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VIDEO: Rep. Barney Frank tells GOP Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison to stop using "weasel words."


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Rep. Barney Frank was on CNN’s State of the Union, and he didn't mince words when GOP Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison "hinted at something bad" regarding the David Petraeus scandal. She implied that the Obama administration or the FBI kept it quiet until after the election, but refused to get too specific with her accusations.


Are you suggesting there was some coverup, that the FBI are playing games? I think we ought to be explicit about this. I’m troubled by the implication of your statement and are you suggesting that something wasn’t legitimate here? Because that would trouble me.”

"' Excuse me, 'great concerns' is kind of a weasel word…"

"It seems to me frankly you’re kind of hinting at something bad, and I don’t see what that could be."

I think that if this was an investigation into David Petraeus’s bank account instead of his sex life, all of us would be paying a lot less attention to it.”


Video- Kay Bailey Hutchison Hits Perry's Secession Comments


Rick Perry still scares me.

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Hutchison, Lieberman: "I would have won."


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Hey kids! It's rationalize o'clock! Do you know where your former senator is?

Kay Bailey Hutchison:

I would have won,” she said. “It would have been a tough race, for sure, but I think I would have won, because I think my record is good, and it is to be effective and get things done.”

Joe Lieberman:

I believed I would have won re-election,” Lieberman said. “Obviously, it would have been a tough campaign. But, you know, as I said, so what else is new?” Asked why he had made his decision, Lieberman said it was simply “time for a change.”

And by "change" he meant "winner".  And by "winner" he meant someone who wouldn't betray his own party by campaigning for Republicans like John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Now let's look at the real reasons they're not running.

Hutchison would have to face off with the tea party. Can you guess how that might have gone?

The Fort-Worth Star Telegram reported last month that the GOP lawmaker would have a Tea Party target on her back if she decided to run.

"She personifies everything that the Tea Party is fighting," said one member of a local Texas Tea Party steering committee. "She is a Republican, but when you check her votes on many issues, they are not ones that conservatives are happy with."

As for Traitor Joe:

[T]he polls showed that he would face a serious uphill climb in trying to win. [...]

This past October, a survey from Public Policy Polling (D) found Lieberman running in third place in various trial heats with hypothetical Democratic and Republican candidates, with only marginally positive ratings from Republican voters and deeply negative ratings with Democrats and independents.

"I would have won." Right. And Palin would have had a hit reality show and successful governorship...


Quickie: Eye Roll edition


Today's Quickie:

"Time is ripe for bipartisanship", said the retiring senators confidently as they prepared to leave the building.

That was today's Quickie. Was it good for you?