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Republican Candidate Joe Miller Wins 'Most Racist Campaign Mailer'


For the Talent Portion of the Contest.  Only conclusion I can draw:

 The mailer is the work of Republican primary Senate candidate Joe Miller, who approved the use of images depicting heavily tattooed men without shirts making gang signs as representation of immigrants. The message on the mailer calls out Democrat opponent Mark Begich for wanting to give “20 million illegals” voting power. As Miller and his state’s three Republican Senate candidates are currently focusing on immigration to win their party’s support for the GOP primary election, this offensive angle should come as no surprise.

This comes as a surpreeze to moi, my knickers are in an Olympian twist. Addicting Info agreed, excerpted below but link here.

Joe's Gun Porn:


Miller got heat for the mailer, and he defended it during a televised debate over the weekend. Courtesy of Addicting Info Miller said:

“There’s a clear correlation, and the clear correlation is this: If you end up granting amnesty to those who don’t value gun rights, who have not been raised in an environment where the Second Amendment is cherished — is considered to be a God-given right — the reality is over a generation or two, the likelihood is very strong that the Second Amendment will not be here.”



“We have violent thugs coming across our border and doing violent things.”

Welcome to the real globe, Republican fanatics. Feel free to flee.

Joltin' Joe had a LOT to say about Obama, his leadership, gun fondling [with a booster shot of bourbon], Border Crises and 'the Presidential Lack of the Illusionary Feck'.


A trio of ‘Joes’ to help launch an anti-Obama group


Let us hope there is video.

(CNN) – Three guys named Joe are teaming up to try and help defeat one guy named Barack.

The Joes, three figures popular among many conservatives, are Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, 2010 GOP Senate nominee Joe Miller of Alaska and Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, better known during the 2008 presidential campaign as "Joe the Plumber."

They are teaming up Thursday night at a launch party and fundraiser in Montara, California for "The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama," a group which is dedicated, as the name explains, to trying to beat President Barack Obama in the 2012 election.

The organization was launched by the "Our Country Deserves Better Committee," a conservative political action committee that's also the parent organization of the Tea Party Express, one of the leading national Tea Party groups.


Joe Miller Ends Fight, Concedes Alaska Race


What took you so long, Shmoe?

JUNEAU, Alaska -- Republican Joe Miller is ending his fight over Alaska's U.S. Senate seat, conceding the race to his bitter rival, incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

I guess he decided on his own terms how long he'd make a fool of himself. He sure showed us. He's his own ass, er, man.


Alaska governor certifies Senator Murkowski's re-election



Gee, that only took, what, forever?

(CNN) -- Alaska's governor on Thursday certified Sen. Lisa Murkowski's re-election in November as a write-in candidate, clearing the way for Murkowski to be sworn in on time for the new congressional session that starts next week.

But that won't stop Joe Miller from continuing to make an ass of himself:

Miller said he was disappointed with the ruling, adding that he still believed his challenge was on solid constitutional ground.

"Thus, we are evaluating the ruling and determining what our next step should be," Miller said Tuesday.

Had Miller been elected, there would have been one less vote for the DREAM Act, the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and... well, here's the list:

This month, Murkowski earned the distinction of being the only Republican to vote for all four pieces of controversial legislation backed by President Obama: the DREAM Act, the tax-cut compromise, the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell," and the START arms-control agreement.

Murkowski is still a Republican, but she seems to feel less of a necessity to follow in lock step with a party leadership that largely abandoned her.

The GOP has abandoned a lot of Americans. When will those voting against their own self interests realize that?