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Senate deal avoids default, but "I want the names of the idiots who elected these people. Oh, wait. It was us."


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Jonathan Zimmerman is an author who teaches history and education at New York University. He has an op-ed in today's Los Angeles Times that tracks the sometimes entertaining, mostly frustrating, and often astonishing history of United States Congress members. Or as fiction writer Rex Stout put it in 1942, "The Illustrious Dunderheads."

Today the Senate reached a deal to re-open the government and avoid default... for now. Senator Rafael "Ted" Cruz decided he wouldn't block it, because hey, that's just the kind of low key, reasonable, go-along guy he is.

However, as MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell just said, "The Speaker has lost control... What have they won after putting this country in such misery?"

A few of Zimmerman's descriptions of the clown car in which our lawmakers reside are as follows:

[C]omedian Jimmy Kimmel recently noted. "Congress is still getting paid," Kimmel jibed. "I want the names of the idiots who elected these people.... Oh, wait. It was us? Never mind."

For the last two centuries, we have asked members of Congress to advance our personal interests and do the best thing for the nation. When that doesn't work out, we mock and malign them. It's a whole lot easier than looking in the mirror. [...]

"Suppose you were an idiot," wrote Mark Twain. "And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself."

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Back in the 1920s, Speaker of the House Nicholas Longworth, "realized, everyone wanted something from their legislature: a job, a tax break, a benefit. But they also wanted congressmen who would look out for the nation as a whole, not just for the narrow concerns of their constituents."

Tell it to the Heritage Foundation-controlled conservative extremists.

Zimmerman goes on to say that, "That's how we arrived at our current predicament."

If we really hated Congress, we'd vote the bums out. But we like the loot we get, so we send them back. Then we start the cycle again, ridiculing our representatives for lining their own pockets at the expense of the national future. It's enough to make a grown man laugh. Or cry.

Hence the genesis of my pseudonym. GottaLaff... or you cry.


Here's who is really behind pushing GOP way to the right, away from compromise with Pres. Obama


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That image is the answer to this John Belushi quote from the film "Animal House":

"See if you can guess what I am now."

Now see if you can guess why I posted that quote.

Here's another one, by Abraham Lincoln addressing the Southern people in his Cooper Union Address, February 27, 1860:

"Your purpose, then, plainly stated, is that you will destroy the Government, unless you be allowed to construe and enforce the Constitution as you please, on all points in dispute between you and us. You will rule or ruin in all events."

See if you can guess what I'm talking about now.

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Well... not quite.

Hint #1: Doyle McManus wrote about it in his Los Angeles Times op-ed Sunday, describing the powerful engine of pressure on the GOP to move way to the right and away from any compromise with President Obama. Hint #2: Raffy "Ted" Cruz is their (big, loony, alienating) mouthpiece, but he's no leader:

"There's no question in my mind that I have more influence now on public policy than I did as an individual senator," [president of Washington's Heritage Foundation, former Sen. Jim] DeMint told NPR recently.

It was Heritage Action that focused tea party conservatives in the House on the idea of using this fall's long-scheduled votes on federal spending to try to "defund" Obamacare, and the group then organized a summer-long campaign (starring Cruz) to publicize the idea. [...]

The drive to defund Obamacare hasn't accomplished much so far, but that doesn't appear to worry Heritage Action's 31-year-old CEO, Michael A. Needham, who said last week that the group's long-term goal was to transform the GOP, which he called "the allegedly conservative party." The government shutdown, he insisted, was a step on "a path to electoral success."

They're doing everything they can to make sure Republicans oppose new taxes, immigration reform, responsible gun safety measures, and, of course, the Affordable Care Act.

But here's what's different about DeMint and his allies: They are eager to target Republican incumbents, even to the point of challenging them in Republican primaries.

Now read that Lincoln quote again. These loons are not only pitting party members against each other, they're pitting themselves against many constitutionally protected laws and rights.

And whether they are victorious or they are defeated, we all end up losing.

H/t: Hugh Kaufman for Lincoln quote


At long last, Republicans have a health care plan of their own!


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House Republicans have tried 40 times to repeal/defund the Affordable Care Act, despite knowing their efforts would go nowhere, despite knowing that the Senate would never pass it, and despite knowing that President Obama would veto it. Their priority was catering to their base instead of trying to pass laws that would benefit all Americans, help create jobs, improve education, and protect our civil rights.

And every time the GOP persists in their redundant, time-wasting stupidity, they're asked, "Okay, geniuses, what exactly will you replace Obamacare with?"

Their response? *Crickets.*

Now Heritage president and former South Carolina senator Jim DeMint has finally come up with the answer! Yes, at long last Republicans have a health care plan of their own to offer America!

He announced the Big New Idea at a town hall in Tampa, Florida: Uninsured Americans “will get better health care just going to the emergency room.”

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Of course! Brilliant! Why didn't we think of that?!

Oh wait, we did. Because that's what people without insurance have been forced to do for years.

Think Progress:

The so-called “free” care at emergency rooms is a result of The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act or (EMTALA), which requires hospitals that accept Medicare or Medicaid funding to treat patients for emergency medical conditions regardless of legal status or ability to pay. But EMTALA only applies to medical emergencies like heart attacks or serious injury. It does not offer any treatment for chronic conditions, leaving the millions of Americans with diabetes who need regular access to medication to stay alive, or asthma patients, or women diagnosed with breast cancer without access to care.

Studies also show that not all emergency room patients have equal outcomes. The uninsured who suffer “traumatic injuries, such as car crashes, falls and gunshot wounds, were almost twice as likely to die in the hospital as similarly injured patients with health insurance.”

GOP motto: If at first you don't succeed, fail, fail again.

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Video- Fox News Sunday Panel: Closing Embassies Because Of Obama's "Abdication Of American Exceptionalism"


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