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Making a Believer Out of U.S.?


Bill of rights

Fred Rich, on the Huffington Post reports an unusual result of a recent survey.

When asked whether they would favor or oppose establishing Christianity as the official state religion in their state, 34% of respondents were in favor (with 20% "strongly" in favor). You read that correctly: 34% in favor of establishing Christianity as the state religion, as in creating a theocracy. There's more: when asked whether they would favor an amendment to the U.S. Constitution making Christianity the official religion of the United States, 32% said yes.

They'd favor an amendment, huh?  Well, let's consider this -- there's already an amendment -- one of the originals, part of the Bill of Rights. It prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of a religion.

It was adopted in 1791 as the FIRST of the original ten amendments.  

If you're going to defend your right to guns with our second amendment, you have to abide by the first one as well.  We can't pick and choose. Obviously the framers had time to think this one over and it must have weighed heavily on their minds if they made it number one.


Video- The 9 Wildest Things Fox News Said In 2012


Oy oy oy. Via HuffPo, h/t David.


Doonesbury: "Having to blog free at the Huffington Post" is "just so humiliating"


Oh Garry Trudeau, you and your pointed sense of humor. You scamp.


Punk'd! Fake "GOP" Congressman dupes Huffington Post


About a year ago, when I first got into the Twitterverse, I was naive to its idiosyncratic Twittery ways. Seriously naive. Bordering on stupid.

When a fellow Tweeter named Rep. Jack Kimble followed me and started sending me right wing talking points, I responded to him as I would any right wing nut job. That was my first mistake.

As it turns out, Kimble is the ne'er do well alter ego of my very progressive, very devoted pal, the hilarious and insightful That's Right Nate. Being the kind soul he is, he filled me in immediately so that I wouldn't look even more idiotic than I already did. But let's face it...

I got punk'd.

But I'm not the only one. At least when I fell for Nate's evil twin, it was only in one or two measly tweets. HuffPo wasn't as fortunate.

They must have read "Rep. Kimble's" blog post, Congressman Kimble and Senator Graham Fight Against "Anchor Babies".

And then, right there on Huffington Post-- big, huge, widely read, constantly and publicly referenced, gargantuan site Huffington Post-- this was posted:

There are already a number of Republican officials who have preceded Kyl in calling for a reworking of the country's citizenship laws. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has proposed the piece of legislation that would repeal the 14th Amendment; he is joined on the House side by Rep. Jack Kimble (R-Calif.).

You can read "Kimble's" response to that here. Want a taste? It's really yummy:

Unfortunately, repealing the 14th Amendment will take a very long time. If anybody remembers the battle for that silly ERA Amendment in the 1970s, you know I'm not exaggerating when I say this may take a decade to fix. That is why we must immediately close off our borders to any sexually active women of child bearing age. President Obama, if you are serious about stopping the problem of anchor babies than every sexually active woman is a ticking time bomb.

Apparently, nobody over there has noticed the bolded part yet. Or the part where Kimble's a fictional character that skewers and spoofs and dupes people like... well, me.

Keep up the good work, Nate!

And yes, he came to me with this story and gave me permission to out him publicly.


Photo- Al Franken Sketches Jeff Sessions During Kagan Confirmation Hearing


Heard about this earlier so I had to go look for it. Pretty damn amazing, but I don't know, he kinda messed up on the "racist gnome from hell" shading... Totally stolen from HuffPo.


HuffPostNews Twitter Hacked By Crude Rightie Wingnuts


By GottaLaff

(click on image to enlarge)

Some wingnuts hacked the HuffPost Twitter account and gave a few of us some free advertising. I must say, being promo'd as an elite lefty has made my day... not to mention the resulting uptick in followers.

Oh, and then there's the screengrab (above) that made it to Mediaite. Nice publicity, courtesy of a self-proclaimed conservative with a limited vocabulary derived from that of drunk eighth graders who stubbed their toes after having just been grounded following a rejection by the objects of their lust.

I really must remember to send a thank you note to those thoughtful little hackers, whoever they are.


PhotOh! HuffPo posts ad by AFP, astroturf group Rachel Maddow exposed


By GottaLaff

Original post about Tim Phillips getting bitch slapped by Rachel here.

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Rachel Maddow took Phillips on, and for good reason. Just watch the videos.
I could barely tolerate the exposure to the sleaze oozing from this guy, but Rachel's tenacity, thorough knowledge of all things AFP, preparedness, and obvious intelligence got me through the interview.

I am not exaggerating when I say my blood boiled watching the exchange. In fact, Rachel said something similar about her own feelings. She is the best example of solid, reliable TV reporting that I can think of. She took a risk by confronting Phillips head on, and it paid off. Rachel Maddow did her homework and made mincemeat of a very small man with not even a part of a leg to stand on.

She took on the big guys and made a difference.

That's called patriotism.

After seeing that Tee Vee moment, you'd think that most clear-thinking people would avoid AFP like the plague, especially more liberal types. Why, you'd have to be a fool to support a slimy bunch of phony corporate astroturfers like them. Carrying one of their ads would be akin to a slap in the face, to say the least... especially in light of Rachel's heroic efforts.

Wait. I'm sorry, give me a sec. I'm having a WTF Moment:

I took a screen shot of that HuffPo page just minutes ago. See the "bloody red hand" (as Rachel refers to it) on the right? That's an ad for Americans for Prosperity, the very group Tim Phillips represents.

Now, granted, it may be a rotating ad that they have little control over [we at TPC are well aware of unappealing ads displayed here, too], but this is more than a little bit disconcerting startling nauseating.

Dear HuffPo, Any way to dump that despicable eyesore? Love, Laffy.

H/t: baxterblogs

UPDATE: Please go to BuzzFlash for this commentary.