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Gay Relationship Commitment Worse Than Random Killings



An Indiana bakery recently refused to make an anniversary cake for a customer because the event was in honor of a same-sex marriage commitment. It was this couple's 14th anniversary -- which in my book is a strong commitment. How many "straight" relationships last that long?

Putting the legitimacy aside, this bakery refused to make the cake based on their self-professed strong religious beliefs which they claim prohibit them from making a cake that celebrates a lifestyle their religion opposes. Well, they're Catholic and I'm not so sure their religious leader, Pope Francis would draw the line in the sand where these followers have.

So we'll take that and put it aside for a moment. Figuring where religious beliefs begin and just plain bigotry leaves off is a decision for greater minds than mine. The owners of the 111 Cakery, Randy and Trish McGath, insist they've never, in the past, denied service to anyone based upon who they are or their beliefs. Just so long as they're consistent, I think they have an argument. Not a legal one, but a moral one.


Owner Randy McGath further explained, “There is zero hate here.This causes us to do a lot of soul searching. Why are we doing what we do? We want to show the love of Christ. We want to be right with our God, but we also want to show kindness and respect to other people.”

The bakery policies also include also not making custom cakes with messages related to alcohol, drugs and violence.

Well, they have their standards, though putting two same-sex names on a generic anniversary cake shouldn't be challenging these religious bakers' beliefs. It's not like the cake celebrates alcohol, drugs or violence which they say they also would refuse.

Wait a minute... are these flour and frosting tossers actually two hypocrites? Here's a cake they did make:


Call of Duty is one of the most violent video games out there. If that's not celebrating violence, what does? Yet these cretins of cooking, the owners of Cakery 111 defend that cake of violence while refusing two committed, loving gay people the celebration of their love.

And they use religious beliefs as their defense. Bullsh*t is what I call it. Shameful that this hypocritical refusal is not illegal  in Indiana -- at least not yet.


Another school shooting, another study on gun access and risk of homicide, suicide


shooting guns CT

An all too familiar news flash showed up in my inbox today: One dead, one arrested in shooting at Purdue University:

A lone gunman walked into a basement classroom at Purdue University Tuesday, shot and killed one person then calmly walked outside and turned himself in, police said.

And David just posted Police Chief Shoots Himself And Blames His Fleece Jacket.

When I opened my morning Los Angeles Times this morning, I saw this headline: Study takes new look at gun access and risk of homicide, suicide:

People who have ready access to a firearm are almost twice as likely to be killed and three times likelier to commit suicide than those without a gun available in the home or from a neighbor or friend, a new study has concluded. [...]

The United States is thought to have the highest rate of gun ownership of any country, with close to 4 in 10 households owning a firearm. The nation's gun-related homicide rate is higher than that of any other high-income country, and its rate of suicides carried out with a gun exceeds that of any other country that maintains such data. [...]

...Congress passed a law prohibiting the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services from spending federal funds on research that could be interpreted as promoting or advocating for gun control measures.

We are becoming way too accustomed to news bulletins about school shootings, mass shootings, workplace shootings, "accidental" (negligent) shootings, you name it. And we have seen study after study like the one above that tells us what an unnecessarily violent country we are.

What will it take for this country to wake up? What will it take for gun-toting gun zealots to see the need for common sense legislation that could save lives? WTF is so hard about that?


Police Chief Shoots Himself And Blames His Fleece Jacket



"One Adam-12, One Adam-12, officer down. Suspect described as a fleece jacket. It's armed, dangerous and warm."


A Connersville, Ind. police chief accidentally shot himself in the leg while doing some shopping at a gun store on Saturday, the Indianapolis Star reported.

“I need to pay more attention,” David Counceller said. “I know what the dangers are. It was pure carelessness on my part.”

Now this isn't just some rookie. This is the police chief in Connersville. And here's what I find interesting -- he blames his fleece jacket for the accident. Not his own personal responsibilities of taking all precautions while carrying a loaded weapon in a store. Oh, I amend that to read, a gun shop.

Evidently this "accident" happened while he doing what guys refer to as "dick measuring", pulling out his "weapon" to see how it compared in size to another.

Counceller, who was off-duty at the time, was comparing his 40-caliber Glock handgun with a newer model at Wullf’s Gun Shop. The trouble began when he began to holster his weapon.

“It got tangled in my clothing,” he added, as quoted by the Star. “I was wearing a sweatshirt and a fleece jacket. I felt (the gun) go in the holster and I pushed it, but it was tangled in the material which caused it to discharge. The bullet went into my leg and then into the floor.”

“It was just a little accident. Dave is an excellent marksman [evidently],” Urban [Connersville Mayor] said Monday. “Apparently the Glocks don’t have the trigger safety that they should have.”

Okay, but here's the topper to this bizarre-o story--

The gunshot wound Saturday is not Councellor’s first. Fifteen years ago, Counceller said he accidentally shot himself in his hand.

Was he wearing fleece gloves at that time? It might be a revenge shooting.

So I guess there's multiple lessons to be found in this story. Don't "whip it out" in public. Keep your finger off the safety when holstering your gun. If you shoot yourself once, learn from it. Or just don't wear fleece while packing your Glock. This time the Glock struck one, next time perhaps the Glock will strike two.

Take your pick. But most of all, remember this -- you don't need to be packing when you're going into a gun store. They already have the weapons. You  just need cash and an ID -- and maybe not even that. You just need to show you're responsible enough and know how to handle a gun safely. Being a police chief evidently isn't enough.


Mice Poop In Church Daycare Kitchen? Indiana Says NUM!



It looks as if Republicans in the Indiana House are actually trying to do some good. A group of them went to daycares in the state to see what they could.

The need to change Indiana's day care system became clear to Sen. Travis Holdman, R-Markle, two years ago. He and other lawmakers toured several Indiana day cares and found some appalling conditions.

At one ministry called "Little Miracles," the kitchen floor was sticky and speckled with mouse feces. Food was left to warm unattended on a stove. Two workers looked after 56 children.


Like Miller, Holdman is a Republican, a staunch conservative and a member of an evangelical Christian church. In fact, Holdman oversees his church's finances. The last thing he wanted was to bury churches under burdensome regulation. But, as he had seen for himself, the differences between centers run well and those run poorly were astounding.

Ministry day cares were exempt from most basic rules — such as having staff trained in first aid; keeping dangerous items such as poisonous chemicals, medicines and guns out of a child's reach; and keeping children under adult supervision at all times. Most important to child advocates, they weren't required to meet basic guidelines on how many children can be packed into a room.


Snacktime!! I'm sure you're wondering who's behind "Mouse Caca For Kiddies", and since you read this blog I'm guessing that a couple things will come to mind. Republican. Churchy. Something to lose. And that would be Eric Miller, founder of the aptly named "Advance America" (co-incidentally also the name of a sleezy exploitative payday loan shark company) Here's Eric during the 2010 campaign. (He looks more like my old dentist than a high powered crazy lobbyist.)

Miller made it clear he saw the amendment as a step down a slippery slope that could eventually leave Indiana churches under the thumb of the state. Soon, Advance America turned up the political heat, sending emails across the state telling supporters Senate Bill 305 was an attack on religious freedom.

The alerts warned that the legislation would "give new massive and unprecedented power over churches to a state agency." One said, "a pastor could be charged with a crime, go to jail and pay a fine if he doesn't operate his church ministry the way the government tells him to." This, despite the fact Kubacki and others have said repeatedly: The only pastors in danger of jail would be those breaking laws already on the books.

Some legislators, including Holdman, say the tactic was akin to "pulling a fire alarm."

Yep, no background checks for daycare workers (if the pervs have found Jesus, who are we to judge?), no sanitary restrictions, and if there's not enough workers to keep an eye on the rugrats, there's always Jesus looking over their shoulder, yes?

Read the whole story here, but suffice it to say they tried. And-

As the reforms narrowed, Kubacki and Smith said they made a point of keeping Miller informed, reassuring him they weren't trying to put churches out of business. But at one point, Kubacki said, Miller asked her why the bill was needed.

"Where is the outcry?" he asked.

"I'll tell you where the outcry is," Kubacki replied. "The outcry is the mothers who have lost children in day cares. That's the outcry."

In fact, at least 22 children have died in Indiana day cares since 2009, according to a Star investigation, with 16 of them in unlicensed day cares.