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"The House is now adjourned." That was quick.


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Boyoboy, they must be exhausted from all that work!

I mean, come on, they had to take oaths, and confirm President Obama's victory, and announce unfinished business, and motion to adjourn, and everything! Oh, and let's not overlook how they began to extend a helping hand to a few zillion people who were devastated by Hurricane Sandy a few months ago. Finally.


Whew! That's nearly two days of stuff they had to do. No wonder they need a rest.

Yesterday they swore in new House members and finalized John Boehner's orange-skin-of-his-teeth re-election as Speaker. A few representatives brought along their children to witness the events, and the L.A. Times wrote about it here. As I read about it in my morning paper, this sentence stood out like a sore thumbing of the nose:

Newly elected Rep. Tony Cardenas (D-Panorama City) said his 14-year-old daughter leaned over and said the whole event reminded her of high school.

Obvious insult to high school students aside, Teen Cardenas displayed more intelligence and insight in that one observation than the House has exhibited in years.

kids say the darndest things