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Three things to remember about Mitt Romney


Via the Veterans For Obama Facebook page, three things to remember about Mitt Romney:

  1. His 59-point "Jobs Plan" does not mention veterans.
  2. He suggested privatizing veterans benefits and giving veterans vouchers for health care.
  3. He cut benefits for veterans as governor of Massachusetts.

Last night, to President Obama's great credit, he was all over veterans issues while Romney sat there sweating and twiddling his Romnesiacal thumbs.


VIDEO: Pres. Obama unveils $5 billion veterans jobs proposal; Good news on jobs is bad news for GOP


See that video? Hear what President Obama is saying? About, you know, jobs? So does the GOP, and it is driving them crazy.


President Barack Obama unveiled a new $5 billion veterans jobs plan Friday that the administration says will put thousands of men and women who once wore their country's uniform back to work.

The new Veterans Jobs Corps initiative, first mentioned in the president's State of the Union address last week, involves partnerships with the Veterans Administration and the Interior Department, as well as state and local law enforcement agencies.

Under the blueprint, the administration will award $166 million in grant money to communities that show a preference for hiring post-9/11 veterans for new law enforcement positions. In addition, $320 million in grant money will be awarded to various fire departments who pledge to hire and train new veterans.

But this was the headline that made my day: Good news on jobs is bad news for GOP. Thank you for that one, CNN:

Translation: We're cleaning up George W. Bush's mess. Give us a second term to finish the job.

This being an election year, Republicans put the worst possible spin on the report.... Translation: Republicans need to clean up Barack Obama's mess. Give us the White House and we'll do the job. [...]

[O]ver the past few weeks, the number of Americans who approve of Obama's handling of the economy has been steadily increasing.

For five months in a row, the unemployment rate has dropped, and it's the lowest in three years. Imagine what it would be had so many government jobs not been cut; those would be the very jobs that Republicans want to continue to eliminate in order to screw with the economy so that they can then blame the president for failing to perk things up.

It's all about getting President Obama out of office, America be damned.


La Cucaracha: "Finally, a GOP jobs plan!"


A major advantage of having a Twitter pal like Lalo Alcaraz (@LaloAlcaraz) is that he generously shares his work with us.

Here’s today’s La Cucaracha:


VIDEO: President Obama gets "mic checked" speaking in New Hampshire on jobs and the economy 11-22-11


The "mic check" is in the first video at about 2:50.

H/t: @ReasonVsFear