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Kansas: "Another GOP state going to hell"


what's the matter with kansas

This is why I adore John Dean. Well, one of 1000 reasons. His tweet about Kansas was spot on. Come to think of it, what is the matter with Kansas? Rhetorical. See: Brownback, Gov. Sam.

The New York Times' (and MSNBC's) Josh Barro has the story, a story that begins with the sentence, "Kansas has a problem." No kidding:

In April and May, the state planned to collect $651 million from personal income tax. But instead, it received only $369 million.

In 2012, Kansas lawmakers passed a large and rather unusual income tax cut. It was expected to reduce state tax revenue by more than 10 percent, and Gov. Sam Brownback said it would create “tens of thousands of jobs.”

Wait... don't tell me how this ends. Let me guess. GOP fail? Brownback fail? Republican tax cut obsession fail? All at the expense of hard-working people fail? Or people who wish they could work hard? People that voted against their own interests because they believed that Kansas Klown? All of the above?

ding ding ding

Barro explains how, if he were living in Kansas, his MSNBC income would be tax-free. Lotta good that would do Kansans. Please proceed, Josh:

While no state has gone as far as Kansas, four others — Missouri, Ohio, Oregon and South Carolina — have passed laws in the last decade that give some small-business owners lower tax rates than wage earners.

By creating this preference for some types of income over others, Kansas has run into at least five problems...

And then he enumerates the problems. Please link over to read the whole post, but here's one of my favorite excerpts:

The Kansas Legislative Research Department — the state-level equivalent of the Congressional Budget Office — issued a memo this month saying that “it appears that some of the fiscal notes associated with various income tax law changes enacted in 2012 and 2013 were understated.” Translation: It looks as if we gave out a bigger tax cut than we thought.

To quote Texas Gov. Rick Perry:

oops smaller



Video- Chuck Colson, Former Watergate Figure Dies


More about Mr Colson here.
This is funny, from John Dean's Twitter.

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VIDEO: Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump's new hit: Mini-Apprenti! Put those kids to work!


Thank you John Dean for alerting me to this piece at Politico:

I'm here to offer my services, and I don't even charge.

As you can see in the video, somehow, some way, Donald Trump always manages to plug his show and tell us how wealthy he is.

After a nearly hour-long meeting at Trump Tower, Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich emerged for a joint news conference, during which the former House speaker defended The Donald from slams from Ron Paul that Trump moderating a debate would create a "circus" atmosphere.

Here's what Mr. Wealth had to say, in part:

"...In very, very poor schools ... We're gonna be picking ten young, wonderful children and we're gonna make them apprenti. We're gonna have a little fun with it... It was Newt's idea..."

What a guy. Those child labor laws are silly, superfluous little annoyances, so let's get those kiddies to work, because, hey, it's fun! Why not profit off of them while they're at it? Genius! Leave it to Newtered to come up with brilliance like "Mini Apprenti."

And Donald is such a cool guy, who wouldn't want his endorsement? He's the pro's pro, a "genuine American icon," the godfather of GOP candidates, a real family man. "Who wouldn't want to hang out with him?"

Uh, me.

"We have to get a certain sense of humor in politics..." Well then, I gotta hand it to the Republicans, because their candidates are a joke.

Team Paul agrees:

"We are sure two average Americans like Speaker Gingrich and Donald Trump will have a wonderful time picking out gifts for their wives. We suggest a place called Tiffany's, we her it is quite nice this time of year and given their celebrity status they can probably get special deals and $500,000 lines of credit."


VIDEO-BLUNT: Make Wall Street Pay; Special guest, John Dean


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