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Live Streaming Video- National Memorial Service for Former South African President Nelson Mandela, President Obama To Speak 4:00a EST




Who And What's A Hero? Live Coverage



The Daily Beast’s Hero Summit is being held today Washington, D.C. It's is an invitation-only live journalism event featuring panel discussions and interviews with some of the world’s most influential figures. The summit will showcase stories from military leaders and decorated veterans, Nobel Prize winners, politicians, Hollywood producers, and journalists speaking about issues of service and heroism.

The entire event will be streamed live on The Political Carnival. Check out the full summit agenda here,

Being a true hero calls for men and women to sometimes do things that are not easy or comfortable for them. I'm no hero, but I will go out of my comfort zone and ask you to please donate to The Political Carnival during our current fund drive. It's easy and it's truly necessary so we can bring you all the news, information, data, interviews, and an occasional smile. All you need to do is click and donate. We all appreciate it. Thanks. As Paddy and Laffy say, "Without you there could be no us."



George Zimmerman vs. Trayvon Martin: The rescues


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My good pal @Anomaly100 wrote this post at FreakOutNation yesterday: It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Zimmer Man! But his reported rescue of the car crash seems to be falling to pieces:

Newsball continues, “The plot thickens as there is NO mention of Officer Rehder meeting George Zimmerman at the crash scene anywhere on his facebook, despite the July 17th incident being sandwiched in between continual support of George Zimmerman both before, & from the aftermath of the trial.”

Who else did not mention the accident? The people involved in the accident. Also, there are no pictures or videos of said accident. And the mother involved in the supposed crash deleted her Facebook page after being asked about the authenticity of the incident.

Anomaly just added this in Comments to skeptics:

...Perhaps you should research the police department in question. They have a dubious past:

If in any way, the police department or one of their police officers is complicit in staging this heroic rescue, then I'm going to be all over it. This is not acceptable. Remember, they did not want to press charges against GZ for months.

Please read the whole thing. I'll let Anomaly's post speak for itself, and I will let Tracy Martin, Trayvon Martin's father, speak for himself, too, via the Los Angeles Times:

“I always say that Trayvon was my hero,” said Martin. “He saved my life, and not to be there in his time of need is real troublesome.” When he was 9, Trayvon pulled his immobilized father from a fire that started in their kitchen and called 911. [...]

“I am hoping today when we leave this room we leave with the commitment that these boys are not to be feared, they are to be loved, they are to be lifted up and made to feel proud,” Wilson  said. “Trayvon’s murder has brought this to the forefront.”

Trayvon was nine years old when he pulled his dad from a fire, when he saved his life. Nine years old. To my knowledge, the facts of that heroic deed were never challenged or questioned.

And Trayvon Martin never killed anyone.


The Boehner Boner


John Boehner orange man

Poor John, the orange man and I don't mean from Syracuse University. It must be hard picking out a tie that doesn't clash with your jaundiced complexion, but you have another clash to consider.  You have to make nice between your fragmented political party before they replace you. And you know that's a reality.

Maybe I can help put things in perspective. I don't like you John. Amercia doesn't like you either. But we are a good nation and know that it's our job to help make your job more effective and beneficial to all of us. So if this sounds selfish, it is. You're not doing your job effectively for us but we're going pitch in and help you. That's what Americans do.

You suffer from an Achilles heel. The people of Ohio's 8th district have trusted you to do right by them. The members of your party were convinced you were the person to lead them. So you should be confident. As Speaker of the House, you have added responsibilities. Not just to your immediate constituents but to your party and America as a whole. Why not take the pressure off yourself and let America tell you what they want? That's your flaw. You don't listen.

How can you tell what our wishes are if you don't pay any attention to us? Maybe if you looked at some recent polls.You claim to be a conservative. Well, then consider that these results from Americans for a Conservative Direction.

Their nationwide poll, conducted July 8 by Basswood Research, was based on telephone interviews with 1,000 people who have voted in Republican primaries. It's one of many surveys that show that voters want to see Congress address immigration reform -- 79 percent called it "very important," while 17 percent said it was "somewhat important" -- and are open to a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, if it includes conditions.

Most of the voters surveyed in this poll -- 70 percent -- said they are open to a bill that bolsters border security resources, requires employers to check on potential hires' legal status and allows undocumented immigrants eventually to gain citizenship. If border security is coupled with legalization, 65 percent of Republican voters said they would support a path to citizenship, according to the poll.

Those are your people, John. And when you add the prevailing Democratic desire to these same issues, your decision is easy. Bring comprehensive immigration reform to a vote.

Here, you thought this was a tough decision.You're never going to get 100% of voters to agree on anything. So why not shoot for the largest numbers and represent them.You're stuck in a little bit of a trap as you gerrymandered voting districts and now you have to pay the price for cheating. Some of your ultra conservative right-wingers won't be happy. But they're a minority. And they won't change your elect-ability. But failing the rest of us on not allowing a vote will. You already know that there's two women who are considering a run for the presidency from the Democratic party -- Hillary and Elizabeth Warren -- and both will wipe any Republican candidate off the map. The only chance the GOP has for a national win is to bring back women who you're driving away with radical anti-women's rights laws and minorities who view immigration as a vote up or down on their rights. If you lose Latinos, Blacks, Women and the believers in science, you don't have any voters left who can bring you to the top. So kiss your party, the presidency and your ass good-bye.


Do what's right. Let America see an immigration bill debated, adjusted and hopefully jointly passed.You become the hero. It will be known as the Boehner Immigration bill, not the gang of 8's. For hundreds of years to come, they will talk about the bravery of Speaker John Boehner, not the failure of a man who lacked conviction and foresight. Not the man who pulled a huge boner in estimating his country's desires. But a man of courage. It's your call. I suggest you take it. No risk, no gains.


She Did It!


Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis is a hero.  The Texas State senator rose for a filibuster against bill SB#5.  It would have prevented many abortions legal under Roe v. Wade and shut down 80% of the state's abortion clinics.  For over 11 hours, Senator Davis spoke.  She had to stay on topic, could not take a "comfort break," could not yield the floor, could not take a seat nor could she even lean on her podium -- all things normally allowed during debate.

She was twice threatened with 48 hours in the state congressional jail for contempt of congress if she broke any of the laws.  She was constantly interrupted by the GOP Lieutenant Governor who, as leader of the Texas state senate tried to do everything he could to silence her, curtailing her filibuster and thus forcing a vote to limit women's productive rights in her state.  A vote that experts say the GOP led state senate was poised to pass.

Eleven hours.  One woman.  One mission.  Time was clicking away.  She only needed a few more minutes to force the delay of the vote long enough to be past the midnight deadline.  And then the Attorney General, in an unprecedented move, ruled she strayed from topic and ruled she must sit down -- silenced.  This with just a half hour to go.  He immediately forced a vote.

But demonstrators and the state's democratic officials dragged their feet in casting their role call votes, intentionally, causing the vote to run long.  After a few heated procedural battles, it was declared an non-vote and Wendy Davis, and the women of Texas were declared the winners.

What an amazing, brave and arduous task this 50 year old woman took.  And even more amazing were the odds against her.  She was alone.  She had to persevere, which she did.  Women are better off today in Texas.  And women across America had their voices heard by this strong, committed woman.

Congratulations, Ms. Davis.  Thank you for being so committed to women's rights, to Texas and women nationwide.


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