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Gallup: U.S. Self-Reported Spending in August Best in Five Years



But... but... President Obama is a loser! He's moving too fast/slow on Syria. Damn ditherer.

PRINCETON, NJ -- Americans' self-reported daily spending averaged $95 in August, up from $89 in July. The latest spending estimate is the highest Gallup has measured in any month since a $99 reading in September 2008.

Gallup asks Americans on its Daily tracking survey to report how much they spent the prior day, excluding household bills and major purchases like a car or home. The data give an estimate of discretionary spending.

Gallup's spending measure has generally been trending upward since late 2012. From 2009 until November 2012, the monthly averages were consistently below $80. That "new normal" period in spending, tied to the sluggish economy and high unemployment rate, represented a dramatic change from 2008, the first year Gallup asked the question. In 2008, each monthly estimate exceeded $80, including four months with averages above $100.


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Quickie- U.S. jobless claims drop to 5-1/2 year low



This ignoring of good news with the economy seems to now be a feature, not a bug, of our country's journalism, Bet Nightly News with be jobless claim free tonight.

(Reuters)The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits fell unexpectedly last week, touching a 5-1/2 year low, suggesting a steadily improving labor market.

Initial claims for state unemployment benefits dropped 19,000 to a seasonally adjusted 326,000, the lowest level since January 2008, the Labor Department said on Thursday.

Economists polled by Reuters had expected first-time applications to rise to 345,000 last week.

While claims are extremely volatile in July because of summer auto plant shutdowns, the general tone of the report remained consistent with a pick-up in job gains.


Quickie- US consumer sentiment reaches 6-year high in July



God forbid this should interrupt the daily march of doom and gloom. Harumph.

WASHINGTON — Americans are more confident about the economy than at any time since July 2007, a survey found, suggesting consumers will spend more and accelerate growth in the months ahead.

The University of Michigan said Friday that its final reading of consumer sentiment in July was 85.1. That's up one point from June but nearly 13 points higher than a year ago.

Rising home prices and steady job gains are boosting household wealth and income. The proportion of Americans who expect their inflation-adjusted incomes to rise in coming year is greater than at any time since late 2007, the survey found. And the percentage of Americans who say their home values have risen is also at a six-year high.


Quickie- Economy gains 188,000 jobs in June



And in related news, Elkhart County, Indiana that had an 18.9 unemployment rate in 2009 (and got 2 visits from PBO) now is first in the nation for job growth!

ROSELAND, N.J., July 3 (UPI) -- Private-sector employment in the United States rose by 188,000 jobs in June, with gains made by small to large businesses, payroll processor ADP said Wednesday.

The month's gains were better than May, when 135,000 new jobs were created. It also beats April, when 113,000 private-sector jobs were added to the economy.

ADP said businesses with under 50 employees were responsible for 84,000 new jobs in June, while

medium-sized companies added 55,000 jobs in the month. The largest firms, those with over 500 employees, added 49,000 jobs in June, ADP said.


California's jobless rate sinks to 8.6%, lowest level since 2008



What? That heathen commie pinko gay loving, pot smoking liberal la la land is doing BETTER? Under a democratic Governor and Legislature? Ya don't say.

California's unemployment rate tumbled to 8.6% in May from 9% in April, falling to its lowest level since November 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday.

The state's employers added 10,800 net jobs to their payrolls last month. The hiring was nearly across the board, with the biggest gains in the leisure and hospitality sector, which added 9,000 jobs.

The next-biggest gain was in the government sector, which added 8,400 jobs. The professional and business services sector, which includes white-collar occupations such as architects and lawyers, added 5,200 jobs.


The state's labor force grew by nearly 19,000 people, a signal that the labor market is absorbing new job seekers.

With Friday's report, California is no longer among the three states with the highest unemployment rates. Nevada has the country's highest unemployment rate at 9.5%. Illinois and Mississippi are next, tied at 9.1%.


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