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Not news: Republicans could slide even further with women, Latinos


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Women and Latinos do not trust Republicans. Oops, sorry, Captain Obvious got hold of my keyboard again. But he's right, which is also obvious:


And those are only two of the most recent headlines. The GOP's history of misogyny and racism is appalling, and their efforts to deny their fellow human beings equal rights is disgusting.

Republicans have sworntogod that they want to broaden their appeal. Oh really? Well, if their relentless assault on women's reproductive rights, gay rights, voting rights, and their treatment of undocumented (and documented!) immigrants (or anyone else, for that matter) who don't look or sound like them is the barometer, then they're in deep trouble.

They're still saying exactly the same old thing about the same old things. Reed Galen, a GOP strategist in Orange County who also worked for Bush said, "If we want that number to grow, we have to find ways to talk to Latinos about the issues we all care about." How many Republicans have made identical comments? And how many have actually followed through, or even done the opposite? Exactly.

Remember their post-2012 election "autopsy"? That reinvention they keep promising... not so much. How's that reachy-outy, makeovery thing workin' for ya, GOP?

The Los Angeles Times takes it from here:

Donnelly, the GOP front-runner according to public opinion polls, has stood by his 2006 speech, delivered when he was leader in the volunteer Minuteman border-patrol organization. In it, he said illegal immigration would lead to a fight comparable to the Civil War. [...]

"I am not backing away from the fact that we are in a war," Donnelly told reporters in Sacramento on Tuesday, after reports of the speech caused an outcry. He said he did not believe the remarks would hurt his prospects among Latino voters.

See how they've changed?

The Pelosi flap on the new Breitbart CA website prompted House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield to ask that his column be taken off the site.

Republican strategists said that while the imagery was "problematic," they viewed it as less significant than the immigration issue.

So the problems with their antiquated policies, views, and (mis)treatment of women are "less significant." Not right up there on their To Do list. Got it.

Keep up the good work, guys. If it weren't for dirty tricks and gerrymandering, they wouldn't stand a chance in 2014. And don't even get me started on the Supreme Court ruling that favors billionaires...

UPDATE: New Rule Prohibits Voters In Miami-Dade County From Using The Restroom, No Matter How Long The Line. 'Nuff said.


VIDEO: The most important election you haven't heard of


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Chris Hayes:

In August, [the mayor of Pasadena, Texas] started pushing a plan to shrink the number of districts from eight to six, and replace those two with at large seats to be voted on by everyone in Pasadena.

And by everyone, we mean the town's white voting majority.

One of two Hispanics on the council, Cody Ray Wheeler.:

He decided to make a full power grab and he didn't care who you'd have to step over to get it.


To the community, the goal of the plan was clear: Dilute the power of the Hispanic vote and hand two seats to the majority white voting population, ensuring the citywide majority white voting population could band together and retain their power.


What this effectively does is give the south part of town, the Anglo part of town, the majority of the council.


It turns out this is precisely the sort of thing Section Five of the Voting Rights Act was designed to block. In fact, Ruth Bader Ginsburg cited this precise type of discrimination from a pre-Section Five world when the Voting Rights Act came before the court earlier this year.

Justice Ginsburg:

These second generation barriers including racial gerrymandering, switching from district voting to at-large voting...


Did you hear that? At-large voting. It's the oldest trick in the book and it's so immediately recognizable that when a neighboring Texas town of Beaumont cooked up a similar at-large plan, it was blocked by the Justice Department in December 2012.

But then, the Supreme Court killed Section Five of the Voting Rights Act...

Now that Section Five is dead, there are thousands of potential Pasadenas all across the South.

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"Last time I looked Bill Clinton wasn't passing bill after bill requiring women to have implements shoved up their vaginas"


stay classy

This is how CongressClown Tim Huelskamp shows his respect for the office of the presidency:

tweet huelskamp clinton immigration reform obama

This is how a pal of mine responded to an elected official like Huelskamp who has no business holding office or representing anyone with a functioning brain (who the hell voted for this vile excuse for a human being?):

tweet huelskamp clinton immigration reform obama tiedrich reply

It's one thing for Republicans to repeatedly put their tone deafness on display by doing everything they can to undermine meaningful immigration reform, thus completely contradicting their self-proclaimed "makeover."

It's quite another to express opposition by scraping the bottom of the deepest barrel one can imagine by spewing disgraceful messages about the president(s) of the United States.


Texas is blue-ming


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Previously I posted a quickie that's worth a read: Three things that Texas needs to become a blue state (betcha Rick Perry can only name 2 of them). Here's the sequel.

Dear Democrats,

One word of advice: Persistence.



Via the Los Angeles Times:

But after a generation's worth of Democratic failure, many are convinced the state is on the cusp of competitiveness, thanks to the rapid growth of Texas' minority population, especially Latinos, and a slow rebuilding of the party from the ground level — city, county, legislative offices — up.

"It's inevitable," said Matt Angle, a Democratic consultant [...]

Among those drawn by the prospect are some of the data-driven strategists of President Obama's campaigns, whose targeting and mobilization boosted black and Latino turnout and twice helped win such battlegrounds as Ohio, Virginia, Colorado and Nevada. They have dispatched field teams throughout the state, hoping to apply their organizing techniques to Texas, where millions of eligible minority voters have either failed to register or haven't bothered voting.

Three other words of advice: Turnout, turnout, turnout.

Bluing up Texas will take years, of course, but it didn't hurt to have the wonderful State Senator Wendy Davis filibuster the GOP's egregious proposals intruding upon women's privacy, bodies, and reproductive rights. She was the right kind of person who brought the right kind of attention to the wrong kind of legislation.

The Asian American population, though much smaller than that for whites or Latinos, is growing even faster.

If these citizens, many of them new voters, are registered and cast ballotstwo big ifs — Democrats are convinced they will transform Texas politics.

Of course, Republican-run states have made it tougher to register and cast ballots. Want to vote? Democrats need not apply.

Steve Munisteri, the Democratic party's state chairman, said, "No one's going to vote for you if they think you don't like them, even if they agree with you." And the GOP has made it crystal clear that they don't like people who don't look, sound, and think exactly as they do. Or who have vaginas.

Unfortunately, Democrats don't have anyone exciting "on the bench," meaning, few, if any, viable statewide candidates. We hear a lot about San Antonio's mayor Julian Castro and his twin brother, Joaquin, a congress member who pops up on the Tee Vee Machine a lot these days. However, neither seem interested in running for higher office, per the Times.

And then there's Wendy Davis, who hasn't ruled out a run for governor. She also hasn't ruled out the extreme difficulty of such an undertaking.

As I've written over and over again, and as the Times confirms, building Democratic strength by getting candidates into office from the bottom up (school boards, city councils, etc.) is the way to go. Meanwhile, Texas is and will turn bluer. But it won't happen quickly or easily.




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Guess for whom the border "surge" plan would be a financial bonanza? Hint: Rhymes with schmivate shmirms.


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How nice for private companies that so many Congress members continue to be in their corner. So touching, so precious. The battle over immigration reform has now resulted in the proposition of a border spending "surge" that will benefit-- wait for it-- private firms. The Los Angeles Times calls it a "financial bonanza."

While many of us support a pathway to citizenship, the more conservative among us are salivating over a pathway to profits.

And don't get me started on the hypocrisy of the GOP when it comes to all their previous whining and kvetching over wasteful spending and how austerity and budget cutting are the only way to revive sluggish economies, even recovering ones like ours. (See Graph, Bikini.)

Yet the Times also describes the plan as a "spending gusher."

The L.A. Times:

[T]hanks in part to lobbying by security contractors, the Senate immigration bill that goes to the Republican-led House this week includes a computerized "biometric" exit system that could cost more than $7 billion.

The plan is part of the bill's $46-billion border "surge" of security measures, a 10-year spending gusher that would produce a financial bonanza for some of America's largest aerospace, technology and security companies, as well as some border states.

The legislation would force the Homeland Security Department — which has a total proposed budget of $39 billion in fiscal year 2014 — to absorb a staggering increase in funding, equipment and staff at a time when most federal agencies and departments are struggling with budget cutbacks, furloughs and reduced services.

But that doesn't matter, it's just money after all. All that spending jumped tenfold in order to win the hearts and minds of Republican lawmakers who don't seem too concerned with winning the hearts and minds of voters, despite their fanfare-itude over a Big Exciting Fancy Schmancy New Outreachy Makeover.

Talk about a credibility gap.

Speaking of which:

Among other problems, the Homeland Security Department, which was created after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has a reputation of poor management and wasteful spending.

Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

The Times article goes into more detail about the expensive expenses expended. Then there's this:

Most immigration violators are sent to jails and detention facilities owned or run by private companies under contracts with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, and the U.S. Marshals Service. Their role is likely to grow substantially.

Judith Greene, director of Justice Strategies, a nonprofit research group, said this:

Prosecution of more border crossers "would be a huge boon for the private companies."

Are we sensing a trend here?

There's been so much lobbying going on, it will make your head spin just reading about it, as will all the greed and frothing over impending financial gain.

And before I hear the standard response to so many posts, "Why are you surprised?"... I'm not. In fact, most of my writing at TPC expresses outrage, not surprise. I've always wondered why I so often hear that response to my posts and others'. But I digress...

I'll end with the Times final quote:

"There are some members of Congress who are just obsessed" with biometric exit systems, said Paul Rosenzweig, a former Homeland Security deputy assistant secretary for policy who now heads a consulting company. "The private sector guys on the sidelines are more than happy to make money."

No surprise there.


Poll-itics: Hillary Clinton clobbering Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio among Hispanic voters for 2016



I have an aversion to writing or making predictions about 2016 presidential prospects, but this was too good to pass up because of the direct references to Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, and Jeb Bush. As far as I'm concerned, all the Hillary Clinton talk has already devolved into overkill and, well, premature speculation.

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That said...

The Latino population is growing as the GOP grasp of reality is shrinking. So while so many Americans may suffer from  premature speculation, the Republican Bubble O' Oblivion brings this Moment of Seinfeld to mind:

shrinkage smaller

Their political impotence has led to revelations of what a sham their whole laughable "outreach effort" has become; it just hasn't clicked with voters, because Americans aren't the gullible pushovers that conservatives seem to think they are.

Check this out from The Hill:

A new poll of likely Hispanic voters in the 2016 presidential election shows strong support for the two candidates seen as potential Democratic nominees: former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vice President Biden.

The survey, by Latino Decisions, also revealed Republican candidates continue to significantly trail among Hispanic voters, with even champions of immigration reform like Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush significantly behind top Democrats.

73 percent of likely Hispanic voters give Hillary a big thumbs up. Biden scores with 58 percent.

Rubio, on the other hand? He has 31-29 positive favorability rating. And Jebby should go back to whatever it is Jebby does (ALEC-related, corporate, anti-union Bushy stuff):

Jeb Bush — also a proponent of immigration reform — is underwater with his favorability ranking. While a third of Hispanic voters don't know him, 39 percent view him unfavorably and 27 percent view him favorably.


Oh, and a measly two in 10 Hispanic voters view Paul Ryan favorably, while Chris Christie rates a 38-12 percent, trailing Rubio when Hispanic voters were asked who they would vote for in a Republican primary.

Meanwhile, back at the '08 ranch, early supporters of Barack Obama support a Hillary Clinton run in 2016, per The Hill.


VIDEO-- Lindsey Graham: GOP "in a demographic death spiral." Without immigration reform, "doesn't matter who we run."


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I was hoping to grab a video of this Moment of Li'l Lindsey, and thanks to Think Progress, voilà, my wish came true.

He was on Meet the Press this morning driving home the point that the GOP's fake attempts at outreach to Latino voters (and anyone else who isn't white,Christian, and male, for that matter) better work or the party will be toast in '16.

They're starting to realize that a white minority is in their future, so Lindsey's advice is to hold their collective nose and try to fool a more diverse electorate into believing their new and not-improved message:

Lindsey Graham:

If we don’t pass immigration reform , if we don’t get it off the table in a reasonable, practical way, it doesn’t matter who you run in 2016. 

We’re in a demographic death spiral as a party, and the only way we can get back in good graces with the Hispanic community, in my view, is pass comprehensive immigration reform. If you don’t do that, it really doesn’t matter who we run, in my view.

ding ding ding

Even if the GOP agrees to some version of immigration reform, do voters seriously think Republicans will have done so willingly? Or genuinely? If they do, it's up to the rest of us to set them straight.