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GOP Rep. Gingrey on climate change: Gov't should “put surgical mask on rear ends of every cow”


Rep. Phil Gingrey

Back in 2010, our dear Paddy (R.I.P.) posted a video of Rep. Phil Gingrey: Seniors Would Lose Care To Save Money For "Injured Professional Athletes." In that post, Paddy said, "You've got to admit that they get pretty creative when they're desperate."

A couple of days ago, Phil Gingrey joined six other Republicans in a debate hosted by the state GOP. Or to put it another way, seven conservatives tried their level best to out cray-cray each other to win a Senate seat. Roll Call:

In front of a couple hundred voters at the Columbia County Exhibition Center just outside Augusta, the candidates sought to fortify their conservative credentials on immigration, the Second Amendment, abortion and what can be done to improve confidence in the economy.

Wait. Didn't we recently hear that Republicans were backing away from issues like abortion and gay rights because they were losers with voters? So much for that. And so much for that Big Outreach Effort they insist is mandatory in order to win elections. But I digress. Back to the Whacko Zone...

Rep. Jack Kingston, trying to make a case for electing creaky old DC insiders, said “I’m not going to apologize for being a long-term soldier fighting for the conservative cause." Since when has he ever apologized for anything? Moving on.

And anti-immigration (there's that outreach thing again), anti-John Boehner (there's that Republicans Eating Their Own thing again) Rep. Paul Broun decided he would “die for your right” to carry a lethal weapon. Note to Broun: Innocent people die because of such irrational reverence for killing machines.

But the big winner of the Questionable Sanity Award goes to Rep. Phil Gingrey:

Gingrey highlighted his three decades as an OB-GYN to prove he was no professional politician, noting he has delivered 5,200 babies. On government regulations meant to curb climate change, Gingrey quipped that maybe the government should “put a surgical mask on the rear ends of every cow” to stop the release of methane.

Speaking of face coverings, how about a soundproof surgical mask that covers the speaking end of every right wing radical?

Note to Gingrey: Regulations keep us alive by protecting us from poisons in our food, air, and water. Or perhaps you'd prefer Chinese milk laced with melamine instead?

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VIDEO: Anti-gay Rep. Jack Kingston dodges students' questions at University of Georgia political science class


Today's guest post comes by way of @SelfDeprecate:

Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston (R-eally Anti-Gay) visited a University of Georgia Political Science class to meet with students and answer questions.

This video shows an exchange between a student and Rep. Kingston over his anti-gay rights stance. In addition to his opposition to gay rights, Kingston is infamous for his creationism as a science views.

The original question asked to Mr. Kingston (which isn't in the video):

Looking back on history, considering slavery and the Civil Rights movement, are you worried that, looking back, you will be seen as being on the wrong side of the gay rights movement?

In typical Republican fashion, Kingston attempts to dodge the question by bringing up polygamy and even sneaks in a reference to an imaginary study that shows adopted children are better off in opposite-sex relationship households. Fair Warning: try not to punch your monitor while watching this video. Make sure closed captioning is enabled so that you can read the student's questions.

Jason Parker is a guest poster who operates a political humor blog called Self Deprecate Political Humor.


Video- Martin Bashir pounds on GOP Rep Jack Kingston on Drug Testing for Unemployment Benefits


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Like I told Gotta earlier, Martin sounds like a blogger, with facts and stuff!! Kingston of course double speaks his way out of answering any of the questions. I've actually warmed up to Bashir, he has a very sharp wit about him sometimes that wounds without looking mean.