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GOP: Women Okay For Supporting Staff But Not The Top Spot


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Well, it's only 2014 and two full years away from the next presidential election. The Democrats seem to have their heir (Hillary Clinton) and their spare (Joe Biden). Things are a bit  more cloudy on the Republican side.

They don't have any favorites for the top job yet -- lots of possibles and potentials, but that's about it -- no clear front runner. Their current list of damaged goods includes the likes of: Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Mike Pence, Jeb Bush and perennial candidate Mitt Romney. (Don't count him out just yet. He has the field staff, organization and donor lists. He's also starting to make more and more public appearances and statements).

But one thing there does seem to be on the GOP side. Despite being unsettled for the top job, POTUS, there's an almost certainty for the number two slot. It's Kelly Ayotte.

Kelly Ayotte

Republican strategist and former McCain presidential campaign manager Steve Schmidt revealed his party's thoughts recently in The Daily Beast:

Ayotte is also one of the only female GOP top personalities that could counter a Democratic ticket with Hillary Clinton at its top, and at a time when the Republican party has been reeling from a number of scandals that have left the party vulnerable to the accusation that they are not savvy at courting the women’s vote.

“Ayotte could turn the ‘war on women’ narrative into a punch line,” said Schmidt. “In the category of those really talented women who can really break into the next level, I think Kelly Ayotte stands out. She has a lot of skills. There's no on-the-job training and she’s clears [sic] that hurdle.”

Well, it looks like we'll have another Sarah Palin running on the GOP ticket only this time she'll be the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, after she got a brain. Perhaps.

So the Republicans think they have the answer to their women problem. If that was really the case, why aren't they talking about her for the top dog's chair? After all, she's as good or better than any of the male potential candidates. Wouldn't it be something if two women were heading the major tickets? I think so. But that, of course would mean the GOP's leader would be a woman, and I'm not sure the party is ready to accept that yet.

If this is really to be the best possible race, the Dems should go with a totally female ticket - Clinton/Warren. Together they'd be unstoppable.


MUST-SEE VIDEO: Student protests commencement speaker Sen. Kelly "no interest in true social justice" Ayotte


student Erin Faith Page protests Kelly Ayotte commencement speaker

I've always adored children, teens, and twentysomethings. This video exemplifies exactly why I loved teaching so much, why I admire Erin Faith Page more than I can put into words, and why I do not admire the "honored keynote speaker" Sen. Kelly Ayotte in the least, nor the way she personifies the hypocrisy of that Very Serious Outreach Effort (scroll) by the GOP:

Below is a link to the petition we have made... sign it, share it, and stand with me for equality on every level. Contact me if you would like more information or would like to get involved in any way!

"Bringing someone who is racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, or openly discriminatory goes against everything that we are taught here at NEC."

"I will not keep quiet on such an important and personal issue."

"There are times when I didn't want to wake up."

"I hated school. Not because I was dumb, but because I had never been surrounded by a community that believed in me."

"May 18th will be the second most important day in my life... I get to look into the crowd knowing that in this moment, I am stronger than I ever thought possible."

"I am confident because I finally believe in myself."

"Because of my experiences at New England College, I was in absolute shock when the news of Senator Kelly Ayotte being our keynote speaker and recipient of an honorary degree was released. I cannot believe that they would choose someone who was the exact opposite of what I believe our school exemplifies."

"Why would we align our name with someone who has no interest in true social justice? Senator Kelly Ayotte is an avid anti-gay marriage, anti-same-sex adoption, and anti-choice senator... She has worked hard to create a state where myself and others are not seen through the same lens, and are not worthy of equal treatment under our laws."

"...I've learned how to tell people like her... that they are wrong."

"This protest is not about Republicans or Democrats. This is about standing up for human rights."

"I want every person on this planet to know that they are worth something. I want the suicides of our LGBT youth to end. I want sexism to be a story of the past, and I want us all to be equal under our law."

Via Miscellany: Blue:

Erin Faith Page, a 24-year-old self-identified lesbian, will be the student commencement speaker next week at New England College. She made this video to protest the selection of Sen. Kelly Ayotte to give the keynote address at the graduation ceremony.

student Erin Faith Page protests Kelly Ayotte commencement speaker2

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VIDEO: "Typical moms" defending Kelly Ayotte’s gun vote in ad are actually GOP activists


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Team Ayotte appears to be getting desperate, and for good reason. Since she and 45 other Republicans voted against gun background checks, her  poll numbers took a nose dive, Gabby Giffords' group targeted her, and the daughter of a Newtown victim confronted her at town hall meeting. Did I mention 91 percent of New Hampshire adults support expanded background checks?

So what do her supporters do to rebuild her image and poll numbers? I mean other than applaud her grandstanding during the Benghazi Senate hearing. Glad you asked.

Think Progress:

[A] national conservative group based in Iowa is running television ads featuring seemingly ordinary New Hampshire moms and law enforcement officials defending the one-term senator from out-of-state “partisan” attacks.

[A] cursory search of individuals in the advertisement reveals that the supposedly typical New Hampshirites are actually long-time Republican party activists and officials.

Here's the ad:



VIDEO-- GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte: I support "full equality for women" except for that equal pay thing; "already existing laws."


kelly ayotte 2

women pay wage gap

Senator Kelly Ayotte isn't doing herself any favors these days. Recently, the daughter of a Newtown shooting victim confronted Ayotte on her position on gun safety measures at a town hall meeting. As you may recall, Kelly Ayotte voted against the gun background check bill. As a result, her poll numbers have plummeted.

Now the New Hampshire senator has opened her big, insensitive GOP mouth yet again:

Ayotte, who laughably claims in the video that she supports "full equality for women," said this:

We have existing laws — Title VII, um, Lilly Ledbetter, all those existing protections in place — that, I believe, enforce and provide that people doing equal jobs are, certainly in this country, should receive equal pay.

So, um, that bill, in my view, didn’t add — in fact I think it created a lot of additional burdens that would have been hard, um, to make it more difficult for job creators to create jobs. ...

The reason that I voted against that specific bill is that, I looked at it, and there were already existing laws that need to be enforced and can be enforced and I didn’t feel like adding that layer was going to help us better get at the equal pay issue.

She opposed the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would not exactly “make it more difficult for job creators to create jobs."

Via Think Progress, where there is much more:

[A]t a town hall earlier this week, Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) claimed that Congress has done enough to ensure that women receive equal pay for equal work. Indeed, she justified her vote against legislation intended to prevent employers from dodging federal equal pay law with an excuse similar to the National Rifle Association’s explanation for why we do not need any more gun laws — we just need to enforce the ones we have. [...]

It should go without saying that, if similarly situated women are not making the same amount as their male colleagues, then we aren’t doing enough to close this pay gap. So Ayotte’s suggestion that our current laws are sufficient cannot be squared with the reality facing women in the workplace. [...]

So when Ayotte voted against this bill, she stood up for employer’s rights to make completely irrational judgments about how much a female worker should be paid, and their right to retaliate against employees who are trying to figure out if they are being treated fairly.

Please keep proceeding, Kel. We American women can almost feel your outreach efforts from here. Kidding.


Daughter of #Newtown victim confronts Sen. Kelly Ayotte on guns at town hall meeting


gun protest NHkelly ayotte

Video via Concord Patch, Rabbi Robin Nafshi of Temple Beth Jacob in Concord, one of many who were shocked by Kelly Ayotte’s vote against gun background checks, spoke at a gun safety presser.

Kelly Ayotte held her first town hall meeting since voting against the gun background check bill. She might be regretting that right about now.

Erica Lafferty-- whose mother, Dawn Hochsprung, the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School and who was tragically killed by the shooter-- had this to say:

"You had mentioned that day you voted, owners of gun stores that the expanded background checks would harm. I am just wondering why the burden of my mother being gunned down in the halls of her elementary school isn't more important than that." [...]

After her exchange with Ayotte, Lafferty stood and stormed out of the town hall.

Asked afterward why she had done so, Lafferty said: "I had had enough."

oof 2Ayotte usually takes pre-submitted questions at her meetings, and then a pre-selected moderator chooses and reads them. In other words, there are a lot of "pre's".

But at this particular town hall, that didn't work out quite the way she expected.

Via First Read, here's what happened just prior to Lafferty's exchange:

"You can't deny people the right to speak because they haven't filled out a card. I have a question," [Eric] Knuffke shouted. Supporters of Ayotte shouted back at him.

"I do every single town meeting this way, and we have a process," Ayotte responded, though her voice -- thin and high-pitched from a cold -- was drowned out by the noise.

"You want to regulate that but you don't want to regulate guns," Knuffke yelled back.

Why Eric, what an excellent point. Say it with me: Hy-poc-ri-sy.

So then what happened?

"Sit down and shut up!" a member of the crowd shouted back at him, with others joining in.

Well now, that meeting went well. Way to go, Kel!

But wait! There's more! WaPo:

We have her on the record,” [Nancy] Martlind said of Ayotte. “Then there’ll be another big shooting incident, and we’ll know where she stands.

Lafferty, whose parents used to vacation at a mountainside inn just a few towns away, said Ayotte’s answer on Tuesday was different than what she’s heard before.

I’m going wherever she goes next,” Lafferty said.

By the way, Kelly, how are those poll numbers workin' out for ya?


AUDIO: Gabby Giffords group targets Ayotte, McConnell. Ayotte's approvals plunge after "no" vote on gun background checks.


gabby giffords mark kelly smile

Americans for Responsible Solutions, the grassroots movement led by Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly, has launched an "accountability campaign" that focuses on Senator McConnell of Kentucky and Senator Ayotte of New Hampshire:

ARS, founded by Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly, will begin airing radio ads today in Kentucky and New Hampshire, highlighting Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator Kelly Ayotte’s vote against this sensible solution to keeping our families safe from gun violence.

The ads highlight McConnell and Ayotte’s putting loyalty to the special interest gun lobby in Washington instead of supporting wildly popular sensible policies that would keep their communities safer. In Kentucky, 82 percent of people support background checks; in New Hampshire, 89 percent of residents support them.


kelly ayotte

Ignored – Ayotte

Woman 1: Remember that ad Kelly Ayotte ran saying she’s one of us.

Woman 2: Oh, where she’s out for a run?

Woman 1: (SFX: Newspaper rustling) Yeah. Well, it sure didn’t take long for her to “go Washington.” Says here Ayotte voted against improving background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

Woman 2: Are you serious? 89 percent of the people in New Hampshire support universal background checks. She just ignored us?

Woman 1: Sure did. This was common sense legislation written by a Republican and a Democrat. Supported by law enforcement. And it protected Second Amendment rights. But Ayotte voted against it anyway.

Woman 2: And ignored the will of the people.

Woman 1: Well, I’m calling Senator Ayotte and telling her to listen to the people for a change. You should too. The number is202-224-3324.

Woman 2: Paid for by Americans for Responsible Solutions.


mitch mcconnell


(Montage of News clips from Newtown of the shooting).

Announcer: We watched. We listened. We felt it. Newtown.

But Senator McConnell won’t listen to us.

Eighty-two percent of Kentuckians support universal background checks.

But Senator McConnell voted against them.

McConnell opposed common sense checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

Written by a Republican and a Democrat. Supported by law enforcement officers. It was a common sense plan that protected Second Amendment Rights.

But Senator McConnell ignored the will of the people. Making our children and our families less save…. And putting the Washington special interests ahead of Kentucky… AGAIN.

Call Senator McConnell at 202-224-2541. And tell him to start listening to us, for a change.

Paid for by Americans for Responsible Solutions.

And HuffPo is reporting that Ayotte's approval ratings have dropped sharply since her no vote on background checks. The gun safety issue is not going away, despite misinformation to the contrary being spread by those on the right:

A new poll has New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R) down a total of 15 points from her previous approval rating in a survey that followed her vote against requiring background checks for firearms purchases.

Ayotte's plunge underscores the changing politics around gun control and gun safety. In years past, lawmakers worried that a vote for gun control would bring the anger of the National Rifle Association. In the new reality, votes against gun control also carry a political risk, as the Ayotte poll indicates.


Video- GOP Grandstands In Questioning On Benghazi In Senate Hearing


Bunch of egotists playing for face time. Via.