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A Birthday Gift For Our Late Best Friend, Paddy


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Today would have been our beloved Paddy's birthday. Since her untimely passing about two weeks ago, life has changed for all of us over here at The Political Carnival.

One thing I believe is that Paddy would have loved to celebrate this occasion. She loved life and birthdays are supposed to be fun. So in my personal way, and in honor of this being her day, I found a video that I think she'd have loved and demanded we share with all of our readers. It skewers so much of what's going on with politics today. And I KNOW that anything that shows up bully Bill O'Reilly for what he really is, would be something Paddy would be jumping up and down saying we had to put up there.

So here it is. A birthday present for Paddy from all of us here at TPC. She'd consider it a pleasure to give all of you an entertaining gift to help her celebrate. So, as you watch this, please remember the spirit of the woman who gave her all for this site.

Thanks to the Gregory Brothers, we have another installment of Songify -- the musical fantasm of song, news and snark.

the Gregory Brothers 2

From YouTube:

Congresswoman Jackie Speier debates diplomatic spending with Nice Peter & Kassem G while a variety of pundits & politicians bemoan the biggest dangers of 2014 - zoo closures, marijuana legalization, and texting.

Happy Birthday sweet Angel.

Laffy Note: Thank you David, this was perfect. Just perfect. Paddy would have loved it, and there is nothing left to add except for my deepest wishes that she could have been here to share her birthday with us. I-- we-- miss her beyond words, we ache inside, we will always love and remember her, and we will always celebrate her life and legacy on this day and every day.

i love you so much


Happy Birthday, Paddy!!


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It's Paddy's birthday today! On 3, everyone wish her a happy birthday! 1... 2... 3!

Happy birthday to the best, smartest, most cantankerously amazing partner in crime ever!

Let's hope it's a warm, prosperous, and healthy year.

Have a good one, Paddy! We lerve you!




Happy birthday to our Paddy!

She is the best pal and co-editor a goil could have, and deserves the best year EVAH! I don't know what I, we would do without her!

Please leave her your birthday wishes in Comments. As for me, well...


Happy Birthday, Paddy!


To the best co-editor, friend, fellow crazy, tree-hugging, whacked-out Progressive, and co-conspirator a goil can have. Happy birthday, Paddy!

happy birthday gif red

Hope it's the happiest, healthiest, most prosperous year ever for you.

Now go eat something delicious, and chase that down with as many drinks as you can handle without getting too sloppy.



P.S. Yes, the singing kitty is annoying, but you should have seen the videos I rejected.