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Houston Police & DA's Office Break The Law - Toss 26 Year Military Veteran Into Street


veteran   Aryeh Ohayon and his dog Bandit

A veteran who has a trained and licensed service dog was recently denied service in a Houston, TX restaurant. That could be just a bit of confusion on the part of the restaurant as to the law. So the disabled Army and Navy veteran, who served his country for 26 years, did what he thought he should do to rectify the situation. He called the police.

Sadly they came. Why sadly? Because they didn't know the law in their state. According to The Raw Story:

Last year, Texas Governor Rick Perry signed a bill that made it a misdemeanor to refuse entry to service dogs, irrespective of the disability of their owners.

So this seems quite clear. The vet, Aryeh Ohayon, was within his rights to be served and his being accompanied by a service dog should not have been cause for his embarrassing and unceremonious removal.

But the police officer wasn't the only one ignorant in Houston that day.

Houston Police claim that the officer who responded to the call contacted the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and was told that Thai Spice Buffet II was allowed to bar the door to Ohayon because it is a private establishment.

Ah, the old, "private establishment" excuse. That and the right to religious practices are the two catch phrases hate groups use to discriminate. Fortunately with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's veto of a discriminatory bill yesterday, a signal went out loud and clear that being a private establishment doesn't exempt you from discrimination laws.

Kudos to Governor Brewer (R - Arizona). Also kudos to Gov. Rick Perry (R -  Texas) for signing the bill which would allow the military veteran or anyone else with a service dog to enter and be served in any establishment.

But a big "Boo," "hiss" and "up yours" to the Houston police and the Harris County DA's office for not knowing the law they're sworn to uphold. They should at the very least apologize to this brave man who served us all in the military for over a quarter of a century.

Oh, and if you think this is an isolated event, Raw Story adds this:

This is but the latest in a string of refusals to allow service dogs to accompany veterans with mental disabilities like depression or PTSD. Last August, police in New Jersey kicked Jared Goering and his service dog, Gator, off the boardwalk, mockingly asking him if “all veterans get service dogs.”

Later that month, a Massachusetts establishment kicked James Glaser and his dog, Jack, out, claiming that his reason for having him wasn’t “legitimate.”

More on the KHOU-TV website.


Rafael Ted And His 'Friendly Fire' Casualties


eating their own

Some species of animals survive by eating their own. One of those cannibals is Ted Cruz. I think inspired, rousing oratory is wonderful and lacking so often from our common discourse. When it becomes truly inflammatory just for conflagration sake, I'm disturbed. When it gets to the point of eating it's own, there's really a cause for concern.

The times when I see people following hollow, delusional characters, I'm shaken. It makes me wonder what are these disciples hearing, seeing and thinking that I'm missing? Can't they see they're the sacrificial lambs being led to the slaughter?

Congress, both houses, has a job. It's the legislative branch of our government and their job is to pass or repeal laws. Not just for their district, but for the entire country. Funny how some think they represent strictly their own district. But that is wrong.

And this regionalism is what's hurting all of America, whether you are living in an urban or rural area. Whether your city is solvent or bankrupt, liberal or conservative. Congress is responsible to all of the people.

Tip O'Neill is credited with the phrase, "All politics is local."

Well, sorry to ding your hero, Chris Matthews, but times have changed. And when we've allowed firebrands and outrageous national behavior by the likes of Rafael Cruz, Mike Lee, Tom Coburn to bring about national crisis, we need to examine Tip's axiom. All Congress is elected locally, but serves nationally. And National interests trump the local need. If you want to serve the local interests, run for local office. The House and Senate are national offices and for governing the entire country.

Hillary Clinton discussed the Rafael Cruz phenomena this way, "Scorched earth over common ground." Why this local (Texas) politician  should have more sway than the nationally elected president is quite a quandary. The US elected Obama, like it or not. Texas, big as it may be, is but one of our 50 states. Why does Cruz get to hold up the entire congress and dictate how they vote?

Cruz has turned into a flesh eating zombie, the undead. And he feats on his own party. He's already begun his dining campaign and he's being given free ground and a right-wing set of chompers to bring this country to it's knees, then eat it alive. Here's his bold accusations from a few days ago. Is this the rantings of a uniting, or a dividing force? You be the judge.


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