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VIDEO-- Welcome home Richard Engel. He was held hostage in Syria: "There were mock shootings."


richard engel hostage in syria, home again

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Welcome home (NBC News correspondent) Richard Engel, from the bottom of my heart. You are a treasure, we worry about you constantly, and value you like crazy.

Nobody, but nobody, reports on wars, revolutions and political transitions the way you do, with such heart and soul, with such a deep and sympathetic understanding of the people you cover.

Now don't scare us like that again. Ever.

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UPDATED: Couple held at gunpoint by neighbors, arrested. Nobody believed that they were the new owners.


Via Souza/White House

Remember this from back in 2009? At the time, President Obama said he hoped that it would be a "teachable moment":


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ( reports the father and son were arrested Monday and charged with aggravated assault, false imprisonment and criminal trespass. [...]

Authorities say they grabbed semiautomatic rifles and snuck up behind the couple, 61-year-old Jean-Joseph Kalonji and his 57-year-old wife Angelica.

That incident reminded me of what happened to a couple in Georgia (full story and video here). It looks like the president's moment wasn't as teachable as he'd hoped.

Here's how it unteachably unfolded: A couple had just closed escrow on a foreclosed home and were told by their real estate agent that they should swing by and change the locks.

When a neighbor saw them, “He say to put the hands up and get out from the house, otherwise he would shoot us,” according to the husband.

The neighbors didn’t believe that the couple owned the house, so they called the sheriff, who locked them up.

Did I mention that the new owners were African American?

That's right, the man and wife were arrested, charged with loitering and prowling, and forced to spend the night in jail. For trying to work on their own house. That they owned. That was theirs. That they bought.

Perhaps another Beer Summit is in order.


Video- Mitt Romney Made Fun Of John Kerry For Having A Large Home


Yeah, but he wouldn't have been giving up as much square footage as you, Mittens. Via Andrew.


Laffy's Big Road Trip is over. Time to tackle 2012.


I left my heart in San Francisco, but I missed all of you so much that I had to come back.

Okay, no. Yes, I missed you, but we came back because we ran out of money, and Mr. Laffy and I have responsibilities (ew) back here in SoCal.

A HUGE thank you to Paddy for holding down the fort so gamely, so prolifically, and so well, despite the trials and tribulations that she and Jeff went through (He only has 9 1/2 fingers now? Ouch!), and another huge thanks to Muther Bear, Marty Weinstein, Karl Knox, and Joe the Nerd for helping Paddy out with guest posts while I was off frolicking at Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown, and Sausalito (the few photos I posted here don't begin to reflect the picturesque, quirky beauty and utter bliss of this trip).

I am determined to move back there one day. The one year I spent living there was not sufficient, and our trips are making us lean more and more toward a future move.

My family was great, the food was great, the weather was great, the friends I got to hang out with were great (Elayne Boosler, @Jazzcattrio, and my first-- and soon-to-be-again-- radio host Angie Coiro), and even my son's dog was well-behaved... for the most part.

Elayne Boosler was even more hilarious, sweet, brilliant, and charismatic in person. 

I couldn't have asked for a better remedy to the Road Trip from Hell of 2010. But it's so good to be home, and as soon as the warm-and-fuzzy haze of vacationland wears off, I'll get back into snarkitude and Whack-a-GOPutz mode.

Thank you all for being good to the best co-editor ever, the one, the only Paddy K.

Until then, I will bask in what's left of my San Francisco glow, enjoy the remnants of my moments of mellow, and, reluctantly, begin my descent into reality.

Speaking of which, I forced myself to watch the Tee Vee Machine this morning (I pretty much ignored it while I was gone); is there anything else the news [sic] programs can cover other than the Republican clown car and the "horse race" aspect of this election year? Can we ever examine what the candidates really stand for, and not just the cosmetics?

Ugh. I think my descent into reality just ended with a big, abrupt, jarring media coverage thud.