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Biggest Gaffe Ever At MSNBC?


Lindsay Lohan

In the words of of Belle Carroca (Lanie Kazan) in the film classic, My Favorite Year, "This I did not even know."

And I'm willing to bet, MSNBC didn't know it either.

Joy Reid needed smelling salts after collapsing on stage hearing this. Reports are that she's fully recovered and won't miss any additional work at MSNBC.

MSNBC Fact checkers? Can you please clean up the mess in front of the White House lawn. Her name is Chris Jansing and she needs some schooling. Oh, and a washcloth to remove the egg from her face.

It seems the mush-headed thinking reporter, Jansing (who must have taken too much of her medication before going on air) claims she was talking about the President's father, not the President.

But if you hear her go on, she's absolutely talking about the President as she refers to his election and his expectations he'd do great things for Africa after his election sure make this reporter look awfully unprepared and quite ignorant.

The President's Kenyan father was never elected to anything as far as anyone fact checking can find. Quite a gaffe from a woman who will most certainly be the laughing stock of MSNBC for years to come. Her next assignment will probably be getting someone coffee at the news outlet, not reporting from the White House.


Bing, Bing, Bing -- America's Toast If Hillary Clinton Becomes President



We all know one of the most hysterical pieces of political satire came when Saturday Night Live had Tina Fey come out and read a speech as then Veep candidate Sarah Palin, exactly as delivered by the Alaska Governor. Fey didn't change a word and it brought the house down with laughter.

SNL, here's your next "exactly as is" moment -- only this time it's with Bill O'Reilly. He couldn't possibly be topped, not even with Stephen Colbert doing the narration. Just pure O'Reilly taking on women and Hillary Clinton in particular is priceless.

Take a look. You can't believe Bill with his "Bibbidy-Bobbidy-Boo mentality.


Video Overnight Thread- What To Do When It's Really Cold Outside


You have no idea the kind of hell I've been thru the past 3 days. Via.


Tool Time with Alan G.


Alan Grayson
After a public relations uproar, here is the cleaned up version of Congressman Alan Grayson's promotional re-election campaign. Evidently, he called the republicans idiots, but that was considered too offensive. So how did they clean it up? He's allowed to call them "callous, bigoted tools." Hmm. It's okay to refer to them that way, but not as idiots? Why can't we just call a spatulous device for abrading the surface of the soil exactly what it is -- a spade?

Alan doesn't mince many words in this video and he makes some great points... After watching it, ask yourself to come up with three expressions that describe the GOP mindset, and see if you can do it without using "idiot" in some form at least twice.


Video- Fox's Stossel Dismisses Aid To Needy With Claim That No One Starved During The Great Depression



The Digital History project website at the University of Houston, co-authored by Steven Mintz and Sara McNeil, has a brief blurb on cases of starvation in the U.S. during the Great Depression:

President Herbert Hoover declared, "Nobody is actually starving. The hoboes are better fed than they have ever been." But in New York City in 1931, there were 20 known cases of starvation; in 1934, there were 110 deaths caused by hunger. There were so many accounts of people starving in New York that the West African nation of Cameroon sent $3.77 in relief.



Video- Mr. Know-IT-ALL Trump Warns GOP To Be Careful On Immigration Reform


All those sceery Mescicans coming to take you vote! Via.


Photo of President Obama Skeet Shooting Released, Gun Truthers Scoff



I struggle to see why anyone thinks it's such a huge stretch to think that President Obama has gone skeet shooting, it's the type of thing you do at places like Camp David. I bet he's even ridden a horse once or twice! When we lived on the grounds of a resort in the Dominican Republic even I shot skeet (really badly) a couple times.

But not the Gun Truthers. I'm not going to link, but it's from a site called "Weasel Zippers"-

I bet the photo was taken after his announcement that he has shot a gun or they would have released it sooner.
We are supposed to look at this image of him with a gun and. . . . .
This is a pr stunt to make us think he is qualified to take our guns away from us because. . . . . . he didn't hold the gun stock and shoot himself in the face? ? ? ? ?
This is so insulting. This shows what he thinks of us. We are already sheep in the pen to him. He is just pushing us around in the enclosure for fun.


Once again, we are being scammed.
Where's the recoil on his shoulder if this picture was caught the exact moment of discharge, as you would think by the muzzle smoke?


Even if this is a photo of the pResident firing a shotgun, it's pretty clear that he does NOT do this "all of the time". Anybody who actually does shoot on a regular basis can recognize his stance and grip as that of a rank beginner. The butt is too high and he isn't leaning into the shot. I suspect that if the photo hasn't already been through PhotoShop, he is firing rounds that are powder-only, no shot, and a light load at that. Typical of Barry - all smoke. As in every photo or video of Obama attempting to engage in ANY sporting activity, his lack of masculine qualities is evident. He's a fraud, a poseur and a fag.

Let's see some video of this event. Surely there is some, right? No... no there is not. If there were, it would betray this as simply another staged and posed-for shot of Obama pretending to be a man. Sickening.

I do believe the internet term for this is "kerning" in reference to the keyboard kommandos that took apart the CBS Bush document. Why even try, it just feeds their fertile (poop filled) brains.


In this photo released by the White House, President Barack Obama shoots clay targets on the range at Camp David, Md., Saturday, Aug. 4, 2012. The White House released a photo of Obama firing a gun, two days before he heads to Minnesota to discuss gun control. In a recent interview with The New Republic magazine, Obama said yes when asked if he has ever fired a gun. He said "we do skeet shooting all the time," except for his daughters, at Camp David. The White House, Pete Souza / AP Photo

ADDED- OHMG, holy brisket in a tea kettle, the Washington Post Fact Checker actually wasted huge amounts of pixels on this bull hockey.

The White House’s curious silence about Obama’s claim of skeet shooting

Pretty soon they'll have the NYT doing a tick tock of his bowel movements.