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House conservatives: Say buh-bye to Boehner


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According to House conservatives, we can wave bye-bye to the current Speaker of the House of Representatives, the one, the only John Boehner. Per The Hill, Boehner's been running around trying to convince everyone that he'll run for Speaker again after the November elections. Apparently, his credibility is shot, because those same House conservatives aren't buying it:

Conservative Reps. Raúl Labrador (R-Idaho) and Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.) told reporters Tuesday that they didn’t believe Boehner would seek another term after the November midterm elections. [...]

The conservatives were asked to respond to a report that Boehner were hatching a plan to punish members who refused to vote for him on the floor in January, two years after a group of conservatives failed in their bid to deny him the 218 votes he needed to win a second term as Speaker.

Twelve members didn't vote for The Boehner for Speaker, including Labrador. Salmon did. In addition, awhile back Rep. Mo Brooks (Ala.) told The Hill he didn't expect Boehner to run this time around.

Boehner insists he has strong support, despite what House conservatives are saying. If only he were good at his job, one might give his opinion some credence. Rachel Maddow reached that conclusion way back in February 2011: Strong indications John Boehner is bad at his job.

And again  in December 2012: VIDEO: "John Boehner is, in fact, bad at his job." Sources say Paul Ryan may replace him.

So will House conservatives be proven right this time? And if so, who will be the next exasperating, anachronistic, white, male GOP speaker?

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I don't want to know


John Boehner wants to prolong sequestration. Oh, and his job performance numbers are in the toidy. Coincidence?


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A Public Policy Polling poll of Ohioans has GOP House Speaker John Boehner's job performance numbers at a whopping 20 percent; 59% disapprove of the job he's doing. (John Kasich's not doing too well, either. Follow the link.)


Since October 2012, The Boehner's approvals have fallen 13 points, down from 33%.

Gee, could it have anything to do with the fact that he "is, in fact, bad at his job”? How bad? Well, as we speak, TPM has a post on Boehner's call for more-- wait for it-- sequestration:

...House Speaker John Boehner reiterated that his chamber would move quickly when Congress reconvenes to pass a continuing resolution that would avoid a government shutdown but prolong sequestration.

The short-term resolution would keep the automatic budget cuts known as sequestration in place.

Good grief, can he get any more tone deaf?

Take this L.A. Times headline, for example:

Defense officials tell Congress that scheduled sequester budget cuts threaten to gut the military.

Or this Times story:

The Obama administration announced Monday that about 5,600 low-income California children would be shut out of federally funded Head Start preschool programs because of Washington budget gridlock.

How's that outreach workin' for ya, GOP?


VIDEO: "John Boehner is, in fact, bad at his job." Sources say Paul Ryan may replace him.


boehner worst speaker ever

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True to form, Rachel Maddow does her usual excellent job, this time by putting the House of Representatives' last few years into perspective for us by chronicling John Boehner's bad-at-his-jobitude:

"You counted wrong... You had to shut everything down at emergency speed."

"Nancy Pelosi never lost a vote. She never once got so confused and lost such control of the group she was supposed to be leading that she did not know what they were going to do... She was good at her job. John Boehner is not good at his job."

"John Boehner is, in fact, bad at his job."

"Is his job, in fact, impossible?"

"If... Republicans in Washington are... incapable of making governing policy.. then... this is a problem for which we may need to find the serenity, and the certainty, that it will not change."

The Boehner has a limp caucus. Yes, it's true, he he has lost control of his own caucus. Should this condition last longer than four hours years, it may be time to get help. And despite his apparent reliance on prayers like this one, he clearly needs stronger medicine:

serenity prayer

In fact, Sources say Paul Ryan may replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House (h/t: Gateway Pundit):

One thing did surprise me a little: Rachel's concern about falling off the fiscal curb. I thought she'd be more of an "Oh, just let it happen" type.


VIDEO: Pot. Kettle. Brownie.


Once a BushCo hypocritical smear-monger, always a BushCo hypocritical smear-monger. They always were good at playing the Blame Game.

Via Think Progress:

Even Republicans think Brown’s characterization is way off. Missouri Rep. Billy Long (R) said, “FEMA has been great. The FEMA White House liaison called me first thing this morning and said, ‘Whatever you need, you will have.’ And the FEMA’s been here working, and we’re just gonna fight back and help these people down here in any way possible…the federal government has pledged that.”

HeckuvaJob Brownie: Hypocridiot-O'-The-Day.