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Video Overnight Thread- Sarah Palin versus Julianne Moore


Dammit, I want to see this. Via Boing Boing.

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Prepping for "Game Change," Julianne Moore "consumed so much Palin... that her son asked, 'What's wrong with you, mom?'"


James Rainey has a good piece in the L.A. Times today about how actress Julianne Moore prepared for her Sarah Palin role in the HBO docudrama "Game Change".

Here's my favorite part (the bolded quote):

Moore wiped her calendar clean, except for a few events with her 14-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter and husband, the director Bart Freundlich. She cleared her iPod of almost everything but audio recordings of Palin's books, which the politician recorded in her own voice. She consumed so much Palin via YouTube, print and recording that her son asked, "What's wrong with you, mom?"

Poor Mama Moore, she immersed herself in Former Half Gov Nutballa McWordSlaw and her son noticed the transformation. Scary stuff.

But there were a couple of things that Rainey may want to revisit. One was this:

As important as nailing Palin's great northern accent...

Every single one of my Twitter pals from Alaska has pointed out repeatedly (Shannyn Moore was one of them), that they've never heard an Alaskan accent like Palin's. She does seem to have some kind of hybrid, but "great northern accent"? 

And finally, to get really nitpicky:

... Moore called [it] "a baroque kind of phrasing," in which the candidate paused at odd intervals between phrases and sometimes emphasized prepositions, rather than verbs. "I need to make a decision."

That "to" would be an infinitive, not a preposition.

Apologies, but I'm a product of excellent public schools with excellent English teachers, and I tend to obsess on this kind of thing. If I am mistaken, please correct me, but since Rainey made a point of labeling that as a preposition, I felt compelled to correct him. Also. Too.