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Sec. Eric Shinseki and Press Secretary Jay Carney resign (VIDEO)


President Obama announces Shinseki resignation

President Obama made a statement to the press and announced the resignation of Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki. Meet Sloan Gibson, Shinseki’s replacement at the VA. The new appointee is the Department of Veterans Affairs Deputy Secretary. He will serve as temporary head of the VA until he decides on a permanent replacement for Eric Shinseki.

Following his remarks, he popped in again to announce Press Secretary Jay Carney's resignation. Carney will be replaced by Josh Earnest.

According to MSNBC, this announcement came as a complete surprise. President Obama said of Josh Earnest,"His name describes his demeanor. Josh is an earnest guy, you can't find a nicer individual."

The video includes both the president's remarks and Jay Carney's.

More from the president:

"Jay has become one of my closest friends and is a great press secretary and a great adviser. He has good judgement, good temperament and he's got a good heart. I'm gonna miss him a lot."

And from Carney:

"It's an important interaction that takes place here. It's not always pretty. It could certainly be better. But to be a part of it is an honor and a joy for me. And no matter how tough the briefing is, I walk out of here having been glad to stand here."


Join the Carney Carny


Who doesn't love going to a circus, a fair or a carnival. They're always so much fun. But lately, there seems to be less fun for one Carney -- Jay Carney. The White House Press Secretary is starting to show signs of cracking. Once a capable crowd control, message focused guy, he's gotten into a couple of skirmishes lately that I think signal he won't be around much longer. It's one thing to get into it with Joe Scarborough. He's crazy to start with and he gets paid to make inflammatory statements. He loves to shout and a good press secretary should know how to stay above that raucous behavior.  But he didn't:

Then a day later, Carney gets into it with, of all people, a high school student. Demeaning, condescending would work if it was with the network press, but copping an attitude, and basically calling a kid's question ridiculous and demeaning him is somewhat of a bully's actions. Judge for yourself:

The cracks in the dam are starting to show. How much longer before the structure is so compromised that is has to be replaced?


Lindsey Graham is ruining all of Issa's fun: "No evidence" IRS targeting directed from White House


hell freezes over

Yesterday I posted a video: Pres. Obama’s press secretary Jay Carney is a “paid liar,” said Darrell Issa the paid liar. Issa gets very turned on by the very word "scandal," except when it applies to his own activities. But when the word "Democrat" is juxtaposed to "scandal," well, let's just say it's like his own Very Special Viagra Moment. But check out that post to see what Issa himself has been up to over the years.

Unfortunately, for ol' Darrell, his scandal slide whistle sounds a little something like this today:

He may have to scurry back to his dwindling Benghazi repertoire.

The Hill:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Monday said he had seen “no evidence” that the White House ordered the Internal Revenue Service to target conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status.

"I don't believe this was something thought up in the Cincinnati office, but I have no evidence it goes to the White House,” Graham said in an interview on Fox News Radio’s “Kilmeade and Friends.”

Wait, what? Little Linds told the truth?

When Pigs Fly Animated GIF Pork Bacon Hog


Video- Joe Scarborough Slams Issa For Calling Jay Carney A ‘Paid Liar’: ‘You Can’t Say Things Like This’




VIDEO: Pres. Obama's press secretary Jay Carney is a "paid liar," said Darrell Issa the paid liar


dc hypocrites

Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Darrell Issa called Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney a liar on CNN’s “State of the Union":

Their paid liar, their spokesperson... he’s still making up things about what happened and calling this a local rogue."

"...This is a problem that was coordinated in all likelihood right out of Washington headquarters."

But Candy Crowley continued to grill him. Sucks to be you, Darrell.

Issa has nothing to offer but accusations and lies. He's nearly exhausted his Benghazi repertoire-- I say "nearly" because he's threatening more pointless squawking-- so he's expanding his horizons. Now he's all over the Internal Revenue Service, hoping so hard that something will stick to President Obama in the process that he's about to burst. Something bad. Something impeachment-worthy.

I think we can all agree that it is Issa who is grossly sticky.

Meanwhile, issues that affect Americans, like cyber security, jobs, poverty, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, climate change, and education go by the wayside because Republicans are too busy chasing their tails. And they're chasing their tails to avoid having to provide solutions to problems, because they know voters will reject their self-serving solutions.

Pot, kettle, liar is the obvious response to taxpayer-funded Mr. Oversight, but allow me to add these items from the Issa Hall of Shame, via DKos:

  1. Issa Calls 9/11 Attacks in New York a Plane Crash

  2. Issa Weeps Over Premature Withdrawal from Gubernatorial Race

  3. Issa Asks Big Business to "Tell Me What to Change"

  4. Issa Labels Obama "Most Corrupt" President

  5. Issa Uses Tim Russert's Death to Push for Oil Drilling

  6. Issa Says U.S. Treat Hospital Patients Worse Than Al Qaeda

  7. Issa Attacks Families of Killed Blackwater Contractors

  8. Issa Declares Blackwater Hearings an Attack on David Petraeus

  9. Issa Charges David Petraeus with Carrying Water for Barack Obama

  10. Issa Targets Government "In-Sourcing"

  11. Issa Accuses Valerie Plame of Perjury

  12. Issa Drives the Firing of U.S. Attorney Carol Lam

  13. Issa Blames Software for Bush White House Email Destruction

  14. Issa Defends Disgraced Bush GSA Chief Lurita Doan

  15. Issa Offers Howard Krongard a Ticket to the White House Christmas Party

  16. Issa Forces Jerry Nadler to Withdraw Truthful Statement about Bush's Illegal Domestic Surveillance

  17. Issa Demands Names of Those Making Freedom of Information Act Requests

  18. Issa Insists Everything is Like Watergate

  19. Issa Wages 15-Year Vendetta Against Reporter Eric Lichtblau

  20. Issa Blames His Brother for Past Brushes with the Law

If there has been wrongdoing, by all means, expose it, but when you're as politically and ethically bankrupt as Darrell Issa, pointing fingers and fantasizing about bringing down a popular Democratic president are all you have left.


VIDEO-- Jay Carney: "Imagine the story on Fox" if President Obama checked with A.G. Holder on AP probe


fox benghazi cartoon

Jay Carney on why President Obama hadn't called Attorney General Eric Holder regarding the AP phone records probe:

"A great deal prevents the president from doing that, it would be wholly inappropriate for the president to involve himself in a criminal investigation, that as Jessica points out, at least as reported involves leaks of information from the administration. I mean, imagine the story on Fox if that were to happen. So, that's why."

Fox has gone after this president so relentlessly, Carney was just stating the truth. It was good to hear a few members of the press laughing in response. Hey, I laugh out loud at ClusterFox all the time.

The Hill:

Carney confirmed that Holder recused himself from the investigation of The Associated Press, but said a call from the White House to anyone at the Justice Department would be inappropriate.

More generally, "a careful balance … must be obtained" between press rights and national security concerns, said Carney, who is a former reporter... Carney also defended Obama's record on the freedom of the press, pointing to press shield legislation he sponsored during his time in the Senate.

Come to think of it, every time I imagine any story on Fox, I find myself reaching for a mug of wine and a few Tums.


VIDEO-- Jay Carney to Fox host: “If you did a little reporting…”


so there


"Well actually, Jenna, again, if you did a little reporting, you'd know that the Easter egg roll is open for a lot of military families. It's paid for by the sale of those eggs that come out as well as from donations on the outside. It's a totally different budget. These are apples and oranges."


White House Press Secretary Jay Carney had a Moment of Masochism and decided to appear on Fox News [sic]. "Happening Now" host Jenna Lee asked why the White House will still hold its annual "Easter egg roll" event but ended White House tours for "regular families."

Yes, the geniuses at Fox are still fixated on the tours instead of how the sequester will affect millions of Americans all over the country. HuffPo posted a few examples:

More than 400 civilian contractors are going to be laid of at Tobyhanna Army Depot in Pennsylvania because of sequestration and the end of the Iraq War.

An audit agency that helped save the government $4.2 billion last year will be weakened by the sequester.

An Iowa school board is considering firing 17 teachers because of sequestration and budget woes.

Roughly 1,000 military technicians in Indiana are going to lose a day of pay every week for the next five months because of the sequester.

Yet this is what the "liberal media" has been obsessing on:

media coverage White House tours sequester

bias liberal media my ass smaller