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VIDEO: Declaring victory for Pres. Obama at Grover Norquist's election watch party


Love. This.


Nothing is better than being there to gloat about victory at the moment your adversaries realize they are defeated. #winning


Occupy Wall Street infiltrator snitched to FBI, NYPD


Gawker has all the gory details, including the inclusion, and intrusion, of everyone's least favorite jerk, Andrew Breitbart:

The Occupy Wall Street protests have been going on for a month. And it seems the FBI and NYPD have had help tracking protesters' moves thanks to a conservative computer security expert who gained access to one of the group's internal mailing lists,and then handed over information on the group's plans to the authorities as well as corporations targeted by protesters.

Since the Occupy Wall Street protest began on September 17, New York security consultant Thomas Ryan has been waging a campaign to infiltrate and discredit the movement. ...[O]ver the past few weeks, he and his computer security buddies have been spending time covertly attending Occupy Wall Street meetings, monitoring organizers' social media accounts, and hanging out with protesters in Lower Manhattan. [...]

Ryan leaked thousands of September17discuss emails to conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart, who is now using them to try to smear Occupy Wall Street as an anarchist conspiracy to disrupt global markets.

What may much more alarming to Occupy Wall Street organizers is that while Ryan was monitoring September17discuss, he was forwarding interesting email threads to contacts at the NYPD and FBI, including special agent Jordan T. Loyd, a member of the FBI's New York-based cyber security team.... "I just put everything I had into one big package," Ryan said when asked how the emails ended up in the file posted to Andrew Breitbart's blog. Some security expert.

Gawker has the rest, and there's a whole lot of it. After what happened at the D.C. National Air and Space Museum, this isn't surprising, but it's way more brazen and egregious.

And scary.

For patriotic wingnuts who claim to revere the Constitution, they sure don't seem to mind invading other peoples' privacy, now do they?