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Democrat J.R. Gaillot could, and must, win Florida's District 3


Tea party candidate and a large animal veterinarian Ted Yoho could conceivably lose to Democrat J.R. Gaillot in Florida's District 3, and we have to make sure that happens.

I've known J.R. for years, and can tell you from first hand experience, he's a good guy who would be a wonderful representative. He's a father of three, and a small business owner who has faced the challenges that everyone faces in a tough economy, is a huge supporter of women's rights, reproductive and otherwise, including choice and the Lilly Ledbetter Act, and supports strengthening Social Security and Medicare and Wall Street reform.

Via Emptywheel:

Yoho fits perfectly within the crazed realm of Tea Party Republican extremists. On his website he rails against socialism, endorses Ryan’s Medicare plan, promotes his anti-abortion position, advocates “Drill, Baby, Drill” even though tourism in the Panhandle has barely recovered from the BP spill and even throws his support to the Fair Tax initiative. [...]

[Gaillot] is the son of a life-long diplomat and speaks several languages. That seems to have prepared him for Washington a bit better than Yoho’s previous profession that required him to wear gloves that go to the shoulder, although it wouldn’t surprise me for Yoho to follow his “pigs at the trough” ad with one where he uses those gloves to “clean up” Washington.

Unlike J.R., Yoho believes life begins at conception, and says on his website that he believes the right to bear arms is “a birth right and should never be threatened.” The Sunshine State News refers to him as Rising Star Ted Yoho, 'Republican with Libertarian Slant.'

So there you have it, another Ryan-Akin extremist running against a down-to-earth, not to mention rational, Dem. To quote Team Gaillot:

We need to stop sending jobs overseas, we need to stop funding wars; we need to stop building things like the most expensive embassy in history.  It’s time to stop electing career politicians who do not care about common people.  

Please make a contribution of $25 here to help J.R get his message out. Here's the link to his website.


Florida's J.R. Gaillot is running for Congress. Please help him beat Cliff Stearns.


I've introduced you to my friend J.R. Gaillot in a past post. Now he is introducing his run for Congress via an email. Please share (bolding mine):

I am a Candidate I am in: Today you are among the first to hear the news. I will officially announced my Candidacy for United States House of Representatives (FL) 3rd District. Please visit my website and like my Facebook Page and Follow me on Twitter for Updates.  I need your help, you have a chance to help make History. Your contributions will help me get my message out.  We need to stop electing millionaires who don't know what its like to struggle a day in their lives. I am like you; an American who knows what its like to face huge medical bills, and knows what its like to make cuts. You will not regret having me as a friend in Congress.

At 11:30 am on the steps of City Hall in Gainesville Fl, a new era for the 3rdCongressional District begins.  A new candidate has emerged; J.R Gaillot, a father of 3, a 10 year resident of Clay County, and small business owner.  J.R Gaillot has been in the trenches, knocking on doors and speaking to voters all over the state. J.R circulated petitions in 33 different counties in the state to secure the required amount of signatures.

Career politician Cliff Stearns has been in office for 22 years, and job creation has been last on his list.  Cliff Stearns has spent his entire congressional career helping his friends secure cushy jobs, exorbitant contracts, and highly paid non-profit positions that require a miniscule amount of work.
Cliff Stearns has spent 22 years attacking women’s rights and his votes in the 112th congress clearly demonstrate his views that women are worth less than men.
People are suffering and people need jobs. We need to create high paying jobs, and we need to get government out of the way of small businesses. We need to stop sending jobs overseas, we need to stop funding wars; we need to stop building things like the most expensive embassy in history.  It’s time to stop electing career politicians who do not care about common people.  Please make a contribution of $25 here to help J.R get his message out
It’s time for J.R Gaillot, a real American who knows the challenges of meeting a payroll, who understands the challenges of not spending more than he takes in.  J.R understands what its like to face medical bills, and knows what its like to balance a budget under the tightest circumstances.
J.R Gaillot will announce his candidacy for the Democratic nomination in the 3rd Congressional district of Florida, where jobs, education, health care, integrity, equal pay, and the constitution still matter.

In Unity there is Strength

Jason Bartlett
Political Director


Introducing J.R. Gaillot, the man who must beat Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-FL)!

J.R. Gaillot

Get to know Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-FL), and then support J.R. Gaillot for Congress.

You can read about Stearns here (re: anti-Planned Parenthood), here (birther), here (wants to sell off national parks), here (abolish the Department of Energy), and here (Jon Stewart rips into him for wanting 9/11 first responders to be checked against the terrorist watch list), and watch these:


Now get to know J.R., in his own words:

My name is J.R Gaillot, I am a father of three, and I am a small business owner, and from 2004-2011, I worked as a consultant for Citigroup.

And I am not a millionaire.

I face the challenges that everyone faces in a tough economy, like having difficulty accessing capital to expand my business. Unlike what goes on in Washington, I know what it's like to make cuts: I have had to cut my cable, drive a cheaper car, and I use coupons.

I have watched the Republicans cut education funding, and I've seen the dropout rate in Clay County increase.

And now there is this war on women.

It really makes me wonder about all those men who want to dictate how women should live and tell them what they should, or shouldn't, do, with their own bodies.

The GOP, led by Cliff Stearns, is opposing the re-authorization of the Violence against Women Act, and Stearns actually feels that Rush Limbaugh was right when he called Sandra Fluke a slut. That speaks volumes, right there.

He's a birther, believing that President Obama is not a United States citizen, he wants to sell our National parks, and he thinks federal employees have too many days off.

He defends his investigation of Planned Parenthood, an organization that saves lives, that has given women who can't afford it, access to lifesaving care. That's a major difference between us: I stand up for women's rights.

And Stearns is the guy who forces 9/11 workers to go through a terrorist watch list.

The contrast between us couldn't be starker.

Please donate to J.R. Gaillot here:

Cliff Stearns hates women. He wants to end Planned Parenthood and now he and Republicans in Congress will oppose re-authorizing the Violence Against Women Act. Can you donate $3 to Help stop Cliff Stearns? Help raise $25,000 to send a defender of Women's health to Congress!

J.R Gaillot for Congress! He's a great guy, I know him personally, he's honest, caring, progressive, and very cool.