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Koch Bros. bought out 500+ hotel rooms for conference, sneaked in to avoid protesters


The Slime Koch brothers are very fortunate. If they don't like something, or if they do like something, they use their billions to rectify/purchase whatever or whomever it is that satisfies whatever need or requirement that suits them. Their every whim can be bought and paid for with a simple snap of the wallet.

Take a lovely California hotel, for example. Who wouldn't buy up 500 rooms at a minimum of about $200 each, per day, for three days, in order to avoid nasty, hippie protesters who resent your toxic, self-serving ways?

Dealing with riffraff is so 2011.


Conference organizers and their guests successfully slipped in and out of the Coachella Valley without being detected by buying out nearly all of the 500-plus rooms at the Renaissance Esmeralda resort in Indian Wells. The resort closed its restaurants, locked down the grounds with private security guards and sent many workers home. [...]

Riverside County sheriff's Capt. Kevin Vest, who oversees police services in Indian Wells, confirmed the Koch group was at the hotel.

“It's over and done with, and I don't want a whole bunch of suspicion,” Vest told The Desert Sun. “Compared to last year, I'm very pleased with the way things went, and it was much more the type of event that we would prefer to have in the Coachella Valley.”

Nice of law enforcement to give them their support, wasn't it now? It's so bothersome to have to, you know, work and stuff.

More here.

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Mitt Romney oversaw Marriott during years of kickback charges that cheated clients... and more.


The GOP shrinking field of candidates is making this way too easy. They're a disgrace. Think about it:

One is a "family values" serial cheater who reportedly wanted an open marriage, thinks child labor is dandy, says we shouldn't believe anyone who directly quotes him, spends money at Tiffany's like the madman he, was a half-assed history professor, makes racist comments, but none of that matters because he claims his god forgave him.

Another is an embarrassing dunce who can't put three words together (literally), hates the very government he wanted to head, angered other countries because of his utter ignorance about-- among other things-- well, other countries, swore he'd defy the U.S. Supreme Court (while not even knowing how many justices there are) and made vows to his god prior to hypocritically endorsing Cheater Guy as he announced he was quitting the race.

Then there's yet another extremist who thinks the uninsured should have the freedom to die, had racist newsletters published in his name, doesn't support the Civil Rights Act, and yet somehow still has a very rabid, sometimes scary, following.

And then there's the unbelievably tone deaf Willard Romney. He stashed millions in offshore tax havens, gave millions of dollars worth of Bain stock to the Mormon church, pays a lower tax rate than most Americans even though he's worth a quarter-BILLION dollars as he dismisses his thousands in speaker fees as pocket change, heartlessly abused the family dog, believes that corporations are people, likes to "be able to fire people," all while insisting that reciting "America the Beautiful" somehow redeems him.

Holy mackerel, what next? THIS:

Business reporter Lucy Komisar (an investigative journalist who focuses on corporate corruption) reports:

Mitt Romney, who makes his hands-on business experience a talking point in his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, was a member of the board of directors and audit committee of a global company when it paid millions of dollars to settle charges of extracting kickbacks that cheated clients.

As a board member, Romney held oversight responsibilities at a time when Marriott was repeatedly accused of obtaining secret rebates that enriched Marriott, at the expense of hotel owners who had contracted with Marriott to run the hotels on their behalf. A series of owners also accused Marriott of falsifying financial statements to owners to conceal the arrangements—charges that Marriott had denied.

But as one of ten board members, how responsible is he personally?

What is known is that during his tenure the company continued a practice that had come under severe reprimand by the courts, and there is no record that Romney ever denounced or criticized the practice.

There's a whole lot more here.

Or have you had just about enough?

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PhotOh! D.C. hotels welcome Glenn Beck Tea Party rally


"The City of D.C. is catering to the August 28th Glenn Beck Tea Party event", say my Twitter buds, NickBach and RebelLeft.  Here's a screen shot that was sent to me by Rebel, and whaddya know! They're right:

I've heard of hospitality, but this is pushing it. More like enabling.

Of course, there is that thing called money.  Catering to visitors is par for the course. Then again, I don't consider Glenn Blech and his gang visitors. More like infiltrators.

H/t: nickbach, rebelLeft


Hotel ordered to remove Gore book from Sarah Palin's room


By GottaLaff

Ew! Gore cooties! Somebody fumigate so Drilly McOilGlug doesn't get a whiff of environmental friendliness... or an education:

The customary copy of "An Inconvenient Truth" was conveniently missing from Palin's room at the eco-friendly Gaia Shasta Hotel & Spa, where she and her daughter freshened up before Palin's sold-out appearances at the recent Sierra Cascade Logging Conference in Redding.

"We were under strict instructions" to make sure the Gore books were removed from rooms used by Palin and other conference VIPs, a hotel staffer told me last night.

No kidding. Seems, despite her protests to the contrary, she really does ban books after all.

So, yes, she's that insulated, that closed-minded, and that disconnected from reality.

Well, at least the next time someone asks her what she reads, she can tell them, um, what she doesn't read.

H/t: Markos