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Sen. Angus King (I-ME): Right-wing extremists “are guilty of murder.”



This is exactly the type of compassion that is missing from the Troglodyte Republicans DNA. No compassion, no empathy, just their own little myopic view filled with death panels & part time jobs.

Tuesday begins a 6-month race to enroll as many uninsured people as possible in the Affordable Care Act’s insurance exchanges. For the markets to be effective, they need millions of customers, and for elderly participants not to vastly outnumber younger ones.

It’s in this context that well-heeled conservative groups are appealing to uninsured young people to remain uninsured — part of a backdoor effort to undermine the structural integrity of the health care law.

Their efforts have attracted the attention of one senator who recounts how being insured saved his life when he was a young adult, and who has since then watched others die due to lack of coverage. And he doesn’t mince words with those who’d take risks with other people’s health security.

“That’s a scandal — those people are guilty of murder in my opinion,” Sen. Angus King, a Maine Independent who caucuses with Democrats, told me in a Friday interview. “Some of those people they persuade are going to end up dying because they don’t have health insurance. For people who do that to other people in the name of some obscure political ideology is one of the grossest violations of our humanity I can think of. This absolutely drives me crazy.”

Sounds familiar to me-


Democrats Re-Establish Lead in Party Affiliation



But EVERYONE says we're a center right country!! Could the pundits be wrong?

PRINCETON, NJ -- An average of 47% of Americans identified as Democrats or said they were independents who leaned Democratic in 2012, compared with 42% who identified as or leaned Republican. That re-establishes a Democratic edge in party affiliation after the two parties were essentially tied in 2010 and 2011.


Gallup has measured party identification and leaning consistently since 1991. During that time, Democrats have usually held an advantage, including the high margin of 12 points in 2008, the year President Barack Obama was elected. Republicans have held an advantage in only one year -- 1991, when President George H.W. Bush enjoyed record-high approval ratings after the Persian Gulf War. The two parties were essentially tied in 1994-1995, 2001-2003, and 2010-2011.

In 2012, 31% of Americans identified as Democrats, with an additional 16% initially saying they were independent but when asked if they leaned toward either party, they said Democratic. Meanwhile, 28% of Americans identified as Republicans, with another 14% leaning toward the GOP.


Former GOP Gov. Crist endorses Obama


Crist was always a moderate, and there's no room for moderates in the GOP anymore. Image via ‏@maggiecordell58

Former Republican Florida Gov. Charlie Crist on Sunday endorsed President Obama, calling him the "right leader for our times."

"I applaud and share his vision of a future built by a strong and confident middle class in an economy that gives us the opportunity to reap prosperity through hard work and personal responsibility," said Crist, in an op-ed published in the Tampa Bay Times.

"Many have already forgotten how deep and daunting our shared crisis was in the winter of 2009, as President Obama was inaugurated," he added. "It was no ordinary challenge, and the president served as the nation's calm through a historically turbulent storm."

Crist, who failed in his bid for the Senate from Florida, switched his affiliation to Independent. He lost his primary race to now-Sen. Marco Rubio.


Crist, though, has thrown his support behind Democrats before. Earlier this month he attended a fundraiser for Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson's reelection bid.