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VIDEO, CHART: No, government spending really isn’t going up


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Relevant segment at about 9:50.

In a previous post which included a video of Paul Krugman reacting to sequester madness: “This is not the time to be cutting at all,” there was also this graph from the Federal Reserve showing that government spending has fallen:

chart graph government spending down under obama

Then Jared Bernstein, appearing on Real Time with Bill Maher (see video), confirmed that government spending is not going up.

And on his website, Bernstein gives us further proof, this time from the Congressional Budget Office (which gives us nonpartisan analysis of the federal budget and the economy for the U.S. Congress):

On the Bill Maher show the other night, I pointed out that contrary to the talking point that government spending is spiraling out of control, it in fact went up only 0.6%, 2009-2012. [...]

Well, here are the numbers, straight out of CBO... [Outlays are] actually falling as a share of GDP (the figure includes CBOs forecast for 2013).

chart graph cbo government spending is not going up jared bernstein

Case closed.

Blame Obama.

Bernstein explains more at the link.


Video- Real Time: Bill Maher & Rachel Maddow vs GOP Panelist Over Paul Ryan Budget 3/15/13


I think we need Rachel and Jared on ALL the talk shows, every week.



Video- MSNBC’s Martin Bashir: President Obama Isn’t The ‘European Socialist,’ Romney Is


Them's fighting word!!! Surprised the wingers aren't all in arms, asking for Bashir's head. Maybe they're not happy about how the primaries turned out. Via.


VIDEO- Sally Kohn on The Last Word: "We shouldn't negotiate with ideological terrorists."


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My sharp-as-a-tack buddy Sally Kohn did it again, this time on The Last Word. As I've said before, keep your eyes open for her work, because she is a shooting star.

Along with my favorite line "we should announce a campaign, instead of bleeding the middle class with more cuts, we should have every working person out there donate spinal fluid to the Democrats so they can help stiffen their spine," Sally also nailed it with this:

"... [T]he extreme right of the Republican Party, are acting like ideological terrorists. They're literally willing to blow up our economy and the future of our nation to score a few political points. And I think this is the point where the president has to say, look, we don't negotiate with the ideological terrorists. We're going to stake a claim here. We're going to stand for working people and trust that if he does the principled and economically sound thing, the public will be with him, and then know where the real blame lies."