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GOP addiction to war leads to "culture of defendency" turning them "all into warfare queens"


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Jon Stewart is brilliant. I rarely use that word, but it applies here. Last week on The Daily Show, he devoted another of many segments to GOP hypocrisy, this time how it applies to spending enormous amounts of money on war. He exposed their hypocritical addiction to budgeting for wars, but not for domestic needs. And then he popped out with the best phrase coinage I've heard in a long, long time: "Culture of defendency" and "warfare queens".

We have a winner:

Jon Stewart:

You do know terrorism isn't the only thing Americans would like to be protected from... [And then he went on to enumerate issues here in the U.S., like crumbling infrastructure]...

Chris Matthews to Jeff Sessions:

"So you have faith that the cost of this war in casualties, and the cost of like a half a trillion dollars, the risk in terms of getting people in the world not liking what we're doing, which is fairly obvious, it is all worth it, 'cause if we do fail-- things fail-- and we come home, and after we come home and it fails over there, they go back to some military coup... isn't that a danger that we can't change the course of a country if we're only going to be there a limited amount of time?"


"I don't believe that's gonna happen."


Unlimited money to go over there, "I don't think anything bad's gonna happen"... Well how about spending some money on cleaning up the mess you made here at home for the veterans?...

I'm worried. I'm really worried about the Republicans, their inability to wean themselves off of military intervention.

They have a culture of defendency, if you will. And I believe it's turned them all into warfare queens. And I think we need to cut them off for their own good.

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Look-Alike Time


At one time or another we've all been told that we look like someone else.  So here are a few to consider:

Eric Cantor - EgonEric Cantor and Egon from Ghostbusters

Beaker - Mitch McConnellBeaker and Sen. Mitch McConnell

Tom Petty - Ann CoulterTom Petty and Ann Coulter

Jeff Sessions - the Kebler ElfThe Kebler Elf and Sen. Jeff Sessions


VIDEO: George Will (yes, George Will) calls out Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) for ignoring "facts" on immigration reform


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Relevant segment at about :53, right at the beginning.

In my previous post of Marco Rubio’s Sunday Stand-up: GOP isn’t “characterized by intolerance or looking down on anybody.” Ha!, the Senator made an ass of himself. Again. His position was so full of holes, it resembled Michele Bachmann's head. Oh, but I kid Michele.

(The sequel: Part 2 of Marco Rubio’s Sunday Stand-up: He hasn’t “fully read the Toomey/Manchin compromise” but he’s against it)

Apparently, Rubio wasn't the only one who needed to be called out.

It was refreshing to see someone in his own party take on Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) for ignoring "facts." Yes, that George Will.


Every conservative sympathizes with what Jeff Sessions was saying about not rewarding lawbreaking. However, conservatism begins with facing facts.

The facts are 11 million people are here illegally. Two-thirds have been a decade or more. 30%, 15 years or more. They’re woven into our society. They’re not leaving. and the American people would not tolerate the police measures necessary to extract them from our community.

Therefore, the great consensus has to be on the details of a path to citizenship. The most important thing Rubio said in your interview was, even if the system weren’t broken, if we had no illegal immigrants, we’d need to do something about this 'cause we need the workers. As the baby-boomers retire, and as the birthrate declines, we need something to replenish the workforce to sustain the welfare state.

Oh that. Facts, schmacts.

Via Think Progress:

As economists have explained, immigration reform not only stops under-the-table exploitation of workers from driving wages down; it also fills gap in the economy by creating a labor force for jobs that are complementary to low-wage jobs typically held by native worker. “Contrary to common fears, immigrants are not frequently in direct competition with native-born American workers, in part because they tend to have different skill sets,” a Center for American Progress analysis of economists’ research explains.

 Think Progress has more.


VIDEO- Soledad O'Brien to GOP Senator: "Why are you trying to balance budget on people making under $23,000 a year?"


Soledad O'Brien does it again. She's previously grilled GOP Rep. Joe Heck on his bizarre quasi-defense of Susan Rice, argued with a Romney adviser about Romney’s position on Israel, had a heated exchange with Rudy Giuliani when he refused to answer a question about Benghazi, sparred with Sununu over that “act of terror” in Libya, went after Bay Buchanan on Romney’s 47% comments, and on and on.

Her latest In Your Face was with Republican Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions pointing out his hypocrisy about cutting food stamps at the expense of his lower-income constituents.

Via Think Progress:


"You voted in fact in 2002 and 2008 to grow the program yourself. I think first under President Bush in 2002, and when it comes to fraud, this Center on Budget and Policy Priorities says SNAP has ‘the most rigorous quality control systems of any public benefit program in recent years, it’s received its lowest error rates on record.’"

"Most people who are on it aren’t working the system, they are just hungry people."

"Twenty percent of your constituents are on food stamps and they look at the people who are actually eligible? It’s something like under 70 percent who are eligible who sign up."

"...When you’re thinking of things to cut, people basically say, why are you trying to balance the budget on people who are making under $23,000 a year. I think that range roughly, is the national average for what a family of four would get on food stamps. So why not cut something else? There are other things that could be on the table before you pick a program that is feeding the nation’s poor children."

"Two of those times you voted for it, sir. 2002 and 2008 you voted for it. Right? You voted for it. Some people would say it’s growing because people are hurting."