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"Stunned that Romney-endorsed Wehby stories haven't gained more national attention"


Wehby  terrible, horrible no good very bad week has a story that has a great title that has such fascinating details that it has me posting about it. That's a lot of "that has's" and for good reason. Their title: "Romney-endorsed candidate Wehby is having a bizarre month."

Well, that sure got my attention. Especially the Romney-endorsed part.

The Wehby with the bizarre month is Oregon U.S. Senate GOP candidate Dr. Monica Wehby.

That also got my attention. Especially the GOP part.

She's also the leading Republican challenger to Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley.

Here are a few reasons why Wehby's week has been so "bizarre," or as I like to call it, troubling-slash-typically Republican:

Per Politico:

  • Wehby was accused by her ex-boyfriend last year of “stalking” him, entering his home without his permission and “harassing” his employees, according to a Portland, Oregon police report.

Per TheWeek:

  • She's involved in a medical child-abuse case.

As Rick Perry would say, "Oops."

Willard Romney sure knows how to pick 'em. He's right up there in the Impeccable Taste and Flawless Judgment categories with Sarah Palin.


"The Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party definitely are showing that they have growing influence"


elizabeth warren wing of dem partyPhoto credit: Tim Pierce

As I said in this post, for medical reasons (and unfortunately, more have arisen) I have to cut back, so I'll be posting much less often. This is one of those times when I felt compelled to jump in, because this is positive news, something we all need to jolt us out of our constant state of frustration with Washington DC.

It comes via the Los Angeles Times in an article that explores the recent move by Senate Democrats that changed the filibuster rules:

After pushing through one of the most significant rule changes in Senate history, Majority Leader Harry Reid struck a solemn tone: "This is not a time for celebration."

I understand but disagree. In a sense, it is time for celebration. We can celebrate the recent infusion of a few stiffer spines to the Democratic party, as in: not caving on the GOP government shutdown fiasco.

And we can celebrate the Democrats actually acting on their more-than-justified, long overdue resolve to end filibusters against most presidential nominations. Kudos Dems, you threw cold water all over the endless sabotage by Senate Republicans and their incessant obstruction that created a dysfunctional, do-nothing government. Or as I like to call it, Democracy Demolition.

Now it looks like there's more good news in our future:

Next on their agenda is extending the filibuster rule change from presidential appointments to legislation, which would enable the Senate to move on issues including gun control and climate change. [...]

"The Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party definitely are showing that they have growing influence in the caucus, and in government in general," said Matt Wall of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, a group that works to promote progressive candidates and issues in Democratic primaries. On Friday, Warren circulated a fundraising letter to supporters on behalf of Merkley and Udall, thanking them for their role in changing the rule.

So yes, there are a few positive outcomes after the years and years of blocking, dirty tricks, and efforts to derail and destroy President Obama and the Democratic agenda. Hopefully, a gobsmacked GOP is getting a taste of things to come.

gobsmacked 2


Senator Durbin: Democrats lack votes to pass talking filibuster reform


mr smith goes to washington

Yesterday Harry Reid told the Senate GOP to cut a filibuster deal in 36 hours or face the nuclear option. Everyone on Twitter was so excited! Except me. I hoped, I yearned, I wished, but I didn't expect the Dems to come through, because when it comes to filibuster reform, the Dems never come through.

Today's comments by Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin are making me want to tear my hair out... again. Apparently, the talking filibuster is out.

What's the talking filibuster? It's when members would be required to actually stand and speak on the floor. No more ducking personal responsibility, no more “silent filibusters,” no more giving obstruction a pass.

Now Durbin is saying that Democrats do not have enough votes for the most effective part of the Merkley proposal.

Harry Reid's "deal" with Mitch McConnell would "prohibit filibusters on motions to proceed, address rules for sending bills to conference, and reduce the floor time required for nominees once the Senate has voted to end debate on them." But no talking filibuster.

The Hill:

But Reid does not have 51 votes to make the rules change that liberals say is most important: requiring senators who want to filibuster legislation to actively hold the floor and debate. If senators seeking to block business fail to continuously hold the floor, the matter could advance by a majority vote.

I would say the talking filibuster at this point does not have 51 votes,” said Durbin.

Once again, my doubts were confirmed. Dems, you did it again.

At least you're consistent.


VIDEO ADDED: Harry Reid to Senate GOP: Filibuster deal in 36 hours or face nuclear option


just do it smaller

Video added, via CBS.

Harry Reid can, and may very well, change Senate rules using a simple majority vote, aka The Nuclear Option, which, by the way, would be a first. It's never been done. Democratic Senator Tom Udall calls it the “Constitutional option” because the Constitution allows each chamber to set its own rules.

Reid says that he and Mitch McConnell are not close to a resolution, and McConnell can't seem to get enough Republican votes to support any deal he could strike with Reid.

I don't know about you, but I've called Harry Reid's office more than once to push him on the Merkley filibuster proposal, the one that calls for a "talking filibuster" in which members would be required to actually stand and speak on the floor. No more ducking responsibility, no more "silent filibusters," no more easy-peasy obstruction.

Via The Hill:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is giving Republican colleagues 36 hours to agree to a deal on filibuster reform or he will move forward with the nuclear option. [...]

Reid predicted the Democratic caucus would support him in reforming the Senate’s filibuster rule unilaterally.

Just do it.

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