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Scarborough Fires Up New Fake Hillary Scandal, Mika and Halperin Pour Gas



There's been this Hillary Clinton story running quietly under the radar for a few weeks, and I had really hoped not to report on it - because it's from 1975, and it's bad enough that we are going to have to re-litigate the Entire Nineties between now and the Big Dance in 2016.

I respect Ezra Klein, and what he is doing over at Vox. He'd baited a good hook in June for this story, I'm thinking Ezra makes fly-fishing sparklers for a hobby … but Hillary didn't bite until the 4th of July. The Vox article is here, and the rather damning audio that you might be hearing Over and Over and Over for a while.

Morning Schmoe poured some kerosene and tried to strike a match.

The Twitterz got slimed:

Even if you are Hillary's Biggest Fan and think she can do no wrong, it is cringe-worthy audio, there's no way around it. She was young, had no idea she was anywhere near a hot mic, and was recorder laughing about a rapist's lie detector test. That can't be made pretty.


But it can be deescalated. But it should be stopped in its tracks as the Next Great Hope for 1600 Pennsylvania Ever Agin' of the GOP, with New Tea and Koch backing.

Limpbaugh, Hannity, Rove, Dick Morris … they all lie in wait. To trash, burn and pretty much annihilate former FLOTUS/Senator/Presidential Candidate/Secretary Hillary long before she even announces a 2016 run. [They think they have a Bush in their hands, right? Like a pathetic ace up their Old White Imperialist Koched Up sleeves. Balderdash.]

Morning Mika and Schmoe pounced on the opportunity for some Clinton Bashing. And a Hate Radio voice was right there to harmonize, an " @SteveMTalk " … a look at his Tweeter feed and Breitbart loyalties would indicate that this is Right Wing Nut Job with Schmoe's ear.

Ezra's interview, above, in the live opening hour was kind of Enh. Young Sam Stein didn't ever get terribly exorcised. I'm just about to relax and maybe have a cup of Earl Grey if the hubs would take my text … and damned if Joe doesn't pop back up and Halperin is Tweeting ...

… and Oh My GOD There's A New Clinton Hysteria Moment. Mika had a fifth of vodka at hand, that went flying onto the fire within seconds.

There's a little bit of [honestly: regrettable and unfortunate for all] audio from Arkansas in 1975, you see, where then public defender Clinton was trying to get a child rapist off at trial - a case she has repeatedly said she was obligated to do.

However. A NY Times take on the matter included the detail that Clinton allegedly 'took the case as a favor' from someone at that time, because the client had requested a female attorney. That was brought up as some kind of condemnation when Schmoe and Mika brought the story back to the front of the line after the 8:30 schmutz.

Ezra Klein had misspoken, the girl was 12 rather than 15 … the young woman who had so tragically been raped by the man Clinton was assigned to defend as a public, Legal Aid type of attorney she was in 1975. In her Twenties. Which she reiterated on July 4th, catch the somewhat stilted response in the messnbc video, above.

"Well, now," bloviated Joe, "That completely changes the Conversation", his eyes light up, Mika's eyes are already burning with that odd Clinton Derangement à La Mika only she seems to possess, and Mark Halperin clearly has a woody under that table and has already Tweeted his self-ordained truth on the topic.

Don't let them have this one, fellow liberals. Because if Morning Joe is selling it, Fvx Nation will be buying it by prime time and then Fireworks and Finale on getting the 1975 story to stick to Hillary this early.


Pink-Hoodie Joe even used his 'What did we learn today?' pithy moment to bring the headline back - he's going to be running with this one, folks. And Mika already has a Loaded-for-Hillary shotgun.

The woman's book tour has had its share of in artful moments, and this may be filed as one of those awkward Hillary shudder numbers.

But if we allow Joe Scarborough and Mark Halperin to Change This Conversation - we should turn in our Atheist Pinko Commie Kenyan Soshulist Heathen Cards.


Our friend Mel Neuhaus, @acehanna54 had the perfect artwork for this gaggle, huge thanks for sharing, Mel.



Joe Scarborough Suffers Breakdown On Camera


Morning Joe Rumors are rampant across the internet and cable chatters that Joe Scarborough might be heading for a forced vacation after his tirade over the parenting skills of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's father Robert on Morning Joe today. He suffered a total and quite embarrassing breakdown in an interface with Chuck Todd. Watch it for yourself. It's not pretty. Let's collectively send our prayers and best wishes to Joe for a speedy recovery.


The @JoeNBC UnApology - #UniteBlue is wicked unimpressed.


Joe Scarborough

Orchestrated and faux-ingenuous hate-mongering is a talent Morning Joe is taking to as well as every well-coiffed and pale GOP presidential hopeful before him.

The Memorial Day weekend's #UniteBlue v @JoeNBC Tweeple Crusade produced buildup that did not consummate … in fireworks. Or even an E-cig.

Being shrugged off by a disinterested and preppy-pink crew-necked Joe Scarborough was as disappointing and infuriating as anticipated.

Boycotting was not even an option. I was up and enjoying Way Too Early's Thomas Roberts efforts to be as entertaining and uncontroversial as possible and already muttering to the husband by 5:40 VT time. And was disgusted when they nearly opened with a patently heart-wrenching tribute to Scarborough's premie son who had just turned six at the top of the 6 a.m. hour … with bashful 'Great Dad' narration from the guy attempting to ignore one Wicked Pissed Off United Blue Nation.

It was 'only on Twitter', after all. Which merited the following mumbled morass of meaningless manure.

“I brought it up on Friday… I brought up UniteBlue, and I could find people in UniteBlue who said some terrible things about me over the past two, three, four years, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great people in the union movement, that doesn’t mean there aren’t great vets and great people in UniteBlue, that there aren’t great people in these organizations… Don’t we at some point realize that there are some people who will try to associate them self [sic] with a bigger group and say hateful things that shouldn’t be associated with the labor movement or UniteBlue?”

The UnApology was brief and if you turned to roll your eyes about the presence of three Brzezinskis to punch up the Set you'd have missed it. The reaction BY Unite Blue itself was … surprising?

While this was not the full-throated apology that thousands requested, this display of respect is a promising first step, and we will continue to hold him accountable when political commentary devolves into disparaging and divisive attacks.

Check the comments out for yourself, but there was not overwhelming gratitude for Schmoe's quarter-assed effort.


Watch: Joe Scarborough says you’re ‘freaks’ and ‘hate mongers’ if you’re with #UniteBlue


Joe Scarborough

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Morning Joe Guilty of Quasi Spousal Abuse Syndrome



The Morning Joe crew has problems with Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer. They alleged today that she lied Saturday on MSNBC to Steve Kornacki  that Christie's lieutenant governor, Kim Guadagno, and one of Christie's cabinet members tried to pressured her into fast-tracking a proposed redevelopment project in her city in order to receive Sandy aid. To Mika and Joe, timing is everything.

First, here's what Mayor Zimmer said, and how she explains her hesitation to come forward earlier.

Now here's what Joe Scarborough had to say about this according to Talking Points Memo:

"If she's willing to go public and vouch for something that is corrupt, an administration that is corrupt, what does that say about her character?" Scarborough asked, referring to tweets Zimmer sent in praise of Christie. "She can't have it both ways."

How interesting that Joe, who's been accused of some shade during his tenure in the House and who's going through a very messy divorce right now (the details of which he's trying to tamp down and rightfully should) would take this tact. Because this harassed mayor didn't go public or to the Attorney General of New Jersey (whom Christie had appointed and might just be in his pocket) she suddenly doesn't have credibility? Hasn't he ever heard of people fearing coming forward? Hasn't he ever heard of spousal abuse? Women sometimes are beaten within an inch of their lives, but refuse to press charges or admit it. Or if they do come forward, it's long after the attack.

Why? Because of fear. Fear of what? Bullies. Bullies like Joe Scarborough. He, like his hero, Chris Christie, accepta corruption as a way of life. And feel it's okay. Business as usual. Their defense is an offense -- slandering the Hoboken Mayor by accusing her of lying by not coming forward earlier. Does that mean the woman or man who delays accusations of being abused by a spouse is lying? Does that mean the facts don't exist? And think about the military sexual assaults where the victim has to go to their commanding officer who is best friends with the accused. Is that an easy thing to do? Well that's the situation with the New Jersey attorney general -- a Chris Christie appointee.

MSNBC, you should be ashamed of Morning Joe. And Mika, we allow for your limited abilities as you've never been able to stand up to bully pulpit Joe. But Joe, you're the wrong one here. And you should absolutely take back your accusations until the sworn testimony by Mayor Zimmer is presented. Then, if there are inconsistencies or inaccuracies, go ahead and rip her a  new one. But your personal relationship and bromance with the Governor of New Jersey should not be tolerated. Just because you accepted and maybe even participated in corruption when you were a congressman doesn't make it right.

Report news, don't create it to protect a friend. Even Steve Kornacki, who worked for David Wildstein, came out and revealed his personal relationship prior to reporting the news. Maybe you should confess your sins in office and relationship with Christie before you take to defending him -- or worse, "Hey, corruption is business as usual." You should be helping, not contributing to the crimes.


Video- Morning Joe Asshats Get Thumped By Thomas Roberts, Mika Brzezinski Over "Duck Dynasty" Kerfluffle



Video- GOP Rep Sean Duffy: Republicans Act Like 'Knuckle-Dragging Neanderthals On Occasion'


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