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Needle In A Haystack Found -- On Google Earth


needle in a haystack

During this holiday season family plays a great part in our lives. Both our loved ones around us and those we've lost. For the "feel good" story of one lucky soul, a man named Saroo Brierley, his tale is made of the magic fairy dust which abounds this time of year. Abandoned at 5, adopted and raised in a foreign country, he had but a few precious memories of the time before his separation from his birth family -- a mother, and two siblings.

He never gave up hope, nor should we. He was filled with desire to someday find that needle in a haystack. Watch how he found the greatest treasure of all, thanks to modern technology, desire and a great memory:


Special Christmas Moments For Special Needs People


Mall Santa

Fortunately for most parents and families, the greatest challenge they have at Christmas holiday time is deciding whether to venture out on Black Friday, Small Store Saturday or if the new XBox or PlayStation 4 is going to be in stock when they make it to the mall.

But for other families, thankfully a much smaller number, the challenges are much greater. They're sometimes even heart breaking. It's predicated on the challenges of a special needs member of the clan. It could be a child, a brother or perhaps aunt or uncle. Being a special needs person doesn't mean you should be hidden away.

Sure, there are times when their uncontrollable outbursts or actions, involuntary as they are, cause for a bit of commotion or embarrassment for their attendants. It's not as much fun as taking a fully healthy person with you and facing the dauntlessness of crowds and distractions. It's tough enough to keep your eyes on your charge, let alone not become a bit wistful if only they could live that "normal" life that surrounds them and you. If only your special one could find a moment of normal happiness. It's elusive, and so cherished.

This year a number of malls across Canada (and a paltry few down here) are doing something rather unique -- they're setting aside blocks of time for the traditional store Santa to give a moment to scores of special needs children. And when you think of it, isn't the holiday season the time of year where we all should take notice of those blessings we all have and give back, or at least acknowledge those who face life-long challenges?

It's heartbreaking to the caregivers who see so few opportunities for our young ones to be as welcomed into the world the rest of us take for granted. Even if only for a fleeting moment, the thrill it is to see the challenged given their special moment.

Take a look and you'll see how little it takes to truly give. I applaud these Canadian malls, and hope that mall merchants down here in the states and across the ponds in Europe and Asia will demand this act of kindness opportunity. If I'm going to face the crowds to purchase my gifts, I'm going to patronize with my purchasing power stores that stand for something more than pure commercialism. Shops that sponsor a heart and allow the Christmas dreams of those less fortunate to come true will be getting my almighty dollar.


It's Christnukkah Time And We're Here To Help


christmas gifts

For the past couple years The Political Carnival has been lucky enough for people to want us to check out their stuff– books, art work, soaps, charitable groups, good causes, you name it– that they are proudly looking to promote. If there’s a site that we like or think others will like, we’re more than happy to add that in, or even a photo of what you produce. Note- If you have a promo copy or sample to send, that helps. Caveat emptor, we rec not guarantee!

I want to note that your charitable organization, book, product or site will get daily promotion to over 168k eyeballs for the holiday month. For free. This is what one of last years looked like.

So send us rec’s about worthy or interesting possibilities for holiday shopping, plus we’ll just add in stuff we like. If you have any suggestions, drop us an email here (subject line- Cool Things), or email me at ‘Paddy AT thepoliticalcarnival DOT net’

Send them in, plenty of time and we'll be adding every day.




Cartoons of the Day- Pre Thanksgiving



Pat Bagley


Randy Bish


David Fitzsimmons


Viral Shmiral. These Clips Are Great, Anytime, Anywhere


Viral Video 2

It seems every news/entertainment show these days finds time to broadcast some of the recent viral video's that they've come across. And usually they're fun, sometimes embarrassing, but truthfully, there's very few that stand out.

So, it's Sunday, and I thought I'd share three of my recent favorites with you. If you've seen them, I know you'll want to see them again. And if you've never come across them, here's your chance to be entertained.

In no particular order, but with the holiday season fast approaching, I thought I'd start with this -- a special version of perennial favorite "Jingle Bells" as only the NBA superstars can bring it to you.

Now I don't know about you, but I loved watching Malcolm In The Middle when it was on. It was so smart, funny and human. Fortunately, I continued to be enthralled with Bryan Cranston when he became Walter White in one of my all-time favs, Breaking Bad. Now, sadly both of those shows are gone.

Or are they? To maximize your enjoyment of this amazing clip it helps if you have knowledge of the famous Bob Newhart Show finale, but it's not mandatory:

Finally, on my top three this week is a send up of one of the most viewed viral videos of all time, "Dumb Ways To Die." Here's a new updated, live-action/animated version that you'll end up humming or singing when you step away from the computer. Trust me, it's addictive. Here you go:

Seems there's so many dumb ways to die. Keep safe. And while you're doing that, don't forget to follow me on Twitter: @Linzack


Cartoons of the Day- Christmas Comes Earlier Every Year



David Fitzsimmons

Early Christmas

Rob Rogers


Steve Nease


TPC holiday note to readers


happy holidays animated gifchristmas holiday dessert snowman

First things first: Paddy and I wish each and every one of you a safe, warm, happy holiday filled with love and yummies.

As for this week: Both of us are under the weather, so posting has been a little slower than usual the past few days.

As for me, I am going on yet another Big Road Trip (scroll... and yes, let's hope it's not a repeat of the one I had two years ago... and yes, our house is in good hands) to San Francisco with my family, so we all better get over our miserable colds quickly (all of us caught this sucker). Especially because I'm meeting up with some wonderful new, and long time, Twitter friends in SF, which makes me so happy!

I'll try to post when I can, but I doubt it will be more than once or twice, because it's not easy when I'm out and about. (My little notebook is a pain, plus I'm never sitting in one place long enough to write anything.)

Hence, I've invited a few people to sub for me, including David Garber, Andy Marquis, and Chris Lamb. Hopefully, they'll be able to contribute while I'm gone.

So we will likely continue our lighter posting this week, given the time of year and both Paddy and me trying to recupe from our various sickitude.

Again, have a safe, warm, happy holiday week. Be good to Paddy and we'll be back to our regular posting schedule after the first of the year.

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