charred, the homeless, the terminally ill, and unbelievably... the survivors who still trust these representatives to "do the right thing."

I stare, dumbfounded, at the broken, bloodied, weary, sick, wounded, shell-shocked, emaciated, waterlogged, and dead human bodies.

I stare, dumbfounded, at the defiant right wing Congress members who insist that not voting for laws that would keep some of these people alive is the patriotic thing to do, the moral thing to do.

I stare, dumbfounded, as conservatives pump their fists in victory whenever they feel they've made President Obama-- our twice-elected president-- look like a failure, because that's more important to them than taking steps to regulate firearms zealots, climate change deniers, Big Insurance, Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Anything that keeps their pockets stuffed with cash.

I stare, dumbfounded, as they lament the deaths of infants, toddlers, students whose short lives have been abruptly ended by a "bad guy with a gun" who mowed them down... and then rally around the industry that manufactures the weapons that slaughtered those they weep for.

I stare, dumbfounded, as they prioritize profits over people, yet lament the consequences of their own irrational inaction and political train wreckage.

right to life my ass pro life

To these extremists, to these Obama haters, to these fearful, greedy, hypocritical, small-minded, cowardly, wisdom-stunted lawmakers who can't see past skin color, sexual orientation, gender, country of origin, religious differences, political party, social class, or economic standing, I say, for f***sake:

Don't lament... Prevent.

Prevent the unnecessary deaths, the incremental incineration of Mother Earth, the mass shootings, the untreated diseases, the starvation, the violence, the inequality, the increasingly frequent natural disasters, the oil spills, the pollution of our air and water... all of it.

Stop whining and tsk-tsking and praying and take a look at the causes, and then do something. Now. Before it's too late. Because all those big fat donations you're hauling in won't mean a thing without a livable place to spend them or someone with whom to share the spoils.

So don't lament... Prevent. And while you're at it:

stfu license plate smaller


Not from the Onion: "Screw gun grabbers, grab this beauty now! Free rifle giveaway! (chick not included)"


act now

An ultra-conservative website called Independent Living News has a Very Special Offer for gun fondlers, so if you fit that description, Hurry! Act now, before it's too late! This is a limited time opportunity!

free gun chick not included

See that? Sexy women love to kill people, and so can you! For free!

Here's a close-up of the part that includes one minor caveat that targets their coveted demographic:

free gun chick not included close up

Aww phooey, now all those poor guys with high hopes who open-carry semi-automatic surrogate penises will be crushed to know that Camisole Gal is not part of the Big Prize.

What better follow-up to a gun massacre, right? Here's what their little pitch includes:

HURRY, time is of the essence! We're going to keep this going for as long as we can, but we can't guarantee how long it will stay online before the Gov't comes and shuts us down. Exercise your Constitutional Rights to keep and bear arms. Do the right thing for your home, family and community. This great military surplus home defense system is all yours but time is short. Anti-gun politicians in Washington and all 50 state capitals are scrambling to roll out as many new gun restrictions as possible, as fast as possible. IMPORTANT: this drawing will only include those who make it in before we get the inevitable registered letter from bureaucratic Gov't officials screaming to take this page down. We'll hold them off as long as we can though, and that's our word.

All Eyes on the Prize: Smith & Wesson M&P 15

The Smith & Wesson M&P 15 is lightweight, weighing in at only 6.5 pounds, and provides plenty of firepower to pack a punch. The M&P 15 features a 1:9 Twist Ratio, A Removable Magazine that holds 30 5.56mm NATO/.223 Remington rounds, A 6 Position CAR Stock, and measures up at 35" Extended and 32" Collapsed.

No site would be complete without an About page. Here's what their fear-mongering About Page is all about:

American Lantern Press (ALP), founded in 1989, publishes news, views, and analysis to empower savvy, self-sufficiency seeking individuals in protecting their assets, health, freedom, and privacy from a rapidly expanding number of threats.

Independent Living, enjoys the support of over 50,000 active paid subscribers hailing from all 50 states and 52 foreign countries. [...]

In addition, ALP publishes:

  • Lee Bellinger's Executive Bulletin (weekly, free, email)
  • Ready for Anything Report (weekly, free, email)
  • HealthEdge Bulletin (weekly, free, email)
  • Money, Metals, and Mining (monthly, paid, print)

ALP also offers hard-to-find, specialized products of interest to our customers. These include our germ-killing colloidal silver generator, our 30-Day Emergency Food Reserve, and Total Home Evacuation and Emergency Barter Kit (E-PACK). ALP formerly published Confidential Tax Bulletin and The American Sentinel, both of which have been merged into Independent Living.

ALP is a leader in the specialty newsletter publishing and self-reliance fields and boasts annual gross sales of roughly $7 million. It’s sister company, Independent Living Bullion, offers a variety of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion products, serving precious metals investors in the United States and Canada. Launched in 2010, Independent Living Bullion achieved nearly $200 million in gross sales in its first two full years of operation.

While you're here giving us your email address, spend what little money you have on our gold and survivalist products! Paging Glenn Beck!

FYI: The site's editor and publisher was an aide to Indiana's now-Senator, then-Congressman Dan Coats.

free gun chick not included more