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Overnight: Fancy Farm: Alison Grimes vs Mitch McConnell


Alison Grimes

From the Wall Street Journal account of this event:

FANCY FARM, Ky.—This hamlet in western Kentucky played host Saturday to candidates in the nation's marquee Senate election fight, who framed the race as a choice between experience and change.

The Democrat, Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, distilled the choice in stark terms, telling a sea of partisans from both parties: " Mitch McConnell doesn't care. I do."

More here.

From the YouTube information for this video::

August 2nd, 2014 • Graves County, Kentucky • U.S. Senate candidates Alison Grimes and Mitch McConnell appeared together at the 134th annual Fancy Farm picnic. The traditionally, raucous political gathering marks the unofficial launch toward the November general election. Both Grimes and McConnell addressed a large, boisterous crowd estimated to number 5,000.


Alison Grimes At Fancy Farm: Welcome To Mitch McConnell's Retirement Party


Alison Grimes

I was listening to a public radio story about 'Fancy Farm' just the other day. Apparently it can get pretty rowdy, which, it seems, is the point. Challenging the political speakers is the reason people go there. If they can stand up to that kind of heckling, they just might be deemed to have enough fight to represent Kentucky in Washington.

Here's a wiki about Fancy Farm:

Well, Alison Lundergan Grimes apparently met the challange this weekend. Read more in this repost from our friend Anomaly at Liberaland.


Darkhorse Candidate Soars Into Lead In Kentucky Senate Race


Gil FulbrightPhoto courtesy of Represent.Us

It's that time of year when campaign ads are starting to infiltrate and pollute our radio and TV viewing. Candidates sling accusations and innuendos causing more irritable bowel syndrome than the hash at the local greasy spoon. Isn't it time to take a serious look at how these campaign ads are put together and what they really say?

The people over at Represent.Us have done just that. They've chosen a candidate who's so real, so sure to garner a huge amount of votes with his write-in candidacy, that it could just spell disaster for Mitch McConnell.  This man, Gil Fulbright is so honest and sincere you just can't turn away. You will want to watch more than once. So go ahead -- check out Gil Fulbright (not affiliated with the similarly named scholarship), Phil Gulbright, or Phillip Mamouf-Wifarts. No matter what you call him, "Funny" is his middle name.


Fox Noise Champions A Blessed Proselytizing Kentucky Bank Teller - VIDEO

Cartoon, Clay Bennett, The Chattanooga Times Free Press

Cartoon, Clay Bennett, The Chattanooga Times Free Press

I know, I'm a sadist. But someone has to slog over there and see what the asshattery is up to.

This had to be the Perfect Storm of a Religionist story for  the Godly Couch over at Fvx and Friends Sunday.

They were able to get their Tucker Bow Tie Sporting Prick Tucker manned Hysteria Periscope fixed on someone who was allegedly fired for just being a Blessed and Happy Christian. At work. [King of the Asshats award was won early, Jaysus.]

And … in their Beating Red Heartland. Kentucky. No Proselytizing

You're going to need your thigh-high Orvis Waders for this one, and a nose-plug might not be excessive.

Initially one flashes to Seinfeld's Kramer taking the bank To the Bank for misnoming a cash-gua-ran-teed fixed courtesy greeting. But that was fiction. This is Religionist solicitation in a very peculiar venue.


Capitalism meets Born Again Solicitation. Neace said she not only goes to church on Sunday but lives her beliefs every day in Amurrika. Here's the Fox Noise treatment. Tighten those waders.

The Interview(!) ... because Of Course it's a religiousity freedom issue. Warned you about the Ick Level.

Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV


Sadly, Fox Noise is alive and well and maintaining a hypothetical place in Reality. The blonde Fvx Sunday pundit sympathized in horror for about 90 seconds, then the couch of infamy got to the really red meat of the matter ... The Holy Teller, Polly Neace, had been loudly proselytizing from behind her wee window.

A customer -- somewhere in her hearing but not in her line or at her nameplate-- had taken Her Lord's name in vain in the Holy Teller's American-exceptional hearing! As she described, aggrieved lawyer adjacent, on Fvx and Friends around 6:15 EST live [shouldn't she be showering and baking for church, one might ponder?] ... that the profanity swooped across the lobby and went 'like a dagger through my heart!'


The Teller was unable to halt the impulse of her Jesus Would Have Done It Self, and let the offending bank customer know in detail how the profanity-laced life was assuredly going to lead Straight To Hell {paraphrasey}.

We have all heard some oddities from bank tellers - but a Fire and Brimstone (with a Southern drawl and that Ice faux smile) solicitation when you are in an entirely different rope line?

Hell No.

Good on that bank for canning the Holier Than Thou teller. If she has a burning desire to recruit more Born Again folk to share The Rapture with, missionary work in Utah or Uganda is assuredly her best bet. She could Badger Away 24/7.

Have a Blessed day, Teller. Save the Salvation for after work hours.


Rand Paul Turns To Felons To Boost GOP Voter Registration


Rand Paul

You gotta hand it to Rand Paul. He marches to another drummer. That doesn't make him a bad person. His politics do.

One thing Republicans (and calling Rand Paul a Republican is misleading-- he's a self-professed Libertarian) are fearful of is that as voting registration increases, the GOP is becoming more and more irrelevant. As if the Tea Party branch hasn't already destroyed any unity of message that could be considered Republican tenets, immigrants, people of color, and women are becoming the bane of its existence.

The GOP solution has been voter restrictions. Making it harder they make it for legal voters to reach the polls or vote absentee is the only solution they have been able to come up with until now: From Raw Story:

CNN host Candy Crowley noted during an interview with [Sen Rand] Paul that he had proposed restoring voting rights for non-violent felons, and wondered if it was an effort to gain minority Republican voters.

“Republicans have been unfairly tarred as, oh, trying to suppress votes,” Paul asserted. “Here’s a Republican who wants to enhance the vote. This is a much bigger problem than anything else limiting voting right now. Nearly a million people can’t vote, and I want to help people get the right to vote back.”

Okay, a little trip down Fact Check Lane. First off, as he himself pointed out “Three out of four people in prison are black or brown for non-violent drug use."

That being the case, why would the minority population after jail want to vote Republican? They're the party that put the bills in motion that placed them in jail in the first place. As a voting block, Blacks and Hispanics are registering in overwhelming numbers as Democrats because the GOP consistently legislates against these oppressed people. So the thinking by Sen. Paul is specious.

Rand Paul questions whether or not it's institutionalized policy that the Republicans are pushing to limit voter registration and access to polling places.

According to the Brennan Center, at least 92 bills restricting voting were proposed by largely Republican-controlled state legislatures during 2013. And that trend has continued

So, it looks like the Junior Senator from Kentucky once again has some faulty thinking going on in his head. It's not surprising.


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