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VIDEO: Rachel Maddow discusses the magical Republican Tax Fairy


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What would we do without the magical Rachel Maddow Fairy? If only there were a magical Kick Hypocritical Conservatives Out of Office Fairy.

Maddow: "The Democrats are winning..." 


Video- Sen. Kyl (R) Chooses Tax Break For Millionaires Over Payroll Tax Break For Middle Class


There it is in all it's glory. They just don't give a f. Via.


Sen. Jon Kyl already threatening to quit supercommittee


Go right ahead, Jon, quit. You and Former Alaska Half-Gov Inepta McWalkAway can run off (at the mouth) together in blissful wedded quititude.

Via Politico:

They’ve only met once, but Sen. Jon Kyl is already threatening to quit the deficit busting supercommittee if the panel pushes more defense cuts.

“I’m off the committee” if there are deeper cuts to the military, Kyl warned at a forum sponsored by several conservative think tanks, including AEI and the Heritage Foundation. [...]

If the “trigger” is pulled, “I would do my best to see to it that it never took effect,” Kyl said.

Yes, because if there's one thing we don't spend enough on, it's our military. Via AlterNet/ThinkProgress:

Or as Think Progress likes to put it, GOP Voted For $50 Billion To Rebuild Iraq Without Cuts, Now Insist On Cuts To Offset Funding To Rebuild America.


Boehner, McConnell make debt committee picks


Not the worst people they could have picked, but I'm not seeing alot of compromise promised here.

(CNN) - House Speaker John Boehner on Wednesday named Reps. Jeb Hensarling of Texas, Dave Camp of Michigan and Fred Upton of Michigan as his three House Republican picks for the special congressional committee to tackle further deficit reduction.


(CNN) – Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell on Wednesday named Sens. Jon Kyl of Arizona, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Rob Portman of Ohio as his three Senate GOP picks for the special congressional committee that will negotiate further deficit reduction steps.


Dep't. of TMI: Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl: "My bladder isn't that strong..."


Today's Quote-O'-The-Day comes via the L.A. Times:

"My bladder isn't that strong. This is going to take an odd kind of person to serve on the committee."

-- Sen. Jon Kyl, retiring Arizona Republican and Senate minority whip, on why he is reluctant to serve on the yet-unformed "super committee" from the House and Senate that will decide how to slash the deficit.

Too Much Information, Jon. As for the "odd" requirement, that pretty much qualifies anyone in the GOP.

We are so screwed.


VIDEO: Default, deschmault! GOP's top priority: Make Obama a one term president


Who sees a through-line here? I do! I do!

The Hill:

A senior House Democrat on Monday alleged that Republicans want the short-term debt increase in order to kill the economic recovery and blame President Obama for high unemployment.

Edward Markey (D-Mass.):

“The Boehner approach really intends to have another debate next year that is just as big and that’s their point. A big debate this year puts a cloud over the markets and the economic environment, and another debate next year will do the same thing to our economic recovery... So it’s a very cynical, regain-the-majority strategy that puts the entire economy at risk.”

He went on to say the showdown over the size of the debt limit increase will be “because of their plan to not end [the crisis] now, but to have it end sometime before the next election to basically make it very difficult to have an effective economic recovery.”

Think Progress:

King has apparently forgotten why the nation is on the brink of default in the first place: Republican hostage-taking. During President Bush’s tenure, GOP leaders voted to raise the debt ceiling 19 times — by a total of $4 trillion — without demanding draconian cuts to the social safety net in return, and 130 current House and Senate Republicans have voted to raise the debt ceiling under Bush. In fact, the entire debate right now ignores the fact that Bush’s policies added over three times the amount of debt than have Obama’s policies.

The chart reflecting those policies and their costs is here.

And again, via Think Progress (forgive the inclusion of Trump's most recent cry for attention, but he parrots the same irresponsible GOP talking points):

America GOP first!


VIDEO- New GOP talking point: "The president is worried about his next election."


At 2:13. Project much? Then again, projection is one of very few Republican areas of expertise.

At 8:42 Jon Kyl said the same thing on Face the Nation.

They're making this into a campaign issue, a "blame Obama" issue, a "See? This is all about Obama's ambitions" issue - instead of taking responsibility for walking out on debt ceiling talks, avoiding real leadership, and doing what's right for America, and at this point, the whole world.

They're playing a most dangerous game by pushing these talks to the brink, and the whole world is watching. It's our credit rating that suffers, our economy, and the global economy.

UPDATE via a Facebook friend:

Cindy Barton-Lewis: Per McConnell the Republicons have been making decision based on the next election since the last one. Just need the clips of him stating highest priority.

All you had to do was ask: