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Overnight: RIP Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall



It's sad to have to say goodbye to two people who have meant so much to us throughout our lives but that's what today has brought to us.

Lovely Lauren Bacall has moved on, Robin Williams as well.

Tonight we have two embeds, one each of their work (which don't begin to show you their incredible range of talent.).

More on Lauren Bacall from the BBC:

US film and stage actress Lauren Bacall has died at the age of 89.

Her Hollywood career spanned seven decades, with a memorable debut aged 19 opposite her future husband, Humphrey Bogart, in To Have and Have Not.

More than 50 years later, The Mirror Has Two Faces earned her a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award nomination

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Lauren Bacall's 'Whistle' Line:

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murder Image: The service is no longer available so we have removed that code from The Political Carnival. Here is the original post on Crooks and Liars.


Mickey Rooney Dies at the Age of 93



From the BBC

Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney dies aged 93

Mickey Rooney, the child actor who became the world's top box-office star, has died aged 93, US police say.

Born in Brooklyn, he began his career aged 18 months in his parents' vaudeville act, Yule and Carter, and never really retired.

By 1965, Mickey Rooney's 200 films had earned more than $3bn (£1.8bn) around the world.

Sir Laurence Olivier once referred to him as the greatest film actor America ever produced.

From Wikipedia:

Mickey Rooney (bornJoseph Yule, Jr.; September 23, 1920 – April 6, 2014) was an American film actor and entertainer whose film, television, and stage appearances spanned nearly his entire lifetime.

He received multiple awards, including a Juvenile Academy Award, an HonoraryAcademy Award, two Golden Globesand an Emmy Award.


Overnight: Life After Pi : Visual Effects in Hollywood


Visual EffectsLife After Pi : Visual Effects in Hollywood

The Life of Pi was an enormously successful movie, created (as a movie) almost entirely with special effects from all over the world but many created right in Hollywood by the Visual Effects ('VFX') company 'Rhythm and Hues'. Rhythm and Hues was not a profit participant in its success and closed its doors soon after receiving an Oscar.

Here's the whole story on YouTube from


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Shirley Temple Black Dies at 85



(CNN) -- Shirley Temple Black, who rose to fame as arguably the most popular child star in Hollywood history, died late Monday night, her publicist said.
She was 85.
Temple Black, who also enjoyed a long career as a diplomat, died of natural causes at her Woodside, California, home. She was surrounded by family and caregivers, a statement from Cheryl Kagan said.
She began acting at age 3 and became a massive box-office draw before turning 10, commanding a then-unheard of salary of $50,000 per movie.

Here's more from CNN

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