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Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.): Boehner risks becoming “complicit” in Benghazi "failure" if he doesn't create special panel


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Don't Republicans watch The Rachel Maddow Show or The Daily Show (links go to videos of both)? Of course not, because if they did, they'd see what total asses they continue to make of themselves.

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Nevertheless, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said that he has personally urged House Speaker John Boehner to create a Very Special Benghazi Panel in light of "the building momentum in the House.”

Memo to Linds: The only "momentum in the House" has come from rabid Republicans falling all over themselves to destroy Hillary Clinton's possible run for president and the current president's legacy.

That's kind of like Fox saying that momentum was building for the invasion of Iraq because Judith Miller planted a bunch of lies in the New York Times, and then quoting "a New York Times report" to make their case. Creating news and then reporting that creation as news will indeed build momentum... in some circles. And those circles find themselves going in circles to push any fantasy and propaganda that will benefit their side regardless of where real facts or credible witnesses who they refuse to call might lead them.

The Hill:

A day after three State Department whistle-blowers criticized the administration’s response to the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) suggested the Speaker risked becoming “complicit” in a cover-up if he doesn't create a special panel.

“The revelations at yesterday’s hearing have raised serious questions about the administration’s efforts to respond to the Americans under fire at the annex in Benghazi,” he said in a letter to Boehner. “What remains to be seen is whether the House will be complicit in that failure, or if we will pursue the truth — wherever it may take us — to ensure that we continue to deserve the sacrifices made by the men and women who serve our country.”

Wolf has 139 co-sponsors, which amounts to nearly 60 percent of the House Republican Conference.

Sorry, did I say co-sponsors? I meant co-clowns.

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Why I didn't watch the Sunday talk shows today


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I made the mistake of turning on "Meet the Press" today. I lasted about seven minutes before screaming at the Tee Vee Machine and turning it off. The entire seven minutes was similar to what happened here: “Does this open the president up for criticism? Will critics have new ammo? Well, will they, huh? Huh?” #LibrulMediaMyAss

All I heard was Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi, criticism of the president over the Boston bombings, and then more hyperventilating about anything else that ever existed within the vast political scope of all things Obama. BAD Obama. FAILURE Obama. INEPT Obama. LEAD FROM BEHIND Obama. BLAME Obama.

I'm fine with healthy, constructive criticism, but this is out of control. There is no more news. News died when it was swept into the greedy, self-serving world of commercialization. What we have now is any excuse to create controversy, to even create a non-existent news story, in order to ramp up the ratings.

What better way for corporate-owned media to achieve higher Nielsens for their beloved corporate sponsors than to bash Obama, ignite passions, beat the drums for war, and scare viewers so that they'll glue themselves to the screen to catch the next BIG, SCARY CHYRON!

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But back to the Benghazi Noise Machine. Today, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) claimed that President Obama's administration is threatening and intimidating witnesses, but he couldn't even back up his claim:

But hey, that's okay, people watched, some pointed and laughed, and some even mistook his warped opinion for fact. Key word: Watched. What more could a news program hope for? Oh wait, that was Fox, not news.

I previously posted a video of a segment in which Chris Hayes said this on his "All In" show:

“Question mark.” You know, there is this thing we do in cable news. Sometimes magazines do it too. You want to grab someone’s attention but the thing you want to say is just too irresponsible to get away with or stand behind. So, for example, maybe I want to say, in discussing Lindsey Graham’s demagoguery in constitutional due process, “Lindsey Graham, comma, Constitution hater.” So no, instead what we would say is, “Lindsay Graham, Constitution hater?” Since you are asking a question, you don’t have to stand behind what you are asserting.

And then, as if on cue, MSNBC displayed a chyron only a few minutes ago that read, "Lame duck already?" Since they asked, allow me to respond: "Idiotic question chyron?" Question mark?

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Video- Newt Gingrich says defeating President Obama is a matter of ‘national security’



Haley Barbour: Health care reform like Jonestown


Sigh, I guess they've squeezed all the usage out of the other disastrous massacres or do they just rotate them?

Gov. Haley Barbour (R-Miss.), chairman of the Republican Governors Association, called the Democrats' health care reform proposal "catastrophic" Thursday and compared it to the poison ingested at the infamous Jonestown cult’s mass suicide in 1978.


"This is such bad policy for the United States, and it's going to be so bad for our health care system," the Mississippi governor said. "It's going to make health insurance premiums go up. It's going to cut Medicare by about $500 billion. Huge state tax increases. It is catastrophic for small business. But if the Democrats wanna do something to help Republicans, I can't improve on this.

"I've been looking for Jim Jones and where's the Kool-Aid. This is awful, awful policy for our country—and the people know it. The public already understands this. And the longer the debate goes on, the more the public understands that they're going to end up paying more and that they're going to get lower quality health care. But politically, if the nation can survive it, it will be a political windfall for Republicans."