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So GOP, are you now going to repeal Fry's Electronics?


repeal fry's

  • Sudden surge of curious online customers: Check.
  • Deadline precipitates abrupt consumer deluge: Check.
  • Overwhelmed web page that offers a wide range of new products freezes: Check.
  • Users frustrated by slow or frozen page while trying to take advantage of marketplace choices, purchase options: Check.
  • Supply and demand issues create additional glitches: Check.
  • Crashed website: Check.

Nope. Fry's Electronics.

The Los Angeles Times:

Fry's Electronics, which rolled out online-only deals on Thanksgiving, saw its website crash in the morning under the weight of too many eager Internet shoppers. Product pages were slow to load or didn't load at all, and many customers found themselves unable to complete their purchases.

Come on, GOP, repeal the Fry's chain!

No, better yet: Repeal all online holiday sales! Get on it, Republicans, stat! Obsess on it! Make it your life's mission!

now that's snarky


VIDEO: V.P. Joe Biden at Costco to demonstrate need for middle class tax cut


When Joe Biden goes to Costco, he looks like he's been there before... as opposed to say, Willard Romney.


Vice President Joe Biden visited Washington's first Costco store, where he bought several items in a pre-Christmas shopping spree on Thursday. He said he was at the store to demonstrate the need to extend tax cuts for the middle class. (Nov. 29)


PhotOH! On "small business Saturday" President Obama buys books to promote independent shops. VIDEO ADDED.


Image by Getty/Getty Images

Image by Getty/Getty Images

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President Obama and his beautiful goils Sasha and Malia went Christmas shopping at an Arlington, Virginia book store to promote "small business Saturday."

Or as I like to call it, putting your money where your mouth is.

The idea was to encourage shoppers to spend their money at mom-and-pop businesses, which is exactly what he did when he bought 15 children's books as gifts for family members.

The photo of the president looking at his BlackBerry was snapped as he was looking up a book title.

Source: AP


VIDEO: President Obama goes Christmas shopping at Best Buy


Go to CBS for all the details about how much the president spent and on what. Hint: Woof, woof!

Raw videos are my favorites. Watching the Secret Service guys do their job never ceases to impress me.


Video- Interesting Idea for "Buying American", Creating Jobs


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I have to say that I don't normally pay attention to the Dylan Ratigan Show, but I happened to see this while doing something else and it really got my attention. I'm not good with statistics etc, but the idea that if each person just spent $64 dollars this holiday season buying American made goods, jobs would be created sounds wonderful to me. Here is the site, it's not up yet but supposed to do a promotion this weekend. I also got an viral email from one of my Labor buddies this week asking people to consider giving the gift of services this year instead of regular presents, therefore keeping local people in local jobs employed, i.e. hairdressers, bakeries, pet groomers etc, another good idea.