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Overnight: Hymn of the Nations: 1944



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Scope & Content: Documentary: Arturo Toscanini conducts the NBC Symphony Orchestra in a radio broadcast of Verdi's overture to "Forza del Destino". Discusses the contributions of Toscanini and other great Italians to democracy. Jan Peerce and the Westminster Choir accompany Toscanini as he conducts Verdi's "Hymn of the Nations.

More about 'Hymn of the Nations' here.


The Greatest Loss In the World, FIFA 2014 #USAUSAUSA - VIDEO


"I believe that we can win!"

Tell me that most of us aren't at least part footballer, now.

Soccer is contagious. Once bitten, you don't find an antidote that readily. The heroic U.S. goalie who took FIFA 2014 by storm was something else, and the whole team did us proud.

I think we might have finally tipped the scale on the sport? It’s got so much more room for a good upset, and Americans love an underdog game … and some of us can’t always stand American football, let's just be honest. Probably mentioned that in my FIFA story last week.

Granted, it would be a far different morning after had Belgium not scored those two goals in Extra Time - but the USA showed the world what it's made of on a global field, and it was a proud moment.


Suck on that, Ann Coulter, who actually took soccer on as a librul pinko Kenyan force of moral decay, riffed on here.

'Keeper' Tim Howard blocked an unprecedented 16 goals, against the undefeated and terrifying lads from Belgiumt, in the second half alone, and was so impressive that a Belgian victor Tweeted him one simple hashtag following their jubilant FIFA victory:


The highlights have been widely broadcasted, aught-aught until Extra Time … it's as high drama as it gets, and by gawd we brought it Hollywood, Broadway and USA USA USA style.


It's an emotional game. Like politics.

Lawrence O'Donnell and Rachel, in their evening MSNBC programming, both dedicated opening blocks to the odd FIFA triumph, and are they ever different. And equally enjoyable.

Maddow is up first. She hilariously explains the old soccer trick of exaggerating injury. Then ties it to the GOP!! Goal.

Lawrence is among the highly pumped recently converted.

Don't take this the X-Rated way, but I had the distinct pleasure of dancing with an entire team of UK World Cup footballers in their version of Spring training in Mombasa, Kenya. They'd play hard until formal tea time, then it was sedate dining and night-clubbing. I had a few good dance moves and a true fondness for the sport - so had possession of a megaphone by day three.

Morning Joe scored an interview with hero Tim Howard this morning, and he was as humble and admirable as one might have expected. Good sportsmanship personified. Have a look. Roger Bennett, Brit and futball expert, and Bobby Gosh, were on hand with the "Keeper".

This sport is an addictive hoot, and the roller coaster thrills of FIFA are hard to beat unless you're already a Red Sox fan.


The FIFA Biter Needs To Go - Even Maddow and the NY Times Noticed



Okay. Am kind of a huge inner soccer (or 'futball' if you want to sound like a hipster) fan, which was momentarily and embarrassingly public after the husband went to work and I saw Portugal score the United States out of their Advance Sunday night.

The neighbors heard me. By the way, the USA USA USA plays next on Thursday morning, 11-11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. EST. If you didn't already catch Will Durst's jocular advice on watching World Cup events, find it here.


Public high schools in Vermont did not all have American football, I should say 'nuff said and leave it there. The FIFA rules are generally more sensible than the sport we revere that takes more protective equipment that some combat duty requires to get on the field and play.

Not even sure the hardcore European FIFA stars or South American hot trotters even 'rock a jock'.

Cameras rarely zoom in, there's not as much big FIFA media money in the sport until World Cup time, but when they do perk up - this game they nailed a Known and Abetted Biter. One who pulled those incisors out and didn't even get carded for trying to get a taste of Italy.

No Biting, Dude!

It re-traumatized poor Holyfield. The NY Times even gave Uruguay's Suàrez some shade.

Luis Suárez, the Uruguayan striker who has emerged as one of the best players in the world over the past year, is a biter. And, it seems, a serial one.


MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, already in a great mood due to celebrating the impending doom of Doofus Lipton Brigadier McDaniel in Ole' Mississippi last night, admirably took the time to note this poor, poor-FIFA sportsmanlike outbreak of aggressive overbites. I have thus far failed to find a clip, but her podcasts are available about mid-day.

ABC news reported in around elevenses East Coast that there will indeed be a FIFA investigation. Details here.

Meanwhile, because … again … we aren't sadists here at The Carnival, catch this kind of unusual video of John Oliver admitting the most difficult things [annoying ones] about Jon Stewart. From the Bravo Network.

Not that I've ever been over there. Ever. They give celebrities and the odd pundit cocktails and shots and just see what flies. [And then post it online so your spouse never has to know.]

If they can get cigars (or joints, a Seattle set could happen they already take the show to Austen, Texas) back on Fairly Live TV, Andy Cohen is going to be even more beloved than he is now.

I've heard.


Overnight: Rick Steves: San Marino


San Marino

I love Italy and have been there often but I have never stopped by to see the Republic of San Marino. Rick Steves has been there and this is his short film about the mini-country.

Here's the wiki if you'd like to know more: San Marino.