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"What Hitler Did Will Be Nothing Compared To What We're Going To Do"


Mr Peabody's Wayback Machine

With at h/t to Andrew Meyers, a New York attorney, accountant and my cousin.

SHERMAN: "Where to today, Mr. Peabody?"

MR PEABODY: "Today, Sherman, I've set my"wayback machine" to 1948. We're going to various locations around the United States and then onto an amazing undercover operation in Israel, still then called, Palestine."

Clandestine phone calls had been going out to veteran U.S. WWII pilots. Think of this as putting together THE DIRTY DOZEN, only in this case, it was called the Mahal. They were to become the first Air Force and the last hope of this nascent country. Their mission would determine the viability and the existence of  a new independent nation -- the State of Israel. The odds were formidable but the stakes couldn't be higher. Failure would destroy their hopes of existence.

The Machal were made up of volunteer pilots, most of them American, some British. Their hush-hush mission was to defend Israel from a five prong attack -- Eqypt, Syria, Trans-Jordan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The coordinated efforts of this assault were sure to doom the budding Israel. Time was ticking as the five formidable enemies readied their armies. The Israeli defenses were outrageously outnumbered, but not in hopes and dreams. This was do or die and they were not going to be denied their independence. They had suffered enough already.


Israel had only four (4) airplanes as the war began. They were German (how ironic) "Messerschmidt 109's" (again ironic, remember PT 109) which they smuggled in from the Czech Republic. The fighters were assembled overnight in Tel Aviv and were never flight tested before going into battle.

The unified army had tanks, squadrons, manpower and fighter planes. How could the State of Israel stand up to that? Was this the David and Goliath story of it's time?

A preview of the documentary ABOVE AND BEYOND is below. It's really a great insight into struggles for existence and of will power over might. Enjoy:


Where Am I And When?


Satellite Image of Camp 25 in North Korea

Here’s some startling facts gleaned from Hunter Stewart’s article found on HuffPo that got me thinking: Where Am I and When?

The government of this foreign country set up a labor camp housing between 30,000 to 50,000 prisoners, most of whom were suspected of being disloyal to the regime or were related to people who had shown disloyalty.

After a currency devaluation  a food shortage caused a "large number of prisoners" to perish – let’s call it what it was, they were starved to death.

The camp was forced to shut down with an estimated 7,000-8,000 surviving prisoners transferred to other labor camps. Trains holding inmates were seen departing the area at night, heading south.

That still leaves many thousands of prisoners unaccounted for. Their fates are unknown for the time being, as information from inside the so-called Hermit Kingdom often takes years to leak to the outside world, if it gets out at all.

So, where am I and when?

Hold on, here’s one more clue:

(This country’s) leaders have never publicly admitted that the prison labor camps exist, even though as many as 200,000 people are thought to languish inside them, subjected to long hours of coerced labor, malnutrition, beatings, rapes and executions.

Okay. You have enough clues. Time to answer where and when?

Now if your guess was Nazi Germany during the 1940’s, congratulations. You know your history. But you’re only partly right.

This particular set of details is happening right now – 2013 and not in Syria. In North Korea.

We look back now at the Holocaust in horror and rightfully so. It’s going on in North Korea as I write. Where did these thousands of missing people go?

I think we know, but are choosing not to. If we’re considering a “shot across the bow” in Syria, with approximately 1500 innocent people gassed, then what, under the same guidelines, should we be doing in North Korea?

"Never Again" was first used in the Swedish documentary about the Holocaust called "Mein Kampf," directed by Erwin Leiser and produced in 1961.

The narrator's final words, over a general shot of Auschwitz, are, "It must never happen again -- never again."

Are we turning our backs on those fateful words about that blackest of stains on history? Where's the UN on these atrocities? Where's the US and its Syria-like outrage? Where's your anger? We can't police the world. Syria is a civil war. North Korea is a despotic dictatorship. Please use your voice and speak up for those who can't.


Romney Gives Kudos to Hitler for His Alternative Energy Ideas



Your Daily Dose of BuzzFlash at Truthout, via my pal Mark Karlin:

In a videotape posted on YouTube on May 15 of this year, Mitt Romney is seen at a public event talking about alternative energy (which the Republicans in Congress have done everything possible to prevent).  In the midst of some spaghetti on the wall ideas about new energy sources, Romney gives a hat tip to Hitler (about 42 seconds into the tape) [...]

Okay, Romney didn't endorse Mein Kampf, and Hitler was mentioned in passing, but like the secretly taped "47 percent" statement, his remark about the Fuhrer's accomplishment was made with the sort of passion you don't normally hear from the former governor.  No, he wasn't saying Hitler was a good man or supporting the Third Reich, nothing like that.  But Romney's tone had the ring of admiration for Hitler as an innovator, perhaps someone we should emulate in the energy area. [...]

And in the chronic tone deaf fashion that we have come to know from Romney, he doesn't offer a qualifying remark, such as, "as demonic and evil as he [Hitler] was."  [...]

It's another indication that he is chronically clueless as to the context of his statements.  [...]

We would love to see Romney mention Hitler's name with such fervor at a Jewish Federation seniors complex in Miami Beach.

Please read the rest here.


Wisconsin GOP tea partier Kim Simac admits she compared public schools to Nazi Germany


TPM busted Kim Simac, the tea bagger who, in 2010, deleted the above (cached) post. TPM found it. Simac is also running in the Wisconsin recall elections, challenging one of the Democratic state senators.

On WPR's Route 51 Thursday, show host Glen Moberg asked Simac about the post, which her campaign and the state GOP declined the comment about to TPM.

Simac confirmed she was the author of the post -- and doubled-down on most of the sentiments contained in it, though she said she doesn't think America is turning into Nazi Germany.

How open-minded of her. But this isn't the first time she's been "open-minded". Via JSOnline:

Kim Simac, a Republican candidate in one of the recall elections expected this summer, said Monday the fact that her ex-husband married her current husband's ex-wife is "one of those quirky American stories."

Over the past week or so, websites have picked up a report by, a liberal "citizen journalism website," that said Simac "swapped spouses." The report says she is a hyopcrite because she promotes family values.

Kim Simac: Hypocridiot-O'-The-Day.