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Ann Coulter Proves Small Bang Theory -- She's Only A Particle Of (Doesn't) Matter



Oh, it doesn't get more priceless than this. When someone is a parody of themselves, a drunk playing a drunk or a pothead playing a pothead, they often miss the subtleties of performance, and thus come across as fake. Not so with Ann Coulter. She's a fake playing a fake and does it with such aplomb that you want to give her a standing ovation.

You've heard of the Big Bang Theory? Well, it deals with atomic fusion and the creation of mass -- in Coulter's case, mess.  Here's definitive proof that there is a gene for insanity. If you want to watch particles, or morons collide -- check this out, Coulter and Piers Morgan. You won't be sorry.


Twinkies, Skittles, Popcorn -- All Justifiable Causes of Gun Deaths


Orville Redenbacher theater popcorn

No, nothing's gotten out of hand. The world isn't off it's rocker. Sanity hasn't taken a vacation. The trouble today is a four letter word -- guns.

It doesn't matter what side of the Second Amendment you personally come down on, it's really only a matter of time before people finally start figuring out that uncontrolled gun usage is going to kill us all.  And it'll all be justified. But no blame will be on the fact that we allow guns everywhere with no real restrictions. That's because guns don't kill. It's true. The NRA told me.

Think about it this way. We regulate the safety of food. Of the air we breath and even the medications we take to cure us. But the one item sure to cause our death is something off limits. Taboo.

Here's the latest wackadoodle story. We've already lived through the San Francisco killing that was justified by the assailant eating too many Twinkies -- the victims, Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone of San Francisco.

After that there have been many others, cops shooting handcuffed suspects, naked unarmed suspicious suspects shot 12 times and allowed to bleed to death under the banner of justified. Oh, and what about the justifiable murder of Trayvon Martin. His crime was walking while eating Skittles. That is surely one of Florida's finest moments.

But Florida is not just the Sunshine State. It's also the "We try harder" state -- kind of the Avis of the 50 United States. The Orange Juice capital of the world didn't cause enough racial animus with George Zimmerman and the "Stand Your Ground" law, they've taken that to new heights.

It's called the popcorn defense.

Evidently the retired cop took the title of the movie, "LONE SURVIVOR" too literally.

Instead of letting management handle the situation, the cop engaged the texting man in an argument, which led to the angry father tossing the ever dangerous contents of a bag of popcorn -- that deadliest of weapons when it's butter topped -- on the shouting and enraged ex-cop. The next action was the former officer, a man trained to quell arguments with the least amount of hostilities, did what any true blooded second amendment American would do.

He drew his peacemaker -- a snubnose .38 caliber pistol -- and shot. The bullet first hit the texting man's wife's hand which she instinctively put up in fearful reaction, and then went straight through it, finding it's final resting spot in the heart of her husband. He was pronounced dead on the spot. One bullet. Two victims. Tell me this isn't a trained cop.

When brought into the police station where he served for nearly 20 years, the officer gave his statement. He was in fear of his life when he drew his gun and that is "stand your ground." It was the popcorn tossed on him that put him into fear for his life and allowed him to draw upon the unarmed man and his wife.

No one yet knows what the outcome of this will be, or if it will even get to trial. But I have heard rumors that Orville Redenbacher has been retained by the defense as an expert witness.

To borrow from Will Durst, the problem isn't too many guns in schools, it's too many schools. In this case, it's not too many guns in movie theaters, it's too many movie theaters. Aurora Colorado. Carson California. Now Tampa Florida. Where's the popcorn insanity going to lead us? Be careful at the hot butter topping dispensary at your movie house. Can't you just see the trouble brewing there?


New Poe Poem Found And Read Into Congressional Record


Edgar Allen Poe

I am a bit old school in some areas, especially the arts. I enjoy all kinds of mediums, paint, charcoal, pastels, oils, water colors, stone. I'm especially fond of newer formats -- electronics and innovated creations like holograms and multi-dimensional light imagery. But there is one form of artistic expression where I can lose myself for hours, even days. It's plain old literature.

I read all kinds, from trashy dime story detective novels to considered works of art. I like science fiction as well as historical drama. Young adult fare to epic sweeping romances. Now I'll even let you in on a secret. I also appreciate poetry.

Yes, poetry. Whether an occasional revisit of Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare or the more epic sweeps of Homer's The Iliad or The Odyssey. Narrative or rhyming, poetry means a lot to me.

Recently I heard rumor a long lost poem by Edgar Allan Poe was found and it would be read on the floor on the U.S. Congress. I had read The Raven, Annabelle Lee and others by the master of the macabre but this "new" work wasn't one of the famous -- It was called, Just The Way It Is.

I knew of Poe as such a visionary -- his horrifying, dark imagery. Leonore and The Conqueror Worm.  How excited I was when I heard that a newly discovered work by the master of macabre was going to be read aloud in the Capitol Building, I rushed to listen to it on C-Span1.

Imagine, a lost poem by Poe? Does it get much better that this? By the way, it's rumored to be his last work. Knowing that he died a mysterious death, some say madness, others poisoning, others, that he was killed to keep some secret from being revealed. He was a cryptographer. Maybe this poem would shed some light onto his final demise. Maybe you can find a clue among his last words.

It came on two pages,
It has withstood the ages.
The word "shall,'' is only 10 times mentioned,
But enough to get one's attention.
No taxes did this law raise,
To this day it continues to create much praise;
Two great religions does it claim,
The "Law of the Ten Commandments'' is its name.
A current writing, 1,990 pages long,
Has a socialist philosophy that is all wrong;
Difficult for the people to understand,
And troubling what big government doth demand.
Over 3,445 "shalls'' it does loudly shout,
New massive taxes does it proudly tout;
Written in secret by the bureaucrats,
For exclusive use of the taxacrats.
The Congressional bill called "Health Care Reform,"
Is illusionary, the authors are still ill-informed;
Government ought not take over America's health biz.
And that's just the way it is."

That's it? That piece of drivel is the missing work of one of the literary greats?

Wow. Okay, Pit and the Pendulum and The Telltale Heart it ain't. Actually it ain't even good. It's crap. But I could discount that because, well, Edgar was ill in his final years. Whatever illness he was suffering from, must have been really severe.

Wait a minute. Hold on. Oh no...

I hope you won't be too pissed off at me.

Ted Poe

This poem was written by Poe all right -- but the wrong Poe. This piece of drivel was written and delivered by House Representative Ted Poe (R-Tex.).  No wonder it sucks. Rep. Poe is a Tea Party ally of Rafael Ted Cruz. I hear they're such tight BFF's that Senator Raffy Cruz took the nickname 'Ted' from him, his literary hero.

And this whole speech is about healthcare. The Affordable Care Act. Obamacare.

Okay. Now it all makes sense. Sorry if I confused you. When I heard a poem by Poe was going to be read into the official Congressional record, you could see how I could make that mistake.

Roseanne Roseannadanna

In the words of Roseanne Roseannadanna, "Never mind."


A Modest Proposal: Voters Must Pass a Sanity Test Before Casting a Ballot


Gone Crazy

Your Daily Dose of BuzzFlash at Truthout, via my pal Mark Karlin:

Okay, we are being sardonic, but wouldn't the fate of the United States be vastly improved if voters had to pass a sanity test to vote?

That would pretty much keep most of the Tea Party and current House GOP obstructionists from casting ballots, given their paranoid delusional and possibly psychotic state of mind.

After all, the Right Wing has been trying to keep minorities, the young, the poor and the non-white elderly from voting through completely unnecessary voter restriction laws, given that there is virtually no statistically significant voter fraud by individuals at the polls.  [...]

Now, even the federal judge -- Richard Posner of the Chicago federal court -- who set in motion the eventual Supreme Court approval for restricting voter rights through arbitrary state-passed "burdens of proof" admits that he was wrong in approving such tactics.

Please read the entire post here.


Gohmert and Bachmann - Stupid and Stupider?



Dumb and Dumber was already taken.

You have to hand it to Louis Gohmert. Just when you thought he couldn't be any more out of his mind, he takes another giant leap into the land of ignorance.

He spoke on Friday at the Values Voter Summit, the tea-party group where Rafael Cruz spoke as well. After Cruz got heckled and boo'd, Gohmert took the stage. They say performers hate to  follow kids or animals because it's hard to rise above that empathy. Well, following Cruz was a challenge. But Louis was up to it.

His angle wasn't to take on Obama. Cruz did that already. He was going to take on a pillar of his own party -- the stalwart of patriotism himself, John McCain.

Yes, that John McCain. The man who is known as a war hero, a former presidential standard bearer for the GOP AND the man who made Sarah Palin a household name. According to Gohmert, 'that' John McCain is an Al Qaeda ally and supporter.

Here's Stupid, as reported by TPM:

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) described Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) as a guy that supported al Qaeda.

"I heard just before I came, some senator from Arizona, a guy that liked Gaddafi before he wanted to bomb him," Gohmert said. "A guy that's been to Syria and supported al Qaeda and the rebels. But he was saying today the shutdown has been a fools' errand. And I agree with him, the president and Harry Reid should not have shut this government down."

For perspective, Gohmert was referring to McCain's visit to northern Syria. During the official visit, according to McClatchy, the rebels escorting McCain were fighting fighters that supported al Qaeda.

Louis, I'll attempt to put it into terms even you'll understand... The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Oh, forget it, Louis, you're too stupid to understand.

Okay, while digesting that, look who came up next to speak to the stunned and amazed crowd... none other than Michele 'Nutcase' Bachmann. Catch this from Stupider, speaking on the Affordable Care Act and reported by MEDIAite:

“This egregious system, that will ultimately be known as ‘Deathcare’ must be defeated,” Bachmann declared. During the speech she set up a dichotomy of “police state,” symbolized by the shuttered World War II memorial during the government shutdown vs. “Constitutional republic,” represented by conservatives like her who fought to reopen it, only after directly causing the shutdown in the first place.

“When the federal government controls your health care,” Bachmann said, “they literally control life and death.” She called on conservatives to demand that President Obama “allow Obamacare to be voluntary for every American,” a move he already has said he would refuse because it would undermine the basic ability of the law to bring down insurance costs.

Well, this was some conference. The Cracker Jacks were a buck a bag, but the nuts were free.

While I hope I have your attention, thank you, Michele B., I'd like to remind you that we here at the Political Carnival are having our fundraising drive. I hope you'll take advantage of the link below to allow this site to continue chugging along.  As Laffy and Paddy say, "Without you, there would be no us." Thanks.


Obamacare's First Death Panel Victim -- The GOP


Edge of Insanity

Oh, all those threats and missives of misinformation that have been the mainstay of the Republican attack on the Affordable Care Act are about to be tested. The boasting loudmouth GOP right-wingers are heading for what they think will be self-fulfilling prophecy. If they click their heels together three times and repeat, "There's no place like home," they'll be transported back home to a time they remember fondly. A time of slavery, white man's 'superiority', subservient women in their proper places in the kitchen , and the select few ultra rich running the country. The real heroes, Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Henry Ford and J.P. Morgan will rule once again.

Fortunately, as with most dreams, this one won't come true. And just by wishing Obamacare away isn't going to make it happen. It's here to stay. And the more the Republi-nocando's try to disown it, the more it's going to eat them alive. The GOP is in critical condition and doctors, pre-Obamacare are predicting the Grand Old Parties demise. Death from internal hemorrhaging.

The fear of those nasty death panels loom over them.

Ezra Klein, one of my favorite wonks was filling in for another of my favorite smarty pants nerds on MSNBC Friday. And he did a segment on "UP WITH" that was brilliant. It demonstrated just how insane the Red party in the US really is.

We all know the definition of insanity and forty-plus attempts to eliminate Obamacare fits that definition to a "T". But what Klein goes on the point out, and people like Boehner, Cantor, Cruz, Lee, and Rubio all know but don't want to admit is that even if they take the government hostage, shutting it down, Obamacare doesn't shut down with it. It only shuts down discretionary funding.

As you'll see below, programs like the military, medicaid expansion, state and federal tax exchanges and tax credits fall under the category of "Manditory  Funding" " and therefore are unaffected by the shutdown. They're still funded and they go on unimpeded. And Obama can add to those by declaring something falls under the category of essential personnel.

Can't you just hear Dr. Frankenstein madly shouting, "It's Alive. It's Alive!!"

So what does the government shutdown have to do with Obamacare? Plenty. Plenty of notin'!

Well, maybe notin's too strong a way to put it. Maybe sumpin' good might actually happen. As other effects of the shutdown take hold, some employees may lose their employment. They may have to seek their own insurance and they might possibly go into the government exchange health plans. That will send even more healthy people into the coverage pools and lower the costs of insurance for all.

Congress, do what you will with the government. Keep it open and running, hopefully, but the damage has been done. The GOP is dying and after 2014, the prognosis is for all three branches of our government to be under Democratic rule. How good that will be remains to be seen. But the malignant tumor of the GOP will be removed. What's left will hardly be strong enough to function. Whether the patient can be saved at all is up to the Obamacare qualified doctors. But Boehner-Cruz-itis, (gesundheit) has struck. Now you will live or die with it.

Ezra Klein -- the floor is yours.

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We’ll Always Have Benghazi


Ted Cruz Canada

Poor Senator Rafael Cruz. He’s got no one to play with. His get-famous-quick scheme has taken a back seat to real news. His momentum hasn't sputtered, it’s petered out totally. No one wants to hear Raffy’s whining and even the Tea Party is getting tired of Teddy One-note, the dual-citizen from North of the 49th parallel.

Listen to his droning on about Benghazi. According to him, we've taken our eye off the ball. The real prizes are Benghazi and the IRS "scandals." He feels that’s where our attention should be – not on the hundreds or thousands of Syrians who were gassed. He’s not interested in the millions of Syrian refugees whose lives have been disrupted. After all, those are foreigners, not native born Americans like… Whoops – well, maybe he’d care about these refugees if they had dual citizenship.

Here’s Rafael, trying once again to become pertinent or relevant. He’ll take either, but seems to be neither.