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Glenn Beck sees dead people... literally.


i see dead people 2

glenn beck tweets falwell aliveLink

Yes, Glenn, dead people often lose a lot of weight.

skeletonVia Wiki

It's one of the perks of dying ... six years ago:

falwell dies

There he is, ladies and gents, Glenn Beck-- living down to his usual misrepresentations and lack of credibility.

(Added: Yes, I knew he was referring to Jr. In that case, he should have added the Jr. Entirely mockworthy.)


Typically Sarah Palin: "Bomb Obamacare"


palin cpac 2013

The following video is via

The following idiotic tweet is via Former Half Gov ToneDeaf McHasBeen:

palin tweet obamacareLink

The following tweets are in response to the idiocy:

palin response tweets obamacare palin response tweets obamacare 2

The following is me, if I were male, bald, and shirtless:

face palm oy frustrated smaller

The following expresses what is going through all of our heads right now:

H/t: Taegan


"You do realize that Washington DC is not the real world, don’t you?"


backfire plan fail smaller boy light socket

Today’s guest post by the one, the only, Will Durst:


You do realize that Washington DC is not the real world, don’t you? It’s a state of mind. An altered state of mind. Where you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Slammed when you stand and rammed when you run. Berated if you lie and lambasted for the truth. Where even the slightest of breeze can carry the pollen of disaster. And the pack on top knows the best way to avoid getting a face full of disaster pollen is to spread the dried residue of other exquisite catastrophes first. Ream or be reamed.

And as far as DC stories go, a lack of misfortunes is no good reason not to speak of them. So now the Washington punditry has banded together to float the notion that President Obama’s second term agenda has stalled. That he’s such a lame duck the presidential limousine should be sporting a blue placard hanging from the rear view mirror. Best thing to do is to burrow deep and lie low. Give up and crawl into the overhead compartment of Air Force One and eat marzipan in the dark.

Now. Already. 4 months in, with 44 left to go. Holey moley, guys. You left the movie before the opening credits rolled. More stuff happens after the overture, you know. Have you ever made it through an entire entrée? Would hate to be your date at a baseball game; you sound like the kind of people who leave between the top and bottom halves of the second inning. Must be Dodger fans.

It takes a special kind of degenerative myopia to craft these precocious accusations. First off, you need to be blind as an Oedipal bat to ignore the exhaustingly recalcitrant House Majority, including leader John Boehner, who would rather be seen washing skid mark undies in a Congressional hallway water fountain, than work with the President.

To fail to witness the GOP defy the will of 90% of America while appeasing their NRA overlords, your sunglasses must be cut from slabs of granite. Wearing your hoodie on backwards to not be aware that both sides of the aisle are concerned with one thing and one thing only: re- election. Suffer from tertiary retinal jam not to notice you’re jumping on a bandwagon so flimsy a lighting moth would crash through the floorboards.

Let’s say the coo- coo for Cocoa Puffs commentators are correct. That the Kenyan Kid has wasted the tiny political capital his November election earned. What’s he supposed to do now? Take up hydroponic gardening to supply dispensaries in Colorado and Washington? Wink- wink. Nudge- nudge.

Engage in a lengthy bout of Hawaiian location scouting for potential Presidential Library sites? Establish residency in some backwater state so Michelle can run for Senator? Canvas talent agencies for potential 2017 speaking engagements? Spend an inordinate amount of time in the basement White House bowling alley to get his average up for the Ex Presidents League?

And since we’ve agreed his Presidency is over, why stop there? Since the number one GOP strategy since January of 93 has been to deny any Democratic President even the tiniest of victories, this might be an unimpeachable time to preemptively besmirch Hillary Clinton’s upcoming first term as an unmitigated calamity and complete and utter failure. Unless you’re into self- fulfilling prophecies.

Recipient of 7 consecutive nominations for Stand Up of the Year, Will Durst’s new one- man show “BoomerAging: From LSD to OMG” is presented every Tuesday, at the Marsh, San Francisco. Go to… or for more info.


Mitt Romney: "It's good to live a normal life again." Um, that implies he did before.


romney gaffe cartoon

Just because the presidential election is over doesn't mean that Willard M. Romney is done making gaffes, inane comments, or revealing more of his awkwarditude.

Taegan pulled this quote from Romney's interview with Dennis Miller on Miller's radio show. Yes, Romney and The Artist Formerly Known as Funny were on the air together. I'm surprised radios all over America didn't explode:

"I have to admit, being able to go back to our own life and going to the grocery store and shopping on my own is kind of nice to be by myself without a bunch of people hanging around with me. I like the life of being an American citizen. It's good to live a normal life again."

Earth to Willard: You haven't ever lived a "normal" life.

Mitt Romney Bain Capital money Bain Capital photo via Boston dot com

romney rich

romney offshore tax havens, rich

Wait... He said that he "likes the life of being an American citizen." So he-- dun-dun-dun-n!-- wasn't one before now? This from the guy who questioned President Obama's citizenship:

Oh, but I kid the Mittster.




PhotOH! Immajin wut a thret gun zelluts wud bee if thay kud spell!

Via my pal Lu Cifer

Via my pal Lu Cifer

Illinois gun "enthusiasts" sent out an anti-Bloomberg, anti-Robin Kelly postcard...and managed to misspell both Debbie Halvorson's name and-- wait for it-- "February".

Here's an idea:

use spell check 2

use spell check

Imagine what would happen if gun zealots could spell! Thay kood beekum a reel thret:

gun nuts misspell Halvorson in postcard ad gun nuts misspell February in Halvorson postcard

The above images were sent to me in an email, and they come to us via @dkoselections. I edited them to highlight the errors and also added the arrows.

but wait there's moreThis photo comes by way of the Downtown Asheville Facebook page. I edited it down a little for size only, but the image is intact:

gun nut sign misspelled Via Downtown Asheville FB page

Yes, according to Very Dedicated to the Constitution Guy, we are to "suport" the right to "own bare arms"... according to the "Secont Ament." I'm relieved to hear that, since I own two bare arms, and even a bare the-rest-of-me.

Actually, the Second Amendment mentions a little something about a "well-regulated militia," presumably in uniform. A bare-armed militia would get plenty of laughs, but not much protection from the elements. And don't get me started on the chafing.

As a special added bonus I'm adding a few other choice examples of the genius behind right wing messaging:

secede texastea party misspelled sign2tea party misspelled sign

romney misspelled ad Amerciamisspell10misspell8misspell1


PhotOH! Mitt Romney's 2011 tax return lists US as a "foreign country"



Good lord, he even makes gaffes on his tax returns!

And this idiot wants to be president of the United States? And worse, people will vote for him?

Oy. Vey.

Added: Okay, maybe he didn't fill the form out himself, but he's still an idiot. And so is the person he hired who made the error.

Here is the link to the 1040 form.

Here is the link to the story from US News.

Here is the h/t to Jesse LaGreca and @ebertchicago for the link.


VIDEO: Wolf Blitzer and birther Donald Trump talk birth certificates and Wolf's "small ratings"


UPDATE: Here's the whole thing, thanks to Mediaite, where they're very good at getting video up quickly:


"A lot of people don't agree with that birth certificate."

Well then, case closed.


"Donald, you're beginning to sound a little ridiculous."

 A little??

Wolf: What did your people find? Trump: That's old news.


Trump: I really wanted to talk about energy, etc. YOU wanted to talk birth certificates.


Trump: George Will's "not a smart person"... because he called me names, waaah! Here's the video of Will calling Trump a "bloviating ignoramus."

Trump, paraphrased: So Wolf, are those your small ratings or are you just happy to see me?

Wolf: How much money will be raised tonight? Trump: A lot. Wolf: Anything else you wanna talk about? Trump: No

And that concludes another in-depth interview with Donald Trump.

So Willard Romney, how's that master plan to slam President Obama on the economy by putting Birther Trump out there working for you?