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Out of work? Here's an exceptionally funny application for an exceptionally cool job.


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ben wikler venn diagram

Ben Wikler is very cool. If you're not familiar with him, he's funny, smart, and a passionate advocate for all the right things who formerly wrote for The Onion and pre-politician Al Franken ("Ben reminds me of myself when I was his age, except smarter, wiser, more worldly, better read, more passionate, much much taller, and just as funny." – Al Franken)

He also ran the Huffington Post’s humor spin-off, 23/6. And he's worked as an activist, helping run and Avaaz (he was each organization's Number Two Guy).

Now he’s launching a new podcast and radio show, only a stone's throw from Senator Franken's office. Of course if stones are actually thrown, the Secret Service will be all over him, the show would be shut down, he'd be arrested, and all this would be moot. But I digress. is the show's sponsor and partner, and that fun fact pretty much ties everything together as illustrated by the above Venn Diagram.

Which makes you wonder: why don't all job descriptions start with a Venn Diagram?

The show has big plans:

  • We aim to produce a show that will delight millions of people, and inspire them to dedicate their lives to fighting injustice. A show that future historians will credit as the key factor in humanity's unexpected shift towards universal peace, justice, and general awesomeness. In short, a really good podcast. 

Well at least he's not ambitious. Oh, but I kid the Benster.

And now he needs an executive producer. Why, here's the application for the job now!

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But how will Wikler know if you're the right candidate? He's got a novel strategy: the job application ends with 65 check boxes that let allow candidates to tell him if they've got what it takes. And it's hard to read through the whole list without laughing loud enough to get weird looks from your co-workers.

Then again, maybe you already get weird looks from your co-workers.

Anyway, applicants are asked to check boxes indicating "I have experience in..."

So! Do you have experience in... ?

  • Producing podcasts
  • Producing live TV
  • Producing The Producers
 He also wants to know about your musical skills:  I have experience in...
  • Writing or recording music
  • Performing music
  • Pretending to enjoy someone else's music for the purpose of a relationship that turned out to be doomed anyway.
 He's curious about your experience in email marketing:  I have experience in... 
  • Writing emails to a big (10k+) list
  • Writing emails to a very big (500k+) list
  • Writing emails to friends complaining about job applications containing ridiculously big (30+ items) lists
 And then at the end, things get a little meta. And then a little beautiful.  I have experience in... 
  • Leaving the box on this line unchecked
  • Learning to make peace with life's paradoxes
 The show plans to launch this fall. Let's hope it's as awesome as its job application forms.

Keith Olbermann To Guest-Host On MLB Network


Perfect, perfect, perfect!!! Via MediaBistro.

Former MSNBC and Current TV host Keith Olbermannis returning to the host’s chair, this time on MLB Network.

Olbermann will be a guest-host on MLB Network’s “Hot Stove” next Tuesday and Wednesday, from 9-11 AM ET. Olbermann phoned into the program this morning to talk about the MLB MVP races with Harold Reynolds and Matt Vasgersian, and to preview next week’s shows.

Olbermann will be joined by MLB Network’s Brian Kenny next week.

Olbermann is a huge sports fan, and a former contributor to Fox Sports and NBC’s NFL pregame show. He was also of course part of “The Big Show” with Dan Patrick, that helped turn ESPN’s “SportsCenter” into the juggernaut it is. He currently writes the “Baseball Nerd” blog for


Live Streaming Video- President Obama Speaks on an America Built to Last in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1:40p EST



Quickie- Unemployment claims at 352,000, fewest since 2008


Every day is just a little bit better.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The number of people seeking unemployment benefits plummeted last week to 352,000, the fewest since April 2008. The decline added to evidence that the job market is strengthening.


Jack Abramoff no longer works at the kosher pizza place


I found this little Taegan tidbit hilarious:

"Disgraced Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff has finished his stint working at a kosher pizzeria in Baltimore and is now on probation," the AP reports.

Sauer grapes?

My original post about his little after school job is here.


Dear Obama administration: Can I haz job? Love, Arlen Specter


Arlen's goin' a-job beggin':

Sources tell ABC News that Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) "has informed the White House that he would like to consider remaining in public service after his senate term ends at the end of this session, and White House officials are keeping an open mind about possible job openings for him."

Y'see Arlen, this is what happens when a career Rushpublic politician turns Dem for no other reason than to win an election, admits it, then loses said election.

Who will venture a guess as to which job title bone they'll throw him... if any?


Jack Abramoff Gets A New Gig -- At A Kosher Pizzeria


An "oy vey moment" for Jerky Jack:

Disgraced former lobbyist Jack Abramoff, mere months after serving his debt to society for bribing Congressmen and related shenanigans, is making mad dough these days in his new job.

That job, according to The Baltimore Jewish Times, is at kosher pizzeria Tov Pizza.

Mr. Saurkraut has a new job. How adorable. Will he wear an apron? Oh but I kid the felon.

Mazel "Tov", Jack. This is quite a boost for you.

More details at TPM.