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Eye-opening interactive infographic: Education in the USA


teacher education doris day smaller

Check out this interactive graphic on education factors in each of our states. Click on each color/category at the top and see what you get. It's eye-opening:

Produced By Best Education Degrees:

[I]n reality every state and locality decides how much money to allocate ... and how to allocate it. There are some federal guidelines and some federal spending, of course, but in the end every state is a micro-laboratory for education. Click on the above tabs (High School Grad Rate, etc.) to see different ...metrics and then click on the states below to see where they rank!


Infographic: How the Senate blocked background checks


how the senate blocked background gun checks

Here's the part at the bottom that you can't read (click to enlarge):

how the senate blocked background gun checks 2

Mayors Against Illegal Guns emailed the above graphic to share with everyone. They're as disgusted as I am:

To wrap up a week when the U.S. Senate blocked background checks, Mayors Against Illegal Guns is today releasing a new infographic  (available here) that includes key facts like how the deciding votes were cast by senators from four states that represent just 1.4% of the U.S. population, how much money the senators who voted against background checks have received from the gun lobby and most importantly: how more than 19,000 Americans will be murdered by guns between now and November 2014, the next time any of these senators are up for re-election.


Infographic: Comparing speed bumps and gun background checks


gun background checks

For once, NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre has a point:

guns background checks v speed bumps

Via an email from Mayors Against Illegal Guns:

You might have seen NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre on Meet The Press last Sunday, where he said gun background check system was “a speed bump” for law-abiding citizens and “does nothing to anybody else.”

I’m not often in agreement with Wayne, but this is actually an extraordinarily apt metaphor. Like speed bumps, background checks are a simple, commonsense measure that don’t inconvenience law-abiding citizens and have a proven track-record saving lives. For most gun buyers they take less time than ordering a cup of coffee, and they bring felons, the seriously mentally ill, and other dangerous people to a dead stop. If anything, the background check system should function more like speed bumps and apply to all gun buyers alike — whether they are purchasing from a gun dealer or a private seller.

The attached infographic and fact sheet provide some more details, and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any additional questions.

Mark Glaze
Mayors Against Illegal Guns

The infographic he referred to is at the top of this post. Here is the fact sheet:

On NBC’s Meet The Press on March 23, 2013, NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre compared gun background checks to speed bumps: “ [A background check] is a speed bump for the law-abiding. It slows down the law-abiding and does nothing to anybody else.

Speed bumps are in fact an excellent metaphor for gun background checks — but  LaPierre is wrong about their  value. Both speed bumps and background checks save lives, and neither imposes much burden on people going about their business. If anything, the background check system should function more like speed bumps do: they apply to everyone equally.

Car accidents and guns kill tens of thousands of Americans every year.

  • 33,687 Americans were killed in car accidents in 2010. Faster driving is associated with more fatalities, so simply by slowing drivers down, speed bumps prevent accidents and save lives.
  • 32,672 Americans were killed with guns in 2010, and firearm homicide is the second leading cause of injury death among Americans aged 15-24. Because felons and other dangerous people are at a higher risk of committing gun violence, federal law prohibits them from buying guns. Background checks enforce this law –– by screening prospective gun buyers and blocking sales to those who are prohibited.

Both speed bumps and background checks are proven life-savers.

  • Children who live within a block of a speed hump are 60 percent less likely to be hit and injured by a car on their street than children that do not.
  • Each year, the background check system blocks 150,000 gun sales to dangerous people prohibited by law from having them — more than 2 million sales blocked since the system’s inception in 1998. And states that require background checks for all handgun sales have 48 percent less gun trafficking, 17 percent fewer firearm aggravated assaults, and 38 fewer women shot to death by an intimate partner.

Neither speed bumps nor background checks are a burden

  • Speed bumps don’t keep drivers from getting where they want to go. Communities have decided that the minor inconvenience of slowing down near schools, parks and other places with lots of pedestrians is well worth the lives it saves.
  • Background checks don’t keep gun buyers from getting any firearm they want. A check takes about 90 seconds to complete. Most people don’t mind waiting a couple minutes to save a lot of lives.

Drivers can’t avoid speed bumps. But anyone can avoid a background check.

  • While background checks are required for dealer sales, almost anyone can buy a gun from an unlicensed “private seller” with no background check, no questions asked. An estimated 40 percent of gun transfers happen this way. Treating sales by licensed and unlicensed sellers equally and requiring background checks for all buyers would keep guns out of the wrong hands.
  • If federal law required a background check for private sales, sellers and buyers would meet at a licensed gun dealer to get their check, rather than a parking lot or other public place. This isn’t burdensome either - because there are 58,344 gun dealers in the U.S., nearly twice the number of post offices and four times the number of McDonald’s locations. A Mayors Against Illegal Guns analysis found that 98.4 percent of Americans live within 10 miles of a gun dealer.

We know a lot about speed bumps –but not nearly enough about gun violence.

  • The federal government has subjected speed bumps and other ‘traffic calming’ interventions to tens of millions of dollars of rigorous evaluation to determine that they work, and to use them effectively. Over the last decade, this has produced a dramatic national decline in traffic - related deaths.
  • Under pressure from the gun lobby, the U.S. government has withdrawn almost all public support for research on ways to prevent gun-related deaths and injuries - including the background check system.

Footnotes available at the link.


Seven reasons why 2012 was the year of the women


Via UltraViolet.

Ignore the woman at the top of the post. We Dems REALLY love you, women!